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AuthorTopic: AAAAAAAH!!!
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Originally written by Andraste:

... Too bad I can't sign up for two more weeks. TWO WEEKS? Every class I need is going to fill up, or I'll have to take the 7:40 ones. 7:40 genetics class is a terrible idea.

I am not sure what your school's policy on waiting lists is, but when I was in college we were unofficially told that "if you just keep going to class long enough, you'll likely get in". Depending on how difficult the class is, you can expect that anywhere from a couple people to half the class could drop out in the first month. (Although I am not sure you'd want to take a class that managed to scare away half the students in a month. :P )

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It doesn't matter if I want to take the class, I have to :P

I don't think getting in will be that big of a problem, I'll most likely be able to get an override the first day of school. The bad thing is waiting all freaking summer with a cloud of doom over my head. I'll have to add random classes to fill up space, and that's pretty annoying. For some stupid reason, classes that you sign up for and drop before school starts show up on your transcript.

The really bad parts are getting into the Biochemistry lab (no overrides) and the math class (pretty sure no overrides). The biochem lab shouldn't be too big of a deal.

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Originally by Randomizer:

Although with that spelling problem ....
That's not a spelling problem. That's her subconscious telling us she's so angry she's liable to hit things. Dikiyoba wouldn't make her angry if Dikiyoba were you. :P

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No worries. I talked her out of the bell tower.

Just, be more careful next time. Mistakes about spelling mistakes can kill.

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This is why I don't post my real name or address. Taunting from a distance is so much safer. I had a friend that like to taunt dogs with a fence in between. Then one day there was an open gate .... After that he checked for gates before starting.
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Originally written by Jumpin' Salmon:

I couldn't ascend today because I couldn't make a wand and didn't have a wang to untinker. I spent about 20 turns trying for that n, and managed to blow up wand plus drop teet in my try. Figures.
I've had a wand since about level 7, and I didn't even know what it did. Now I know you need it for ascending though, so yay! I should be doing it in the next day or so, when I get some decent familiars.

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