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AuthorTopic: The Avernum RP, Summaries Thread
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In the last incarnation of the Avernum RP, we discovered that it's very handy to have a thread dedicated to summarizing the RP (especially when it went over a dozen pages). You can find the original thread here. The format for the first part: name and describe your faction, name and describe any major characters, and describe your relations with other factions (none of the descriptions have to be long). The second part is a summary of your actions, which you should edit and update regularly. I think everyone did a line for each post they made. You can link them if you want. Really, just glance at the old thread; you'll get the idea.

The only people who post here should be participating in the RP, and there should only be one post per faction (just edit the post as time goes on).

Obligatory handy links (I may or may not post links to maps, they would be handy here):

Avernum Reloaded IC 1
Avernum Reloaded OOC 1
Avernum Reloaded Summaries 1
Avernum Reloaded Roster 1
Revival Thread
Avernum Reloaded IC 2
Avernum Reloaded OOC 2

Faction: The Dominion of the Learned; led from Redmark College (Southeast Valorim)

The main goal of the Dominion is to preserve the well-being of the learned class in the lastest incarnation of the Empire. In the past the magi and scholars were held accountable to the government, at most being a power behind the throne (as in the days of Garzhad). The Dominion will preserve the rights of the learned class, their rights to have an equal or greater say in the government of the Empire, at all costs.

(May frill this up later - right now it just quickly deals with the previous RP.)
After the Empire and Avernum fell in the revolution, the Dominion secured a treaty with the Hunters (who at the time controlled all of Krizsan province). Both the Dominion and the Anama attempted to take North Karnold (Sharimik area). Eventually the Dominion sent in a large force of soldiers and battle mages and took Angel's Rest. At this time, the Rakshasi appeared and destroyed the town, taking with it the majority of the Dominion's forces. The Dominion withdrew what remained of its army, and focused on defending itself. Only recently has it returned to contacting the other factions in Valorim.

('Archmage' is used as a political title; it denotes being a member of the Council of Redmark College.)
Magister Demetrius: Leader of the Dominion, head of Redmark College. Governed almost entirely by realpolitik.
Archmage Diego: Previous leader of the Battlemage force in North Karnold. He and a small group of Dominion Guards and Battlemagi escaped the massacre at Angel's Rest. More of a fighter than a politician. Doesn't agree with the alliance with the Hunters.
Archmage Boris: Liaison to the Hunters. Disagrees with Demetrius on the final goal of the Dominion.
Archmage Tychius: Specializes as an elementalist. Currently working on the portal.
Archmage Cara: A member of the Council.
Archmage Eliza: A member of the Council.
('Agents' are sort of the specialists/covert ops of the Dominion - comparable to the Sanctuary's Wraiths. Some have rudimentary magical training, highly specialized. I'll use less of them this time around; the Looters did quite a number on them last time.)
Agent Celeste: In command of the defence of the power crystals, and in time the portal site.
Agent Denise: Overseeing the Agents work in North Karnold.

Sphere of Influence:
South Karnold, bounded by the rivers to the north and west. The islands are not under Dominion control. No standing fleet.

Relations with other factions:
The Hunters: A peace treaty is in the works, which seems to be more involved that the previous one.
The Phoenix Empire: Initial contact has been made...


Page 1
Post #1: Diego returns from a scouting mission in North Karnold and gives a preliminary report on the Sanctuary and the Hunters to Demetrius.
Page 2
Post #2: Boris meets with the Hunter's diplomat, Brother Evergreen.
Post #3: The Council hears of the state of affairs in Krizsan province, and argues about the necessity for an alliance with the Hunters. Boris is still dealing with the Hunters.
Page 3
Post #4: Demetrius and Boris whine back and forth, about the Hunters mostly. Demetrius meets with Brand.

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Faction: The Order of Krell

Ideology: The main goal of the Order is to protect the lands under their control, both in the sense of guarding the territory and safeguarding the land itself. At this time, this primarily means rebuilding all the parts of Vantanas destroyed or defiled by the rakshasi. The Order was and continues to be in opposition to the exploitative policies of the Empire, though they have avoided direct opposition in the past. The druids of the Order will protect the part of the natural world under their stewardship at almost any cost. The faction also makes a point of speaking out for oppressed people (particularly non-humans).

Restoring contact with the other continents is secondary in importance to re-unifying Vantanas.

History: (focusing on RP matters only) After the Fall, the Order focused on unifying Vantanas and the surrounding islands under its banner. They met with resistance from mainland Vantanas in the form of King Accis (NPC faction), who controlled the former imperial capital of Woodsmuir. However, most of the islands fell in line with the Order quickly. Almost immediately, the Order came into conflict with the Hunters, and played a vital role in their destruction.

When the rakshasi invaded, the Order never ceased fighting them, and met with enough success to survive, but not much more. With its former leader killed and its current leader missing, the Order's primary challenge is rebuilding all that was lost to the rakshasi.

Misc details: Nobody of any importance in the Order is without priestly magic. And remember the whole nature-affinity thing.

