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AuthorTopic: Geneforge For PS2
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What would you think if Geneforge came out on PS2?

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This is unlikely to happen. I think the most likely thing to be ported to any console system at this point would be BoE. Even then it would probably need to be done on a PS3 so as to utilize the ability to install a different OS. In other words, don't hold your breath...

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No! I don't want to play role playing games on a game console!

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Originally written by Excalibur:

No! I don't want to play role playing games on a game console!
You do realize that there are hundreds of console RPGs right?

I don't think Geneforge would work too well because of the input. It's point and click. That wouldn't work too well on a console.

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No, I couldn't stand it. And it wouldn't sell well anyway. It would count as a game for losers in my school.

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I think it would be quite awsome it spiderweb products came out on video game consoles. It would surley draw more people to purchase these games. I relish the thought of playing Avernum or Geneforge on a PSP.

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In the event that Spiderweb games were available on consoles, the controls would have to be versatile to accommodate the limited amount of buttons.

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Actually, I think the interface would be pretty amenable to a console's controls. It wouldn't be quite identical - there would be more menus involved, much like in the Ultima or Dragon Quest series, but it would work.

I think though that the main issue is that the ideal consoles for Jeff's style of games, by their nature old-fashioned, have come and gone. :)
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And Jeff has to get the companies agree to make the games for their systems and do the programming for the buttons.

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Don't most consoles have some kind of SDK so that the game designers can make the game on their own?

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Yes, but they tend to cost quite a large amount of money. Although various homebrew solutions are available(and legal), they aren't supported by the manufacturers. Hence coding can be difficult. It really depends on the homebrew community for the game. For instance, there is a decent sized community for developing homebrew on the Nintendo DS, using C/C++ code.

EDIT: As for using playing spidweb games on the PS3, you can hook up a mouse and a keyboard to the console. So I can't imagine controls would be that much different.

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Actually it would be interesting to see a
port of a Spiderweb game over to a console.
Anyone heard of Puzzle Quest? I recently
got that game as a downloadable for the
Xbox 360 & was amazed at how much depth the
game has. It doesn't fit the criteria of a
"quick game to be played between blockbuster
games" as Softy's XBLA criteria might have
you believe. You could spend several weeks
playing it on its own!

Also, the Oblivion expansion pack was released
as a download & that probably takes up 1G or
2G in space. The same goes for the latest
Phantasy Star Universe expansion, about 2G in
size, no boxed version! I don't see anyone
complaining about these games being available
for download only. Although the hdd is
pretty small for the Xbox 360 at 20G.

Lately, the Xbox 360 has been catering to the
Indie game programmers, so I see no reason why
Spiderweb could not get a downloadable on there.
Unless it's a pain in the butt.

Also of interest is the resurgence of board game
to video game translations such as Carcassone.
They just gave that game away for free on the
360 downloadable during Xbox Live's anniversary
(Thanksgiving week). It's actually a lot of fun
& again I can see myself playing it more than
the blockbuster retail/boxed games.

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To officially develop for a console it generally costs an arm and a leg to be able to purchase the development kit...

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