Girls: would you prefer to lay eggs?

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AuthorTopic: Girls: would you prefer to lay eggs?
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Originally written Enraged Slith:

Could we genetically enhance women to lay golden eggs instead? If this is the case, then I'm in favor of the egg laying.
But if every woman laid a golden egg every month, golden eggs (and all gold, really) would be virtually worthless.

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Maybe the surgery would cost more than the cumulative worth of all the eggs.

Ooh, scary thought. Women captured and forced to work in "Egg plantations".

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Unless we're surgically implanting alchemy too, the women would also have to consume that much gold, making the exercise largely pointless.

—Alorael, who supposes it's a way to get around mercury and potatoes for extracting gold...
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Egg planations? Sir, you have gone too far! I could have settled with forcing women to eat rocks to extract the necessary gold, but plantations? Surely you could have come up with a good euphemism for it, like "gold nursery" or "field of droppings."

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[This wasn't funny, it was offensive. I apologize. I'm stopping this before I take another bad joke a little too far.]

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