Important Characters (please do not kill or reanimate without warning)
  • Sister Nimbus - A nephil, she is the current leader of the Order, and currently kidnapped by Alaran of the Cult of Grah-hoth.
  • Brother Redscale - A slith, he coordinated the Order's military while it struggled with the rakshasi. He's blind in one eye.
  • Sister Quartz - Senior druid who led a crew into the Karnold Isles, where they weathered the Time of the Star.
  • Brother Yewbark - A senior druid who survived capture by the former 'ruler' of mainland Vantanas, currently an advisor in Ivrel.
  • Sister Elmleaf - A senior druid, and possibly the most powerful healer in the islands. She currently keeps watch over the scrying pools.
  • The council members - Just remember that they exist and have a say in the affairs of the Order. They can be killed, just preferably not all of them.
Sphere of Influence: The islands surrounding Vantanas, and a fair chunk of the mainland.
Relations with other Factions:
  • Neo-Hunters - Knowledge of their existence, and fierce loathing. :P
  • Cult of Grah-Hoth - Probably going to figure out what's happened soon enough.Post Summary#1 - Brother Clearwater is killed by a rakshasa, Sister Nimbus succeeds him.
  • #2 - Council realizes Nimbus is gone, and Nimbus takes out one of the Cult kidnappers.
  • #3 - Brother Redscale gives the emissary from Telkavoth a cold reception.
  • #4 - Sister Quartz kills the last of the rakshasi in the Karnold Isles.

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Faction: The Protectorate of the Lady

The Protectorate is basically the personal project of a single Imperial noble. Taking advantage of the chaos spreading in Avernum, the Lady intends to spread good old fashioned Imperial Order to those that are finally desperate enough to accept it. Many join her for the benefits of her mercenary army's protection. Those that do not are made to see just how valuable her protection can be. The Lady has recently returned to the surface, where her ideology was once the norm.

The Lady was a powerful noble on the surface that was disturbed to discover one day that all she lived for, her noble name, the government she served, was all gone. She fled the Empire for her life will all the gold her small entourage could carry. She found herself in the Eastern Province of Avernum, where she acquired the services of Sss-Kai and his mercenary army.

Lady Calpurnia: She is the Lady. Based in Fort Avernum, she is the money and brains behind the whole operation. The Lady is extremely well educated and eloquent, and her delicate appearance only disguises her merciless nature.
Sss-Kai: Once the leader of a sizable group of bandits feeding off the Eastern Province, he now accepts money from Lady Calpurnia to protect the people under her rule, as well as antagonize those who are not. A slith of action, he is currently with the Lady at Fort Avernum.
Angelo: The elder son of Lady Calpurnia. He is polite and calm, clearly the Lady's favorite, as well as heir apparent. He has a silver tongue and as well as a handsome appearance. He is currently at Fort Avernum with his mother.
Edward: The Lady's younger son, brash and arrogant. He still has much to learn in the ways of strategy and humility. Never the less, his recent aquisition of the Golden Necklace of Formello has made him the uncontested ruler of the the whole region.
Prussian: A surface world adventurer now in the employ of the Lady to help manage her forces on the surface.

Sphere of Influence:
While the Lady herself resides in an understaffed Fort Avernum, she funds her mercenary army as well as troops from Fort Duvno with money extorted-I mean taxed-from the people of Silvar and Cotra. Her son Edward administers the North, including the city of Formello as well as Fort Draco.

Relations with other factions:
Kingdom of Avernum: She had made it clear that she does not recognize the sovereignty of the old nation, whether or not it still even exists.
Disciples of Khoth: Their leader, Acrio Sulfi, is currently at Fort Avernum assisting in opening the old surface portal. Further negotiations are pending.


Post One: Introduction post.

Post Two: The Lady acquires Fort Duvno through 'negotiation' and orders the Captain murdered.

Post Three: The Lady learns of the Disciples at Fort Dranlon and decides to instead move North to capture Formello instead. She sends Sss-Kai and her son Edward to do so.

Post Four: Sss-Kai arrives at Formello. The Lady and her son Angelo discuss the possibility of reopening the Fort Avernum portal with a Disciple apprentice.

Post Five: Sss-Kai steals the fabled Gold Necklace of Formello.

Post Six: Sss-Kai is sent back to Fort Avernum after conquoring Formello with Edward. Angelo seduces Erika of the Disciples.

Post Seven: The Lady 'persuades' Acrio Sulfi to help her open the old surface portal in Fort Avernum.

Post Eight: Acrio Sulfi begins opening the surface portal for the Lady. Sss-Kai returns to Fort Avernum. Edward uses brutal tactics to gain control of all the northern lands.

Post Nine: The surface portal is reopened. Prussian is recruited to serve the Lady and work begins to return to the surface.

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Faction: The Disciples of Khoth

Ideology: The Disciples seek to preserve the magical knowledge that might otherwise be lost.

History: Mage's were among the groups hit hardest by the Fall. Being one of the most dangerous and powerful members of factions, they were disposed of as quickly as possible. The Disciples of Khoth fled from the chaos in Avernum to the lonely Fort Dolthar. They prefer to avoid conflict with other factions if possible. For the most part the guild has been inactive aside from setting up a few outposts to monitor activity within the surrounding caves. Because of their isolation, they are unaware of the devastation that has left most of the Surface shattered.

Misc details: Very few of the members of the disciples are skilled mages. The rest are being trained by the leaders of the faction, Acrio Sulfi, Denrich, and Master Krynt.

Specialization Details
Magical Efficiency: This field focuses on the controlling of spells. This allows the caster to waste less energy casting spells. It also provides a greater influence over the effects of the spell.
Teleportation: The study of teleportation, this includes opening and closing portals as well as spells which teleport without the use of a portal.
Barriers: The study of barriers, both their applications and their inner workings.
Illusion: The study of spells which are intended to affect other's perception of reality.

