Geneforge 4 - 9.41 (9.9/8.8)

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AuthorTopic: Geneforge 4 - 9.41 (9.9/8.8)
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The long-awaited rate topic for G4 is here.

Haven't played it yet myself, though.

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This game was truly great. I already loved the Geneforge engine, this one was improved. I already loved the Geneforge plot, this one delved deeper into it. Great characters, great battles.

I took away one tenth of a point because it didn't have as many faction as the first or second game. It meant less variety and and a slightly more closed ending. I took away another tenth of a point so I didn't rate it as high as my favorite Geneforge game.

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The best game I've yet played. Great story, and great systems.
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9.9. It used characters from previous games, and what's more, the leaders actually led stuff.

But the charged creations. . . Well, they sucked.

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It was just very cool, and quite better than previous Geneforge games, but I don't like that the shapers are like spies and they can, and must, do almost every big quest that the rebels to win the game. Except that in the last text box you are supposed to pick the "Destroy the Unbound option".
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G4 was a good, solid game -- like every spidweb game. It improved on many of the flaws of its predecessors. Less captivating than it could have been, and definitely not top tier among spidweb games, but better than almost every recent offering. It earns points in particular for building NPC characters, restoring balanced gameplay (at least mostly) and expanding class and creation options mildly.


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I'll give it a 9.0 since it is one of the best Geneforge games. Still not as great as Avernum, Exile, or Nethergate, but it made me play it several times.
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Geneforge 4: Rebellion

The most ambitious of GF games, and an incremental improvement on its predecessors in terms of graphic refinements, new spells, creats and classes, broader scale and more attention to the bilinear plot. A more interesting and more morally involved plot than Avernum 4, and a lot of the engine tedium of Geneforge 3 removed.

One slight drawback is the lack of transparency of the reputation score, which can be major pain, and some actions do seem to have a disproportionate effect on your reputation (completing a minor quest may give you +/- 2-3 while siding with one side in a major part of the plot is only +/- 4-5).

Nonetheless, quibbles aside, this is still a great game. I'll give it 9.5

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100 billion.

Realistically? 9.9. I wanted the rothizon.

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I've only finished it once, so I haven't seen everything, but I think I've seen enough to rate it. I think I'll give it what I gave G1--a 9.0. It had a different and solid plot, a great inventory system, good combat, shock troopers, and a fairly dynamic world. That said, I can't rate it any higher. Burwood was totally uninteresting and the Trakovite viewpoint was a bit too obvious in the one ending (unleashing the Unbound) I've gotten so far.

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