how did you find out about spiderweb games?

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AuthorTopic: how did you find out about spiderweb games?
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this question has probobly been asked before but i didn't see a similar thread anyware + i'm a newb so i hope to be excused if it already exists somewhere else.

anyways i was just curious to know...
when and where?
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It has been asked before, but I found out years ago when the A1 demo was on a MacAddict CD.

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Excellent question - the answers would surely be helpful to Spiderweb.

I came across an ancient copy of Blades of Exile, or maybe it was Escape from the Pit, in one of those CD collections of PC games. I was looking for some small games for my son (Why does every commercial computer game for kids revolve around shapes and letters??? Can't kids just play for fun? - it still teaches mouse skills and hand-eye coordination, end of rant).

Anyway, the Spiderweb game was packaged with several hundred mostly useless shareware games. I played it (finding it as cheesy as it was addictive) and came to the web site to see what else is there. Found a treasure trove of the sort of rainy-day games I like to play - unfortunately, my son is still stuck playing Winnie The Pooh counting games.
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Hurrah for the appearance of a bi-monthly topic.
I found E1/E2 demos on some game collection CD. E1 was about the first computer game I ever got really into. Then, years later, when I could actually purchase them, I found them again.

Edit: And totally randomly, out of pure curiosity is AM still around?

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Well, since I haven't been around for the previous ones:
I first came across Exile 3 on a demo cd. It was in the latter half of the 90s. Long story short: bought the Exile trilogy cd, liked it, have bought every Spidweb game since (well, except BoE).
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hah same as me then. didn't expect that!

...i remember it as if it was yesterday. i was about 11 years old and living in sweden when my father came back from a business trip in london with the most recent copy of "PC ZONE" magazine brought over just for me :] the demo disc had Blades of Exile on it and when i started playing i was immediately hooked. my sister and i took about 3 days to finish the "Valley of dying things" scenario... such n00bs haha! Blades of Exile was my first ever RPG and boy was it sweet. I naturally went on after that and downloaded all the games but it took about an hour on the good old dial-up at a cost of 20kr an hour. i was banned from the computer a few days later :[
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Dikiyoba, too, found a demo of a Spiderweb Software game on a free CD stuffed full of shareware games, some little and complete, some large and demos. Only in Dikiyoba's case it was A2, not any of the Exile games.

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It was either "PC Gamer" or "PC Magazine" or something similar. A friend gave me one of the bonus CDs, and A3 was the only game my archaic PC could play.

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I remember that I first surfed on Spiderweb's site early in 2001, because that's when I found Blades of Exile and the Avernum series.

I found Exile III on a shareware CD of a German computer magazine named c't; it was probably in 2000 because I had no problems with English then, and I only really learned English late in 1999.

I suppose I could pinpoint the exact date by looking through the magazine's archive (which they keep online, apparently) and finding the issue with that CD, but I can't be bothered right now. I need to catch a train, see.

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I found Exile 2/3 on a shareware CD.

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I first heard of Exile when an acquaintance was talking about it very shortly after E1 was made. It went in one ear and got lodged somewhere near the other ear.

That would have been the end of Exile except that I, too, encountered E1 on a CD of many shareware and freeware offerings. I remembered hearing about it and decided to try it. I think I truly fell in love the first time I heard the "uh-ee!" death squeek.

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I was searching for games back in the 90's and ran across Exile 3 when it first appeared. So, for me it was an internet search, not a PC Gamer CD.

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I got one of those freeware/shareware demo CDs for my birthday back in 1997. Discovered E2 on it in 2000, didn't actually look for the company until 2002.
And I've been hooked ever since.

The Silent Assassin has just reminded me as to why I looked for the company. He wanted to finish E2 more than I did.

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I also found Exile 3 on a huge CD full of worthless sharware games. E2 was on there too, interestingly enough, with the old graphics even.

Anyway, as soon as I got the Internet, I eventually found my way to this site, lurked around for a while, and joined here.

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Originally written by Nicothodes:

It has been asked before, but I found out years ago when the A1 demo was on a MacAddict CD.
Exactly the same for me.
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Originally written by MacProject:

Originally written by Nicothodes:

It has been asked before, but I found out years ago when the A1 demo was on a MacAddict CD.
Exactly the same for me.

Same, except it was A2. All hail MacAddict!

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My first spidweb game was Exile 3 off of yet another demo cd back in like 2000.No sooner then I start wondering where I could find the first two my dad comes in saying "Andrew I found these two games that you might like" and as luck would have it there they were.

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Played E3 and E2 on a shareware CD, back in 2000. At least, I think that was the year.

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wow it was a long long time ago when i found my first spiderweb game... i was still at home back then and my older brother came for a visit and he showed me this great little game called exile.... back then like most families with computers we used dail-up and when i played the copy my brother gave me i went to the website to see what was there... and what do you know exile 3 was soon to come out... so i followed all the games... wow so long ago so many good memories.. i mean it was fun with fireball and all those area spells. thats just what avernum is missing. the old exile area spells like forcefield and the barriers... so much fun so much fun oh well time to look to the future

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I saw a post on the AmbrosiaSW forums about the release of A1, and I decided to give it a try. Ah, the good old days, where you could make a band with 4 mages who could cast lightning spray from the start...

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I downloaded a copy of Realmz around 1994ish, and a copy of Exile 1.0 came as part of the stuffit archive. Spidweb had some kind of distribution and marketing deal with Fantasoft at the time.

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I got the original Exile from one of the many shovelware CD's of the day promoting the 'benefits' of Windows 95. EftP (and a little game called Doom), were the only two games out of the several hundred worth playing.
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I found my first spiderweb game from a service called Realarcade. It had G1 avalible for download, and I was caught. It had the offical website on the menu, and so endth my tale.

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All these CD finds! Well I ran across E1, E2, E3 all around the same time. It happened when I ws really into downloading game demos. They just happened to be one of the many I downloaded, starting with E1.

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The first Spiderweb game I played was A2. I got the demo off some list of shareware games on a website.

Ahhh, A2.... the good old days. A pure work of genius, A2.

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