Praying for God's forgiveness even now...

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AuthorTopic: Praying for God's forgiveness even now...
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Huh, I can't hear the music. Is there something wrong with my pc or did Lenar take it out of the website? Great, now I feel like hearing that song.
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I don't mean to toot my own horn, but i don't really think that Shadow Vale should be in the BoA Designers category. Yes, I am designing a scenario, but the site belongs in Fan Sites with Major Resources category. I wouldn't consider it as great a site as TMU or KPPP, but I have a some resources unrelated to BoA.

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Originally by Marlenny:

Huh, I can't hear the music. Is there something wrong with my pc or did Lenar take it out of the website? Great, now I feel like hearing that song.
Lenar took it down. Unfortunately, I only heard a few seconds of the song while it was still up so I can't tell you which one it was, but I recognized it as one of these songs.

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Originally written by Thin Air:

Originally written by Thuryl:

Hooray! Wikipedia provides enlightenment for the lazy!

Thankyou. I liked its etymology.

If you really want to sound like you know what you're talking about, note that it's only found in Homer and epic or mock-epic situations (including certain scenes of Aeschylus's tragedies).

Or just spell it "kydus" and pronounce it "kye-dus," which is how it would be if it had gone through all the appropriate sound changes.

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*memorises what Kel said, just in case*

Unfortunately, I don't think anyone else would know what I was talking about.

Originally written by Dikiyoba:

This topic is actually a rather fortunate coincidence for me. Kydus to the first person who can figure out why.


I think this is really wonderful.
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The link to my website. Have fun with it.

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Hah! It lives again… but probably not for long.

Just saying, I made some changes on my site. Lenar, I have a new format, so… yeah, it doesn't look like your site anymore.

I also added some stuff. I put in a couple of character scripts (oh goodie… *eye roll*) that may or may not be original ideas, but I made them from basicnpc, so bear with me. I might have put in some more graphics. Not sure though. Check it out, if you givadam.

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