Important Characters (please do not kill or reanimate without warning)
  • Denrich - Acrio Sulfi's own teacher from the tower of magi. Denrich and Sulfi became close friends over their years of training together. When Acrio took up the mantle of leadership, Denrich followed him. Specializes in the field of magical efficiency.
  • Master Krynt - One of the oldest living humans in Avernum. Master Krynt is skilled in a variety of magical schools, and has a tendency to devise entirely new(but useless) spells. Specializes in the field of barriers.
  • Anthony Tolk - Temporarily held hostage by The Lady. Anthony is one of the younger apprentices. It is too early in his career for him to have decided a field to specialize in.
  • Erika Lynon - Named after the legendary archmage, Erika is one of the most promising amoung the younger magi. Specializes in Illusion.
Sphere of Influence: The waterways surrounding Fort Dolthar, the area around Fort Dranlon, and the waterways around the largest island in the lake in the Eastern Gallery.
Relations with other Factions:
  • The Protectorate of the Lady - Knowledge of Existence.Post Summary#1 - As Fort Dranlon continues to be built, food supplies dwindle and the messenger fish begin to die off. In addition, Vahnatai led by Iktin-Bok have reached the Steamy Caverns. Ohvol, somewhere in the Great Cave, is fleeing them.
  • #2 - The last of the messenger fish dies off. A Fire Lizard attacks Acrio Sulfi. Ohvol destroys the Southern Outpost. The Vahnatai stop to search for a hidden cache.
  • #3 - Acrio is badly injured, but the lizard is defeated. Master Krynt begins preparing for a possible attack by The Lady.
  • #4 - Progress slows at Fort Dranlon. Denrich notices fluctuations in the barriers surrounding Fort Dolthar. Iktin-Bok and his followers die in a trapped cache.
  • #5 - Anthony returns from his capture at Fort Avernum. Krynt sends him to bring Acrio to Fort Dranlon. Krynt sends Erika to Fort Avernum. Acrio and Denrich begin realigning the barriers at Fort Dolthar.
  • #6 -Acrio and Thomys arrive at Fort Dranlon and discuss there next moves. Acrio decides to head to Fort Avernum with a small group of soldiers.
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(blanks to be filled soon)

Faction: The Cult of Grah-Hoth


History: Despite being involved in summoning the demons that helped drive the Rakshasi away, and cult escaped the Time of the Star unscathed. Apart from that, their efforts to revive Grah-Hoth have involved kidnapping, larceny, assault, and one count of impersonating a circus.

Misc. details:

Important Characters:
Xivuth: The cult's charismatic leader, and originator of anything important it does.
Alaran: A human wizard, and one of Xivuth's most trusted followers. She recently kidnapped Sister Nimubs.
Az-Ossath: A slith wizard. His claim to be the World's Strongest Slith has yet to be challenged.
Lenkh: One of Alaran's henchmen in the kidnapping of Nimbus. Currently a fugitive on Krell.
Kuge: Alaran's other henchman. Deceased.

Sphere of Influence: The extreme northwest of Avernum.
Relations with Other Factions
Knights of the Abyss: Hostile, ever since an incident involving the theft of a staff.
The Order of Krell: Currently holding the Order's leader prisoner. This does not bode well for future relations.

Post Summary

#1: Introduction

#2: Nimbus is kidnapped

#3: Lenkh is pursued by the Order; at sea, Alaran and Nimbus are forced to cooperate.

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Faction: The Thieves Guild

Ideology: Members strive to achieve comfortable living by robbing citizens, selling illicit materials, and placing a fee on those using their lands. The guild kills and traitors and misfits, very much like a gang. New members to the guild must prove their worth and have a digit from their feet removed.

History: Thieving, thieving, and more thieving. The rakshashi had little effect to their success.

  • Luscinda: Owner of glove shop and overseer of skribbane shipments.
  • Ferrrald: Nephil Scout/Spy, skilled with bows and tool use.
  • Shamgar: Thief skilled in assassination
  • Benedict: Regulates Blackcrag passage
  • Howard Shears: Commands outpost in the Valley.
Sphere of Influence:
  • Blackcrag Passage
  • Control of Valley in Northeast Valorim/City of Amadis
  • Skribbane Shipments Note: Farmers in Bigail don't answer to Guild, they merely sell the stuff to them.
Relations With Other Factions: Request to Phoenix Empire to conquer province of Midori.
Ferrrald and Shamgar captured in Hunter territory.
Post Summary:
  • II - Hasted discussion foretelling Ferrrald and Shamgar sent to Keep of Tinraya. Also suggests possible future contact with Anama and Hunters.
  • III - Introduction to several characters, Ferrrald and Shamgar take off.
  • IV - Amadis commands Howard to build city in the Valley.
  • V -
  • VI Amadis requests Phoenix Empire to conquer province of Midori.
  • VII - The city of Amadis is completed. Ferrrald and Shamgar are captured in Sharimik.
  • VIII - Shamgar and Ferrald are interrogated.

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Faction: The Hunter Empire/The Neo-Hunter Empire

Ideology: The Neo-Hunters follow the same basic ideological undercurrents as the Hunters of Old, in that they see non-humans as the root of evil, but they have a much different way of dealing with them. While the Old Hunters would have killed all non-humans they saw, the Neo-Hunters are somewhat more pacifist. War is devastating to all involved, and the Hunters have a large refugee populace that is rather war-weary. Also, to present a more appealing image, the Neo-Hunters propose instead banishing them all to Avernum, a one way portal. Future plans involve merging into the new Empire, the replacement to the Pralgadian and Aizoan Empire.

