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Avin paced. He was getting nervous from waiting. As he paced, he was planning what he was going to do. He discarded the idea of fighting Geltor's army quickly. It would likely leave him weak when he faced Geltor himself. No, he would leave that to James and his forces. He would go right for Geltor. One quick, surgical strike to banish Geltor back to the nether realms. One-on-one, him versus Avin. Yes, that could do it. Seoth might even be able to help him, assuming he wasn't busy with the army of demons as well. Avin continued pacing, then drew his sword experimentally spun it vertically once. His years with the Ishnu had been beneficial indeed; before, he wouldn't have even considered wielding a sword. Now, he could use it like a seasoned veteran. There were others that were certainly better, but it definitely was enough to put up a good offensive. Avin still paced, though his now-drawn weapon was alarming some of the brave townsfolk that had decided to cautiously look around at the carnage of rodents. Avin's pacing took him past the temple, where he caught a glimpse of... Serena?

He stared at her, and instantly knew her for what she was: an illusion. This was probably the demon that killed her. And he saw that the demon was staring right back. They both knew each other for what they were. He could see terror and hatred growing in the demon's eyes, as it waited for him to make the first move. Avin seriously considered going after the demon and striking it down here and now. But common sense ruled out, and he strided past without so much as a comment. He headed for the city walls, and climbed onto them. He saw that James's forces appeared to be rallying and headed towards Kirwood. He saw his tribe in the distance, departing quickly. And he saw an unusual, fiery form detaching itself from a nearby forest. He suddenly felt a surge of energy nearby, unholy energy of incredible proportions. He quickly got down from the walls, and again twirled his sword. Glancing around, he thought he saw the white-haired woman again, but when he got a good look, she was nowhere to be seen. Avin hoped she wouldn't get involved in the battle. He adjusted his thoughts back to the impending battle, then, focusing on an enchantment, he channeled holy energy into his blade. It was temporary, but it'd be enough. Yellow conduits of energy flowed up and down the blade, weaving in eccentric patterns. He braced himself for what was to come.

The battle had begun.

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"So let me get this straight," James spoke, "You've been in love with me since the day we've met." "Pretty much," Minoko said as she continued to embrace James. "We're going most likely going to die soon and you're just now telling me this," James exclaimed, "You really should have thought that out better." "And you shouldn't be an oblivious moron who can't see the obvious," Minoko interjected. "I fail to see how that was obvious," James said. Minoko just stared at James with a look of great amazement and said, "You have got to be the dumbest man ever. There were all kinds of clues you should have picked up, such as that time I gave you that swimsuit calender that only featured me." "Yeah, that was kinda nice," James interrupted. "Or when I would just sit and listen to you talk about whatever was on your mind, including Suki, whom I still hate by the way," continued Minoko, "Then there were all those times that I would wrap my hands around you and just hold you." "Okay, I get it. I couldn't figure out that you have feelings for me, despite all the obvious signs," James said with some agitation, "Can we just skip to the part where you devise a grand strategy to destroy my enemies, leaving us free to sell the video of it for large sums of money?"

Minoko looked in James's eyes, smiled, and said, "Gladly. Now, most of my military strength is currently guarding Solaris. However, Joshua, Kesh, and Ryan are in the area. Combined with Lotus, who's been spying on you for me by the way, they should be able to handle the demon army long enough for us to take care of Geltor, unless for some reason he doesn't bring the army out, then we'll have my people aid us in the major fight. With your two strongest people gone, we're at a big disadvantage in that he is stronger than both of us put together. You really should have taken him down sooner, by the way. Fortunately, I have a plan. While you fight Geltor, I will work on our 'Fail-Safe Emergency Contingency Backup Plan,' or 'FSEC BuP' for short, which should take him out if you fail to do it. That would be our main plan if it didn't have so many complex rituals that require great amounts of time and energy. With any luck you will be joined by some others and can take him down and we won't need it, but if not, we won't completely be SoL. If there are no questions, let's go."

