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So...apparently toshiba games is offering nearly all of your geneforge games through their system...Are you being paid royalties from this or are you being screwed over?
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That's indeed very strange... There is not even one link to Spiderweb for as far as I can see, and they only have a Windows version up there. Sounds suspicious to me...

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So, they take them and are offering them?
And Jeff isn't getting paid?

I am thinking that those guys are (censored)s and they want money, and don't care how they are hurting people.

Everyone does like cheaper.

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Hmmmmmmm.... you're talking about this

I find that surprising because its cheaper than the one on Spiderweb's website.

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I'm pretty sure that Jeff spread the first two Geneforge games around, sacrificing a little money for wider recognition. In fact, I wouldn't be here if he hadn't done that with Real Arcade.

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Nalyd found out about Spiderweb through "The Best of Mac Games 2000", when they had a Geneforge 1 demo in there.

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I found out about Spiderweb through Avernum by an old MacAddict disc when they still had some good games.

Edit: This whole Toshiba thing has to be illegal (if it's not, my life is a dream) because they didn't even cite Spiderweb. It'll probably be in the game, but still!

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I think that if you throw the name 'Toshiba' around, you're either legit or living dangerously. So they must have given Jeff a decent reason to offer his games to them, even when they then sell them at a discount. I can imagine a number of possibilities. I expect Jeff knows what he's doing, since it's his mortgage on the line.

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There was this disk thingy with a whole lot of demos of random things.

Exile III was among them.

I was about 6 years old, and I played it (with cheating).
I think my brother eventually got the full version.

Well, a few years later I saw my brother with what looked like it, but different.
He said it was a new version of Exile III called Avernum 3.

When it was started, you know of the whole Spidweb logo thingy.

Well one day I just randomly typed in "" and I found the website.

My brother one day (2005 or 2006) gave me A1-3 and G1-3. (I wondered what Geneforge was). And BoA.

Well, by now I beat all of those (in 2006) as well as A4 (summer 2006) and G4 (April or May 2007).

I think that pretty well describes my history with the games, I wonder how we got in this conversation.

Edit -and I will still buy Spiderweb games from their website, because it is risk-free and it supports the company better.

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The price you pay is dependent on how much effort it takes to get the game to you. Toshiba/wildgames is offering the download and key, which takes approximately zero effort in human terms. Jeff and crew offer CD, infinite keys and other support, bundled hint book. (Edit - wildgames offers a backup CD for $9 more, making the total $28.90. Jeff offers it for $31.00, making him 7.2% more expensive and still you get the unlimited support. So he gets limited competition, wider distribution, and money.)

You get what you pay for. And in this case, wildgames is paying Jeff for the right to distribute his game. It isn't the first time, and hopefully it won't be the last, since it widens the market considerably. For example, I never have bought a computer magazine, yet I downloaded E3 and then bought it.

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I discovered Spiderweb when Exile: Escape From the Pit first appeared on a MacAddict disc around 1995 or '96.

Anyway, Toshiba is a legitimate electronics company, so this isn't some group of pirate resellers or something. I guess they're finally offering some kind of direct-software service, too. Hmm, I wonder what the benefits of offering games through something like Gametap would be...

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I'm pretty certain Jeff and Toshiba Games would have reached a licensing agreement. Despite the lower price tag, Jeff gets market exposure he otherwise wouldn't. It's somewhat analogous to a U.S. pharmaceutical company marketing its brand product in other countries for vastly lower prices; sure, they're taking a price hit, but that's medication they're selling that they otherwise wouldn't be.
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But how is he widening his user base if his name isn't even attached to the game they offer?
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I assume the game itself is exactly the same, so the Spiderweb Software logo appears when the game starts up, and the name appears in a few other places as well.

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