How Did You Find Spiderweb?

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AuthorTopic: How Did You Find Spiderweb?
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I found Exile and Exile 2 on one of those 1000 games CDs (like many others). It was the orginal versions of them, with the graphics by Jeff's old wife (the dark grey floor, red walls, and such).
I kept dying because back then I didn't really know what to do, so I couldn't find Tor to give me food, and ended up dying within Fort Avernum.

Back to the point, I then read the name of the site from the game, and came here, downloaded the new versions of Exile and such. Later I found out about Avernum, didn't like it at first, then got sucked into it, then found Geneforge etc etc etc.

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Jeff used to distribute his games through. Fantasoft. They're still around as far as I know.

Checked. Their site is still up, but I don't know if they're still active or what.

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I discovered Geneforge 1 and 2 through WildGames, which generally suck but sometimes they have decent games from other companies. I got Geneforge 4 when it came out, and immediately surrendered my sanity to the fluffy turtles. I just find Spiderweb games so much more intelligent than my previous game addiction, Blizzard. I love the open plots and interactivity, as opposed to the rigid linearity of games like Diablo.

Also I just finished reading that ridiculous "Attack of the Noobs" story by Dikiyoba. Loved it, but it took a few hours to read.

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Originally written by Drayk-ula:

Also I just finished reading that ridiculous "Attack of the Noobs" story by Dikiyoba. Loved it, but it took a few hours to read.
Yeah, a lot of us feel she is a bit wordy, and she has been listening to her fanboys. Check out episode 3 to see just how minimalist she has become. Episode 4 seems to be evidence of the author backsliding into verbosity, but it's not over yet. She still has time to tighten it up and release a nice short story.

Edit - Episode 3 seems to be lost! Has she become so strict in her editing that she can remove even the underlying file structure? What will the critics think?

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I got the GF1 demo on (Macworld?) CD back when it was released. Played it for a day, found it too complicated (I musts have been about 6 or 7), and stuck it in a folder somewhere on the computer. Some years later, I found it again, thought "Oh, I remember this game; didn't I think it was bad?"
Then I played it, promptly loved it and finished the demo very quickly.
Then I went SW's site, discovered GF2, and was delighted about it and downloaded the demo too along with the demos for all the other games.

For a while I had my hands full. Then I bought BoA and GF4, they are my two favorites.

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Originally written by Dikiyoba:

Originally by Nioca:

The only question is: would it work in reverse?
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