History: After the Fall of the Old Hunters, Claw Hardblade, the only surviving of the original Hunters, fled north, into Farport. Then, the Rakshasi came, cleaning everything out like a Plague. Gathering some guardsmen who liked his message, he invaded the Rakshasi holdings in Krizsan, managing to liberate the city, at a high cost. The horrified guardsmen stayed behind in Krizsan while Claw took away refugees and prisoners via Rakshasi boats back to Farport. Returning to an invaded Farport, refugees and survivors lightened up to his message. Soon, the Hunters expanded into Gidrik and Porter's Retreat, with Krizsan being an outpost of the Hunters.

Seeking to expand, a skillful missionary was sent to the city of Sharimik, and he started spreading the message of the Hunters. This completely offset the competing power trying to sway Sharimik, the Sanctuary, and soon dominated over them. Negotiations then began between the Hunters and Sanctuary for control of Sharimik. Meanwhile, the Hunters also started expanding west, fighting against hidden non-humans, trying to get a land route to Krizsan, lessening its isolationism. Also, a diplomat by the name of Brother Evergreen started negotiations with the Dominion of the Learned.

[i]Location[/i]: South-Central Valorim, Krizsan

Capital: Sharimik

[i]Government[/i] - Republic. Only landowning, literate humans are allowed to vote, or run.

Religion: None officially, religious freedom now reigns. Three major churches are followed: First, the strongest, is the Church of the Bright Star. Second, a sort of Imperial Cult worshipping Tygra and his rumored son as gods, necromatic slightly. Finally, Atheism has caught on due to the horrifying events of the Time of the Star. Minor churches also include the Anama and Sanctuary in Sharimik.

[i]Total Population[/i]: There an estimated two and a half thousand Hunters, exceptionally large for the post-Star world of Ermarian. Of these, all are human, and half of them are refugees of some sort. Reconstruction of the cities is slowly lessening the number of refugees, along with the construction of new cities to the west.

Military Strength - Moderately Strong. An estimated half of the populace is trained in some sort of combat, and roughly ten percent of the population is in the standing military. Mages are few and scattered, but are rather powerful, and are valuable to the army. Priests are more common, as people either got much closer or much farther from the gods during the Time of the Star, leading to an increase in battle priests. Still, an estimated sixty percent of the military are infantry, with the officers, all calvary, being a further fifteen percent. Archers also make up fifteen percent, and mages and priests take up the rest. Composite forces such as "divine warriors" (priest-warriors) or "spell warriors" (mage-warriors) are included in the mage and priest category. Recently, after much work, a navy has been starting to take shape.

Major Characters:
Tygra Nyrulia: Emperor of the Hunters, his corpse was recovered in Krizsan and plans are being made to revive him. The plan is to get him to have an heir, then let his corpse be buried properly.
Claw Hardblade: Sole survivor of the original Hunter regime, one of the original bandits of the Hunters. President of the Imperial Assembly, de facto leader of the Hunters. Named after Claw Hardblade of the Inn of Blades. He is, ultimately, the architect of the Neo-Hunters, a liberal split from the Old Hunters.
The Senators: The legislative body of the Empire, effectively controlling the nation. They elect the President of the Imperial Assembly. As the Emperor is "incapacitated", they have gained much power that they don't intend on giving up.(Real World parallel=British Parliament)
Commander Barleycorn Governor-General of Krizsan and Commander of the Southern Army, Johnathon Barleycorn was a mercenary leader who was a friend of Hardblade during Tygra's regime. After the Fall of the Hunters, he renounced the ideology publically, but admitted he still followed the ideas when Hardblade was recruiting. Leader of the mercenaries who helped attack Krizsan during the Time of the Star, stayed behind to spread the word. He is the Ambassador to the Pheonix Empire.
Brother Evergreen: A refugee from the north, he was once a druid of the Order of Krell. During the Time of the Star, his temple was burned down by the Rakshasi, and soon afterwards as his flock fled nephil bandits killed them. The hatred of non-humans gathering in him, and he arrived weak and tired to Gidrik, where the Hunters revived him. Agreeing with their ideology, he joined. He then ran an important diplomatic mission to reestablish ties with the Dominion.

Sphere of Influence: Gidrik, Farport, and Porter's Retreat all bow to the Hunters. Krizsan is held as a military outpost, a sort of fuedal state. A strong following is being built up in Sharimik, with the sway of the city coming to the Hunters. Recently, colonists moved west, settling a nearby island in the Bigail Channel, and an exdetion is being sent into the uninhabited forestry. Fleets are already being built, and the Rakshasi fleet holds minor control of the route from Farport to Krizsan.

Relations with other factions:
-Negotiations with the Pheonix Empire, trade in return for dealing with the Freeman Bandits. Initially positive recieving, but little else so far. The Hunters sent a covert attack by burning a crucial bridge, stopping vital food supplies.
-An ideological battle with the Sanctuary for the hearts and minds of Sharimik has caused somewhat terse relations with them. This is something the Hunters seek to mend, and have sent diplomats to negotiate with them.
-The Dominion of the Learned has had the grace of a diplomatic envoy sent to try to reignite relations with them.
-The Enlightened Anama have been visited by a Hunter, who is also Anama, and no official relations have been set up yet.


