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AuthorTopic: Your musical tastes
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Old American Country
Classic Rock
Some Metal
Spanish music
Modern German rock

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Lock all the doors
In case I’m attacked.”
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The only Metallica album I own is "...And Justice For All", an album with lyrics focusing on various injustices in America. My favorite songs from that album are "One" (Guitar World magazine listed this in the top 10 in their 100 Greatest Guitar Solos list), "Blackened", and "Shortest Straw", but they're all good. Other than that, "Enter Sandman", "Sanitarium", and "Fade To Black" (featuring the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra) are among their most popular.

I also listen to Pantera, but you may want to ease into metal before listening to them. They're not very melodic, but they're still good.

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death meatel is the beast!!! :eek:
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Originally written by Dark chaos:

death meatel is the beast!!! :eek:
This is one of the funnier posts I've read on Spiderweb. You, sir, deserve an award.

EDIT: This may not have been intentional. That saddens me. :(

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The question is, is it a typo for "best", or is it "the beast" as in "666"?

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Iron Maiden would be nice to start with.

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I like classical music. :D The reason I don't listen to my favourite classical CD is because it is broken. :(
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Originally written by Aussieavernum:

I like classical music. :D The reason I don't listen to my favourite classical CD is because it is broken. :(
what was on the CD?

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