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AuthorTopic: It's About Time
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Warcraft's matchmaking ladder system was far superior to SC battlenet, I'll be very disappointed if they change it back.

Guaranteed to blow your mind.

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I was really hoping for Diablo 3, but Starcraft 2 should be a good time. Here's to hoping it's laptop friendly and not too computer resource-intensive. :(
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I just hope they don't make it suck.

I remember when I used to play with a bunch of you guys.

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Man, if I still had a copy of that map, I'd be willing to try it again. :P
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Drew, Diablo 3 wouldn't have been such a good idea. I mean, having killed Diablo twice, not counting Mephisto and Baal, who's left to kill?

I'm happier about SC2 than I should be, seeing as it probably won't work on our poor 6 year old 400Mhz PPC. will have to pinch my brother's laptop... ^_^

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t Imban: I've got it. Name the time and place. :P

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I'll play it too. Just not anytime this week. :P Well, Thursday night, maybe.
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I always wanted to buy Starcraft, but I always forget when I'm in Reno (The super Wal-Mart in town doesn't have it for some reason).

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Originally written by Excalibur:

I always wanted to buy Starcraft, but I always forget when I'm in Reno (The super Wal-Mart in town doesn't have it for some reason). is your friend. I will not post the URL due to UBB's idiosyncrasies.

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If you haven't seen it, Blizzard have released a video of some of the gameplay. Having watched it it makes me look forward to the game even more.

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