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Probably not. It's a mod thing, along with a great many other mod-only things.

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Like getting to go to the Floating Island of Mandango when they die... I mean, come on, an eternity of wine and women, why wouldn't someone want to go there

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Originally written by This is prompt.:

—Alorael, who brings you this history hour on behalf of the murky days before the PPP recorded everything for posterity.
Thanks, I knew i had good portions of that bad, but i didn't know it was approximately half.
However, it was close to how i heard it (partially form TM, and partially from someone else) And i think i guessed at the Ikonboard thing, so my bad at that.

And thinking back on it, it wasn't Imban but it was somebody who very much reminded me of him and im not sure why. :/

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