Is it just me?

AuthorTopic: Is it just me?
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Or has the number of posts in this forum decreased recently? I rated fifth in the highest postage rate, only a few behind the people ahead of me. With the highest being about 130.

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I'm not quite sure what you are talking about. Do you mean who posts the most or how many members posts? Be a little more clear.

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I think he means what he said: the number of posts. That leads also to fewer posts per member.

If that is in fact true, it's probably because we haven't had a giant debate thread lately.

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There are periods where posting declines. The end of summer is a good example where 100 posts a month is high for a person.

Since Avernum 5 came out there was an increase for the first 2 months with game interest, but lately there is little being posted anywhere.
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This is my small donation to increase posting.

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I wonder if this thread is spam or not. But it seems to be going that way.

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If so, we all know who to blame. :P

(In other words, why does this thread exist?)

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*Flags down Stareye*

I don't want to lose my fifth place!

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To increase our post count!
You know, from my rate of posting if I was here from the beginning Alorael might of been in second place.

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Trust me, it's just you.

BTW, wouldn't it be interesting to have a word count to weigh against the post count?

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Nope. I still have a higher average post rate over my entire stay at Spiderweb.

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