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Neat, my poll in general actually accomplished something. I wasn't really serious about wanting an Oceanbound board though, just curious to see how long people would abuse that idea with spam. Still neat though.
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I'm never calling anything on this forum spam because people called my post that was written for humor spam when there were people who were asking what everyone else was wearing or had last eaten, etc. and no one gave them any trouble. I only answered to increase my post count. ;)

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The board was inactive so I decided to perform foul necromancy upon an old topic. I think I should be congratulated for raising a topic with only 2 posts to read through.

On topic, what did you last eat, what were you wearing while you ate it, and how do those two things prove your devotion to Richard White.

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Last thing I ate was cereal like 2 hours ago (yes I woke up at 1:00pm, but it was only because I went to bed late). And I was wearing my underwear cuz I had just woken up from bed and I was alone in the house.

Edit: forgot the last one. Now that proves my devotion to RW, becuase I couldn't keep him away from my thoughts while doing so.

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Last thing I ate was 2 plates of suppper (I was hungry), and I was still wearing my Dance gear still, and it proves my devotion to either Richard White or Richard black cause my dance gear's all black. Ofcourse, RW's got more of a following, so I thought of him first.

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I last ate a bunch of original flavor Skittles, while wearing my usual pants and t-shirt.

My choice of candy proves my devotion to Richard White because, like him, Skittles come in a wide variety of colors.

EDIT: I hereby decree that Skittles are now the Official Candy of the White Cult. Especially the Wild Berry ones, though the Smoothie Mix, Tropical, and Mint are all quite excellent.

Not to mention the Original.

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The last real food I had was a cheap 1.50$ Spicy Chicken Sandwitch (but really a burger) from the lunch carts on the Redlands High School Campus. The last thing I ingested was a large Coke from the Redlands Boulevard Bakers.

EDIT: This proves my devotion because the almighty Richard has at some point in the near past's alternate refractory future posess the mind of one of the workers and lead them in the mighty White's Revolution, which will have been in response to the dreaded Black's Revolution, which will have been a conspiracy by the evil Triad's Orange Revolution.

EDIT 2: I was wearing blue jeans and a white T-shirt, covered by a dark blue sweater. Oh, and boxers. I remembered to wear underwear today! Yay!

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The last thing I ate was Milo. This proves my devotion because I need the neergy to worship RW.

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Last thing I ate was some yogurt-covered rainsins. They were pretty good. Glad you're all so interested.

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The last thing I ate was a carrot!

This proves my devotion to RW because, as you know, it is Ramadan, and I broke the law by eating during fasting hours.


EDIT: breakin' the law! breakin' the law!

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Last thing I ate was All Bran Buds in vanilla yogurt. This proves my devotion to Richard because of the Whiteness of the yogurt and the colon health-enhancing aspects of a high fiber diet, which Richard Doth Support.

EDIT: While I was eating the ambrosia mentioned above, I was sporting a white bath towel around my loins. I think the proof of my devotion to Richard here goes without saying.

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