Post 1
Intro post, attempts to convert Sharimik to the Hunters goes along initially well.
Post 2
The Hunters officially emancipate the human slaves in Sharimik to deal a blow against the Sanctuary's efforts. Meanwhile in Porter's Retreat a diplomatic envoy makes it's way towards the Dominion, crossing over the bridge and heading towards Golddale.
Post 3
The Pheonix Empire arrives in Krizsan proposing trade. Commander Barleycorn tells them that if they were to deal with local brigands he'd be open to negotiations. Meanwhile, in Sharimik, a Hunter approaches a Sanctuary temple to negotiate with them.
Post 4
The Imperial Assembly sends an amount of poor, homeless Hunters to Sharimik, to set up a cultural garrison. Meanwhile, the missionary sent to Sharimik goes to the Sanctuary temple to negotiate the partioning of Sharimik. In Farport however, Hardblade manages to convince the Assembly to begin colonization of the western uninhabited lands.
Post 5
The missionary in Sharimik negotiates with the Sanctuary, and the missionary announces religious freedom for Sharimik and all Hunters. Colonists arrive by boat in Jubilee island, an island in the Bigail Channel, and create a colonial city there. In the mainland wilderness, the expedition finds and destroys a nephil village. Finally, Brother Evergreen begins negotiations with the Dominion.
Post 6
The missionary in Sharimik manages to successfully win Sharimik over for the Hunters, with a Sanctuary embassy there. In Krizsan, a brigde connecting the Hunters and the Empire is burned down. In Farport meanwhile, an expedition is sent downriver to help find a route to Krizsan. The Expedionary Force finds the ruins of a portal hub, and plans are made to restart the city. The colony on Jubilee soon rapidly grows, and Delphi is sent to make contact with the Anama.
Post 7
Intro to Hitchhiker's Guide to Ermarian. Barleycorn continues diplomacy with the Empire, while a mage in the employ of the Assembly begins attacks on New Sumar. Evergreen, having set up a mostly acceptable alliance with the Dominion, inquires about their ability to restart Nexus. The Expeditionary Fleet fights against Slithzerikai in the waters, before eventually settling in the lands of a Dragon for the night. The Expeditionary Force meanwhile continues on to Fort Blades, while a smaller force investigates the ruins of Fort Submergance. In the Sleeve, colonists come in droves to settle the land. Finally, in Sharimik, two Thieves are being interrogated.

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FACTION - The Sanctuary of Telkavoth.

IDEOLOGY - To unite Valorim, and possibly Ermarian, under one banner: their own. They believe that the will of Telkavoth guides them in their attempt to secure Valorim, and that it's the only way to survive against whatever Rakshasa are left, and if more Rakshasa ever grace the world again.

LEADER - Iocabe Havala, Divine High Priest of Telkavoth and of Sanctuary.

LOCATION - Central Valorim, based in the Karnold province and expanding into Midori.

CAPITOL - Aminro.

GOVERNMENT - Theocracy, worshiping Telkavoth. Priests form the ruling class.

RELIGION - The Church of Telkavoth is the official religion of Sanctuary. Amongst the pantheons which include him, Telkavoth is usually the god of Protection and Light. In Sanctuary, he also is the patron god of the nation. Other deities are generally tolerated, but priests of Telkavoth are the only ones who hold any great amount of political clout. Demonic gods, or gods generally considered evil, are not tolerated, though, and any civilian or priest caught worshiping one is, without exception, executed.

RELATIVE MILITARY STRENGTH - Fairly Strong. About a third of the population is trained to some degree in melee combat, and most of the priesthood (making up another quarter of the population) can fight to some degree as well with rites, blades, or both. Archers are extremely limited, and magery is almost non-existent. Overall military power is almost strictly limited to defense and intelligence gathering, and they have very few idle soldiers for any sort of offensive. This is changing, though, as Sanctuary is conscripting soldiers from the populace.

HISTORY - The Sanctuary of Telkavoth came about almost accidentally. Shortly before the bloody Time of the Star ended, Central Valorim was nothing short of a wasteland. A tiny handful of traveling priests and healers passed through the area of Angel's Rest, or what was left of it. The place had become a refugee camp, and the arrival of new healers, especially ones capable of defending a small encampment, was enthusiastically welcomed. Soon, the greater priests started rising to leadership through their deeds. Soon, Angel's Rest was no longer a camp, but a small village, returned to a modicum of its former self.

At this time, contact was established with Aminro, which had also started to come back from it's destruction. The contact quickly turned to assimilation, and the two villages aligned did what either separate could not; they started through a massive spurt of growth, with refugees becoming townsfolk, and new people arriving from elsewhere on the war-torn continent. A theocracy slowly formed, with Iocabe coming out on top.

However, the then new-born Sanctuary's progress ground to a halt. Though the Time of the Star had since ended, new problems brewed for the nation. The mineral resources left by the old ruins were exhausted, trading was extremely expensive and almost impossible, and further attempts to expand had been rebutted by other refugee clans and recovering villages who were less than willing to become one with Sanctuary. Not thirsty for more bloodshed, Sanctuary didn't press the issue. Fortunately, they also discovered the abandoned ruins of the Troglodyte Castle, which had doubled as a Rakshasi outpost, and gained an influx of materials from salvage efforts.

More recently, Sanctuary started construction of the Grand Cathedral of Sanctuary, which will serve not only as Telkavoth's primary place of worship, but also as Sanctuary's palace and administrative headquarters.