Since James had no questions, the pair went outside the fortress where an army of scantily clad women and large lizards of varying colors was slowly being created, appearing as though they were just willed into existence, by Kesh and Ryan. While this was going on, Joshua was polishing his sword, steadily thinking of when his younger days. This was to be his fifth battle against a large army of demons within his life time. This time would be no easier than the others, despite how much experience he had. Even if the army did not show up during the battle against the demon god, they would still need to be wiped out, as all demons needed to be. Now that his blade was in perfect working order, Joshua ventured to the nearby Kirkwood to scout the area and make sure the civilians were evacuated to safety before all hell broke loose.

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Seoth stood on the city wall, his tattered cloak flapping around his stained skeletal form. He watched with the eyes of the storm, casting his vision to the winds. Most of the things he saw were completely uninteresting. Refugees fleeing the blighted land and the demon horde. Incompetent warriors, trying to make heroes of themselves, staunchly defending their dying homes. The forest. . . burning. . .

Krasonva! The clouds gathered over the raging forest, attempting to quench the fires of her anger. They were the fires of her insanity, and they did not go quietly. Nightmarish creatures, born from her twisted mind, ripped themselves out of the blaze, only to consume themselves in their heat. Those that survived were destroyed. . . Purged, by Krasonva herself.

Seoth steadied himself on the battlements. She shot her heat, her angered mentality, up to meet his clouds. The rain became acid, and the clouds began to shred themselves into nothingness. Seoth threw his power recklessly into the rain, trying to quench the fire raging out of control.

He caught himself in a moment of introspection. People would die in that blaze, mostly innocent, weak people. . . But Seoth felt assured in the other gods' ability to destroy Geltor. With the demon god gone, then a force would be removed from the intricate scale of Balance. Their deaths would help recoup that loss, to a point.

A guard walked stiffly past Seoth. The mortal didn't notice the blatantly there god. He even stepped a bit to the side in passing him, without knowing why.


"The death of the village was necessary, dearest!" Seoth said plaintively. Callia walked quickly away, tears staining the white of her dress.

"I do not care. Your Balance means nothing to me. Not even the gods are perfect, and that includes you! Those people died without knowing why, and I am beginning there is a reason beyond your sadism! They are - were - more than weights on a scale, Seoth!"

Seoth looked after her with pain. He walked back, away from her, to the stony chambers of the Balance.

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Coutal was walking quickly down an alley way.
Joshua "Serena I heard you were killed." Joshua runs up to Coutal. Coutal waits till Joshua reachs him.
Joshua What... Coutal launchs himself at Joshua at the same time pulling out his daggers. Joshua seizes Coutal's arm only for it disolve in his grip. Coutal's dagger falls to the ground makeing a clanking noise. Joshua draws his sword and with pure rage he turns to strike Coutal down but only hits air. Coutal is not to be seen.

Joshua "Where are you Demon? I should warn you I'm know as the demon hunter. You have killed you last person and seen your last sunrise."

A pebble fell off a building and Josuha blasts it with a powerful bolt of energy causeing the nearby building to collaspe. Suddenly he feels a sharp pain in his side and falls to his knees. He regains his footing and turns around and Coutal had already hidden himself.
Joshua "Come out demon show yourself and face your death with dignity" In anger Joshua stars blasting the near by buildings causing several to collapse.
Coutal takes the oppurtunity to launchs himself at Joshua. However Joshua is prepapred and is 20 feet up when Coutal reachs where he was and Joshua comes down on him with his sword drawn. He seizes Coutal by throat and pins him against the ground and stabs Coutal through the belly. Coutal Gets leverage with his legs and manages to kick Joshua off him, smashing him through the wall. Both combats rise to their feet as fast as possible. Joshua gets over to Coutal with suprising speed and is on top of him in a moment. His hand glows with the energy of a spell ready to blast Coutal into an oblivioan.

A large blast rolls through the area nocking most people off their feet formed by the air beign displaced by the portal. Joshua turns to look at what it was and when he looks back Coutal is gone.

Joshua I'll get you Coutal either now or later He decided its time to meet back up with Minko and headed off.
--------------back at the town square-------------
A portal had open up and the demons marched out into town square in an unusually ordered fashion
--------------Back at Geltor's base---------------
Geltor is geting ready to step through the gate he makes one last look at his base. He takes a look at his demon orb the one James gave it him.
Geltor "intresting this orb has been tampered with. I'll leave it here" Geltor summons a sword one side elemental flame and the other elmental water. Demonstrating his mastery of water as well as fire. He steps through the portal and joins his army.

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