My Birthday ..Old!!!

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AuthorTopic: My Birthday ..Old!!!
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61 today folks...Would like to try Geneforge 4 but it's not out for windows yet...I'm 61 and get as excited as i did when i first played pong..
Some kids never grow up i guess..i'll be playing when i'm 80..Hell..i belong to a seniors guild in guild Wars....
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Many happy returns Fenwick! It's nice to know that using computers won't kill me before I reach 60. :)

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Awesome, an OG. Original Gamer.

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Wow, Fenwik. That's cool. I didn't know we had any "OGs" among us.

Happy Birthday. :)

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Happy birthday, Fenwik! It's good to know no-one ever gets old enough to outgrow Spiderweb games!

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thanks all..hope i never get to old.
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Happy birthday, Fenwik! Maybe G4 can be a late birthday present.

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Originally written by Fenwik:

thanks all..hope i never get to old.
There's no such thing as too old, at least with regards to gaming. Happy birthday, fenwik!

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Happy Birthday.

You are not old, it's the rest of us that are too young. I hope I'm still gaming when I'm your age.

You'll enjoy Geneforge 4 when it's finally out for Windows.
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Thanks all....
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