Divine High Priest of Telkavoth and Sanctuary (usually shortened to Divine High Priest) - The monarch of Sanctuary. The person holding this title usually is the most powerful priest of Telkavoth in Sanctuary lands, though being the most powerful is not a requirement. In order to ascend to leadership, one must be a loyal High Priest of Telkavoth (and the previous leader must not be in power).
This rank is held by Iocabe Havala.
Crusader - A rank and title that's comparable to Imperial Dervish, Crusaders (will) form Sanctuary's elite shock infantry. While their melee prowess falls mildly short of the Dervish of old, their priestly skills more than make up for those shortcomings. A Crusader is not a combatant with decent priestly skill, but rather a priest trained heavily in combat. Crusaders are armed with the finest armaments available, including a complete set of armor, a melee weapon (either longswords for swordsmen, spears for spearmen, or shortswords for archers/crossbowmen), and if the Crusader is a ranged fighter, a bow or crossbow.
Characters with this rank: Crusader Bekath.
Total number of people with this rank: 1 (with ten more potential Crusaders in training)

Wraith - A priest who specializes in rituals involving stealth and concealment. Used primarily for information gathering and spycraft, but they're a first choice whenever something covert needs to be done. Wraith usually carry a dagger in case they run into trouble, and sometimes have skill with lightweight unarmed combat.
Characters with this title: Wraith Allison.
Total number of people with this title: ~7.

Healer - A priest who specializes in healing and blessing arts. The purpose of healers is to heal the wounded and to also keep an eye on contagious disease. Healers usually have skill in potion making and more mundane forms of healing. Healers also will accompany forces to heal any injuries from battle and to also call blessings down upon allies. While most healers have mild offensive prowess, they tend to rely on others to protect them.
Total number of people with this title: ~18.

CHARACTERS (Do not kill bold characters without permission; italics mean the character is deceased.)
Divine High Priest Iocabe Havala - The Divine High Priest of Telkavoth, and ruler of Sanctuary. Currently in possession of what appears to be the Sword of Telkavoth. He presently resides in Aminro. He is the most skilled priest in Sanctuary, capable of magnificent rites, but his skill with swords is average.
Priestess Faenelle Havala - Iocabe's wife, and a priestess of Telkavoth. Presently resides in Angel's Rest, where she oversees day-to-day duties. She has skills with rituals, especially protective magics, and also is skilled with a crossbow. She seems to be suffering from some sort of occasional abdominal pain, which has resisted all efforts to be healed or cured.
Crusader Bekath - Newly appointed Crusader, and also the leader of the Crusaders. Originally stationed in Sharimik to convert the populace, before the Hunters moved in. Bekath is one of Iocabe's most trusted lieutenants. Greatly skilled in divine power and sticking someone with a blade.
Wevern - A mage of at least mediocre power. Resides in Angel's Rest, where he frequently manages to blow up, incinerate, or otherwise dismantle his abode. Marked as important simply because he comprises most of Sanctuary's magical capability.
Celsy Sarrin (character shared with Nikki) - Former leader/protector of the original four towns in southwest Valorim and sister of Dervish Victor Gathin, she decided to flee her duties. She wound up on Sanctuary borders, assaulted and nearly killed by brigands. A Sanctuary patrol rescued her, and she eventually met with Iocabe himself, who (much to her chagrin) ordered her back to southwest Valorim to deliver a response to the Phoenix Empire. It turns out that she's the sister of Gathin, who sent her back with a response to Sanctuary. She left just in time as well; she managed to escape before the Phoenix Empire was subjected to a full-scale attack.
Wraith Amarfrra - Sanctuary's best Wraith, skilled in reconnaissance, assassination, combat, and shade-summoning. Rescued Shamgar and Ferrrald from Sharimik. Has a suspicious lack of emotions.
Wraith Allison - A Wraith who scouted out the Looters strength southeast of Lorelei. Skilled with a dagger and hand-to-hand combat, and one of Sanctury's best intelligence-gatherers (mostly because of her unorthodox methods). Currently en route to Lorelei to locate and contact the Thieves Guild.
Dewiss - A slith priest of Serrotis, currently stationed in Sharimik. Confrontational, excellent with rites that cause severe injury or debilitation, yet physically frail. Extremely (and understandably) at odds with the Hunters. Currently second-in-command to the leader of the Midori expedition.
• Bresnen - The leader of the expedition in Midori.
• Mayor Sarah Watson - The very recently instated mayor of Dellston and a priestess of Telkavoth.
• John - A soldier that lead a successful investigation into a possible route under the mountain range on Sanctuary's north and eastern edges. Used to guard Divine High Priest Iocabe Havala.
• Nedar - A priest and Sanctuary spy/emissary in Krell. He tried to get an alliance with the Order of Krell, but due to the political climate in the Vantanas, the negotiations fell through.
• Lorelei Informant - A Wraith stationed in Lorelei to gather intelligence.
Ava - A priestess of mediocre power who specializes in combat rituals. She delivered some white crystal shards to Wevern in Angel's Rest, and wore a necklace with one of the shards. Presumed dead after a large beast was found in her home.

The Sword of Telkavoth - A holy blade that figures into Sanctuary's religion. It's a glowing silver blade with a ruby inset upon the pommel. Iocabe revealed that he has a short sword that matches the description of the legendary blade almost exactly, but whether the two are the same is as of yet unknown.
White Crystal Shards - Some white crystal shards found in the tunnel underneath the mountain northeast of Sanctuary territory (A3 players will recognize them as the shards left by the Vahnatai barrier projector). A priestess by the name of Ava was tasked to take the shards back to Angel's Rest to be examined by Wevern. Wevern then determined the shards to be dormant. All of the shards are the size of a small stone.

SPHERE OF INFLUENCE - Angel's Rest, Aminro, and all territory between and to the northeast of these towns are firmly under Sanctuary control. Sanctuary has also secured territory beyond the mountain range, taking control of the Giant fortress ruins and Dellston. Sanctuary has a weak presence in Sharimik, but has effectively been isolated from the main population.

