Happy Passover

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AuthorTopic: Happy Passover
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It's time for another holiday well wishing topic.

Happy Passover as we start the 8 day holiday eating matza (the bread of affliction as I try once again to use it for a sandwich). It's also the time when children are encouraged to ask questions:

Little girl: "What does kosher mean?"
Mom (without any hesitation): "Expensive."

This was two years ago before inflation really kicked in and US factories disappeared that make Passover goods.

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Apperantly the resident Spiderwebbers are more interested in Spam than Passover.

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One might say that this topic has been passed over.

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Children, somewhere on these boards I've hidden a special piece of matzoh, the afikomen. The first one to find it wins a prize.

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I first read the topic title as "Happy Passout". IMAGE(http://forum.nethergate.net/style_emoticons/default/dry.gif)

Well, Happy Passover to all SWers who celebrate the holiday. And Happy Passout to any who might celebrate that most recent and obscure of holidays as well.

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The seder involves delicious food, but no bread for days? That's cruel!

—Alorael, who confesses to keeping only the loosest of passover diets. Cereal isn't bread!
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Thanks and happy Passover to all of you who celebrate it. We had guests this time round, and I must say it was quite funny: in our house we don't really abide by the rules. Ever few pages we stopped and my mother asked if we are still doing things correctly, or did we miss something?

But it's every year like that, and I don't mind. It makes stuff nicer. And let's be honest here, we do it more for the food than the Hagadah.

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Happy Passover! We did a really nice seder last night, using all the extra parts in the Haggadah. I also got to play the cello during the songs.

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Happy Passover!

Originally written by The Silverspine:

The seder involves delicious food, but no bread for days? That's cruel!

—Alorael, who confesses to keeping only the loosest of passover diets. Cereal isn't bread!

When I was observing the rules (mainly last couple years of college), I found "no bread during Passover" to be pretty easy to deal with: For breakfast, potatoes are allowed, as are Matza Brie(sp?) and fried eggs in general. Most soups are also ok, as are meat dishes and vegetable salads. Having a meal plan at Jewish student union helped, but I did it for a couple years without that. It just helps to have a large enough list of things you could make so that eliminating grain would still leave enough variety.

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Oh man. Dikiyoba just envisioned potato Cheerios. Blech.

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The problem isn't the logistical difficulty of staying kosher for Passover. I am simply a bread addict. Giving up Cheerios and a good book in the evening is simply not going to happen.

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I had a friend that reduced the arguement about observing separate dishes to its absurd end. You need 4 houses to live in so you don't have to worry about accidently contaminating meat and dairy foods and Passover and rest of the year. One house for each type. :)

I do miss some junk food during Passover. Filling up on the cookies and candy they sell isn't the same.
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I'm jewish, so i celebrate Passover, but I eat bread anyway, to damn good to give up.

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