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AuthorTopic: melora opal
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I want to do this game without a hintbook! I found all my old hintbooks from the other games and felt sorry for myself. I need to find this opal, but there are trees in the way and the porticullis is closed! where's the wheel? why can't I chop down the tree?
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You know, you don't really need to get the opal. You should've stuck with the Draconian history scroll, as Khoth will accept that, and you'll save time.

Personally, I took the advice of the unicorns (I think it was them), and just accepted the lich's first offer.

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1. Check the walls just west of the lizard pen for a passage leading to the wheel.

2. You can get the opal without trading for the scroll - Morog's advice has no impact on the visibility of that dungeon. Giving Khoth more than one of the items he wants results in additional gifts from him.
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a certain gift from the opal is quite worth it... :)

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You can also get the mushroom protection and the opal hint and then steal the scroll. You don't even need to fight Morog himself. Getting the opel is tough, I gave up finding one of the numerous secrets and used the hint book for it. It is very well done and it's easy check only what you want to check.
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There is a hintbook for ZKR??

edit: Oh, you mean the one in BoE ... (sorry 4 stupid question)

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Jeff assigns numbers at random to various quests and questions in his hint book. Each number corresponds with an answer or tip, but since none of the answers are in the order that you encounter the questions, you don't have to really worry about spoilers. It's a very practical design. So if you can afford to buy the book, feel free, but you could also just come online and ask the questions you need answered too, and for free to boot.

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There is a hint book for BoA. I read on the book, Blades of Avernum, not Exile. :)
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actually, you can give back the scroll then steal it though you have to kill morog for that, but the poppy protection thingy is well worth it
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No you don't need kill/fight him. I know, in one try I did so.
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Thank you for the help...I liked doing it my way in the end because it only took me 6 days.
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