Expansion was blocked by natural barriers such as rivers and mountains, and its sphere of influence wass limited by these barriers so greatly that it has been effectively stuck where it was at. However, atunnel in the Troglodyte Caves allowed expansion to the northeast. Expansion is now only limited by other factions and Sanctuary's current resources and manpower.

Sanctuary also has a few scattered Wraith around Valorim, and one contact in Vantanas.

RELATIONS WITH OTHER FACTIONS (in order of importance)
Neo-Hunter Empire - Highly distrusted by Sanctuary. These feelings are unaided by both launching a war of words for Sharimik (which the Hunters effectively won), their respective territories butting up against each other, and because both of their visions for Valorim involve the respective factions having total control. Sanctuary is not engaging in hostilities yet with the Hunters, but they are preparing for a possible future war.
Thieves Guild - Has knowledge of existence. A Wraith is in Sharimik rescuing two of the guild's members (though Sanctuary is unaware of the pair's identity).
Phoenix Empire - Currently engaging in cordial diplomacy. A general agreement or an alliance may be in the works.
Enlightened Anama - Well-known, which is why if the two factions ever meet, hostilities are likely to result.
Order of Krell - Engaged in diplomacy, but failed to achieve anything.

#1 - A New Faith - Faction introduction; Iocabe shows unease at success of Hunters in Sharimik.
Dominion of the Learned #1 - Diego brings news of Sanctuary to Demetrius, referring to it as 'some cult'. Both deem it a non-threat.
#2 - Winning Over - Vantanas spy Nedar reports Clearwater's death, and Iocabe orders him to open diplomacy with Order of Krell. Brazen Sanctuary priestess publicly denounces the Hunters in Sharimik.
Neo-Hunter Empire #2 - Claw Hardblade holds disdain for Sanctuary; Hunter representative deals a major blow to Sanctuary's attempts to convert Sharimik by freeing slaves.
#3 - Long Shots - Iocabe holds discussion with advisers, revealing that Sanctuary economy is weak, and that their only option is to expand. A possible tunnel under the mountains that existed during the time of the Plagues piques interest, and Iocabe sends scouts to the ruined Troglo castle to investigate. Vantanas spy receives orders and proceeds to Ivrel.
Order of Krell #3 - Nedar (Vantanas spy) gets a cold reception from the Order of Krell. Brother Redscale nevertheless decides to hear him out.
#4 - Wevern - After an initially poor reception, Nedar lays out Sanctuary's offer. Iocabe reveals that he may have a divine artifact from Telkavoth, and also steels himself for a possible future war with the Hunters. On a lighter note, Sanctuary has a mage capable of blowing up his own house in Angel's Rest. Searches for the tunnel at the Troglo castle turn up nothing thus far.
Neo-Hunter Empire #3 - Hunter representative goes to a shrine of Sanctuary in Sharimik to discuss the situation there.
#5 - Authority - Hunter representative meets with Sanctuary priests in a shrine in Sharimik to discuss Sanctuary withdrawing from Sharimik. High Priest Bekath confirms that they're considering it, but refuse to negotiate unless they speak with someone in authority. Representative is turned away, and the priests send a warning to Iocabe about the situation. Scout party in the Troglo castle ruins decides to split up, so as to cover more ground.
Neo-Hunter Empire #4 - The leader of the Hunters in Sharimik goes to negotiate with Sanctuary.
#6 - Nearing Completion - John locates what could potentially be the under-mountain passage. Bekath states his conditions for leaving Sharimik, which include safe travel for Sanctuary civilians and priests, and to stop expansion northward and eastward. The main floor of the Grand Cathedral of Sanctuary nears completion.
Neo-Hunter Empire #5 - The Hunter missionary in Sharimik countermands Bekath, stating that the Hunters do not want Sanctuary to withdraw from Sharimik. He offers not only safe travel, but to waive their laws around the Sanctuary district. However, he also states that land to the north is free land, and that Sanctuary has no right to claim them. Elsewhere, Brother Evergreen, in discussion with the Dominion of the Learned, states that the Hunters consider Sanctuary a threat, along with the Anama.
#7 - Morose and Monroe - Dewiss, the slith priest in Sharimik, angrily confronts the Hunter emissary about his proposal, claiming that Sanctuary is smarter than to walk into such a trap, and that non-humans from Sanctuary would not get the same exemption. Bekath reprimands the priest, but pushes his second point. The Hunter ideology is about disposing of all non-humans, one way or another, and yet they'd allow a safe zone within their own territory for non-humans to potentially inhabit? Meanwhile, John's expedition runs into trouble down in the tunnels. They come across a nest of monsters in a widened gallery that mostly consists of ordinary lizards. However, they come across some horrific magic-immune mutant with orange, caustic blood that manages to wound one man and kill another before being brought down. A man in Aminro attempts to teach potential archers, with mixed results. Faenelle, Iocabe's wife, watches. She then suffers from severe abdominal pain which passes after a few seconds. Apparently, the condition has resisted all attempts to cure it. An informant from Lorelei brings news of its reconstruction, and also of the Looters to the east of Lorelei. They've apparently weakened greatly since the Time of the Star, and are losing control of their territory fast. Iocabe sees an opportunity. Back in the tunnel, the expedition finds unusual white crystal shards, which John decides to have sent back to Angel's Rest for examination. He proceeds down the tunnel, and eventually comes out on the other side of the mountain, proving that there's a direct connection between Sanctuary territory and the Monroe province.
Neo-Hunter Empire #6 - Hunter emissary reveals the true depth of racism prevalent in Hunter lands. He guarantees safety inside the Sanctuary safe-zone, but mandates that badges must worn by non-humans to dictate them as Sanctuary property outside the safe-zone.
Thieves Guild #7 - Shamgar and Ferrrald are captured in Sharimik.
#8 - Wraith and Crusader - Bekath reveals to Iocabe that he accepted the Hunter's proposition. He also reports of Shamgar and Ferrrald's capture, though at this point, he is unaware of their affiliation or identities. Iocabe decides to send a Wraith to investigate. Iocabe then appoints Bekath as a Crusader, and orders him to train ten other clerics in the ways of elite combat and worship. In Angel's Rest, Wevern reports that the crystal shards were benign. He and Faenelle decide to sell most of the crystal shards, keeping a few for magical research. Ava is also wearing one as a necklace. South of Aminro, a Sanctuary patrol rescues a soldier (Sarrin) from brigands. A Wraith named Allison scouted Dellston for Looter strength. She was accosted by a Looter thug, whom she easily dispatched. He had unwittingly provided her with her answer; their meager response meant that they couldn't spare much in the way of manpower to resist Sanctuary.
The Phoenix Empire #8 - The Empire sends an emissary, Sister Clarice Beumont, to Sanctuary with a letter.
Neo-Hunter Empire #7 - The Hunters box the Sanctuary safe-zone out of Sharimik.
#9 - A Matter of When - A Sanctuary Wraith rescues Shamgar and Ferrrald from their cell, knocking the interrogator out cold and drugging three other guards in the process. The trio enter Sharimik sewers. Faenelle learns that Ava is behaving erratically. In Dellston, Sanctuary forces take the city as their own, fending off a Looter attack soundly and removing their presence from the city. In Aminro, Iocabe recalls the events of the day, which had gone fairly poorly for him. He met with Sarrin, received a message about the 'embassy' getting walled off, and finally heard back from Nedar; negotiations with the Order of Krell had failed. The body of Clarice Beumont was then brought to his attention; she was killed on the Sanctuary/Hunter border. Thankfully, the letter she was carrying was still on her person. Iocabe believes the Hunters were behind the attack. He sends a reply with Sarrin back to the Phoenix Empire. Iocabe then orders the conscription of soldiers from the the civilian populace, and the fortification of Aminro and Angel's Rest. He concludes that war with the Hunters now is inevitable, and is only a question of when.
Thieves Guild #8 - Amadis slips a Sanctuary acolyte a letter in Dellston, explaining about himself and the Thieves Guild.
The Phoenix Empire #9 - Sarrin arrives in Delan and confers with her brother, Dervish Gathin, who happens to lead the Phoenix Empire. He sends Sarrin with a response back to Aminro to arrange a meeting.
Dominion of the Learned #4 - Demetrius reveals plans to send both a diplomat and an agent to Sanctuary.

