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The idea here is to use Google Earth to provide images of places important to you, but I must explain how to do this first.

* You don't need to download Google Earth to use it. Go to google.com and type in the name of your city (e.g. Winnemucca, NV, USA). If you don't live near a city you'll have to view the closest one and scroll around from there. If you truly live out in the middle of nowhere, I suppose you're out of luck.

* Simply click on the Satellite tab to do this. If you don't want street names shown, hover over the Satellite tab and uncheck "Show Labels."

* If you don't know how to capture an image of your desktop:

-Windows: Press the "Print Screen" key (by F12) and open up the Paint program. Simply use the paste option to place your image in the program.

-Mac: Command + Shift + 3 to take a picture of the whole screen; Command + Shift + 4 to take a picture of part of the screen. It will automatically save the image to your hard drive.

* Use this site to host your image, which must be in JPEG format. All they ask for is a username and e-mail, and I can assure you they won't spam you and the like.

You'll have to select the "My Images" tab and click on the photo you just took. Then all you need to do is provide a link here.

And finally...

My house, I also framed our property with a black trapezoid.

My high school, it's actually quite a bit bigger than it looks.

An image of the main part of town. I placed an arrow pointing to my neighborhood.

A better view of town. The image doesn't encompass the numerous farms and ranches further down the highway that are bascially part of town, just not in city limits. Also note that Google Earth doesn't use up to date pictures; they're all taken at different times, about spring and summer of 2007 in my case.

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My cities.

My elementary and high school (the building on the upper left).

My university.

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Where I live. My house is just about the "c" in the second "Havelock".

Ahh, English Suburbia... No explanation is required.

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*takes notes to sell to stalkers*

My Myspace, with some of my art
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My house. You can't miss it, there's big arrow in front of it.

My current school. It's the big building to the left, in case you didn't guess.

The faculty of Biology of Leiden University. That's where I hope to go study next year.

Schiphol airport. Because I enjoy watching the airplanes.

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I gather you are Dutch--no worries, but that is not a "faculty," so much as a "facility."
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Faculty could refer to a building. Although it typically refers to a set of teachers, it can also be used to refer to a grouping of disciplines within a university: for example, the Faculty of Social Sciences or the Faculty of Biological Sciences. If said grouping was a smaller one, as is often the case with biology divisions, it could conceivably be housed in one building and it would seem reasonable to call that building the faculty of biology building.

At any rate, "Faculty of Biology" sounds a lot more plausible to me than "Facility of Biology" -- I doubt any native speaker would produce that last phrasing.

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Perhaps. "Facility of biology" as an awkward phrasing seems likelier than "faculty of biology building," given 'faculty' to mean 'division,' even though the latter is correct. I apologize in that case. :)
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Here is my apartment.

Here is where I work. The arrow points to approximately where in the building.

Here is my parents' house.

Here is the high school I went to.

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Here's a map of my home area. The red dot is my house, the bluish dot is my access to internet. It's amazing how accurate maps you can find from such middle-of-nowhere places like this.

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It seems as if everyone else lives in places with an abundance of trees...and people.

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Get the picture yourself. I'm at 50.787250 degrees north, 6.071563 degrees east.

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