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Faction: The Phoenix Empire (Usually, they'll just be calling themselves 'The Empire').

Ideology: There exists two deeply held desires in the fledgling Empire. The first, held by the lower classes, is to just survive, really. The second, held by the army and the less poor, is to reunite the five continents under one banner.

History: Since the Fall, the 51st Regiment of HER IMPERIAL MAJESTY's ARMY moved from pillar to post, trying to maintain the order of the Empire. Then, during the Time of the Star, the unit was severly decimated. Now, it resides in the homeland of it's leader, establishing a base from which to re-take the old Empire.

[i]Location[/i]: South-Western Valorim, centering on the four towns of Delan, Delis, Perrin and Pergies. Also the new town of New Sumar, on the northern coast of south-western Valorim, and the City of Silvar.

Capital: Delan.

[i]Government[/i]: Military dictatorship.

Religion: None, officially. What people believe is unimportant, so long as the eventual embracing of a new Empire is not shirked.


-Celsy Sarrin: Former leader/protector of the four towns, now currently somewhere in central Valorim.

-Imperial Dervish Victor Gathin, Third Order of Aizo.: Old Imperial. Currently in charge of the whole kaboodle.

-Caption Gustavo Pyke: Overseeing the colonisation of farmland to the north of Perrin.

-Captian Unwin: In Silvar, looking after the town until a proper force can be taken out there.

-Sister Clarice/Battle-Mage Brand: Diplomats. Going to Sanctuary/Dominion repsectively.

Relations with other factions: We know of the Hunters, the Thieves Guild, Sanctuary and the Dominion.


#1 - Basic introduction, setting up faction and establishing a temporary leader.

#2 - Scouts are sent out to Krizsan, and the fields of Perrin burn. The fledgling faction now has no food.

#3 - The 51st are introduced, and make their way to Krizsan. Panic spreads through the four towns as news of the crop burning gets out.

#4 - The Phoenix Empire is born, after Dervish Gathin arrives in Delan. Some negotiations are made with the Hunters, who want the Empire to kill some bandits for trade.

#5 - The Empire march on Silvar.

#6 - The Empire take Silvar, and Gathin turns his mind to the rest of the continent.

#7 - The Hunters destroy the Bridge between them and the Empire, but the Empire secure a ford further along the river. Gathin begins plaaning further diplomacy.

#8 - The Empire reaches out to Sanctuary and The Dominion.

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For the sake of making a post with substance, rather than just a bump, I'll post the changes to my summary with the most recent edit.

Population, Military Strength, Relations with other Factions, Characters, and Sphere of Influence have all been updated to reflect recent events. Relations with other Factions now lists by how important the faction is to Sanctuary. Celsy Sarrin added to character list and marked as important, Dewiss and Wraith Allison no longer marked as important (though with their current locations, I'd be highly surprised if a faction actually went out of their way to gat either one of them). The IC summary has had three more entries added.

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