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AuthorTopic: Software Piracy!
Shock Trooper
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Does anyone know any decent games with the pirate sort of thing going on, y'know, peg leg, hook, eyepatch, Guybrush Threepwood, that sort of thing.

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If you're not averse to online games, I've heard good things about Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates.

Also, Sid Meier's Pirates!

What is it with pirate games and exclamation points? I do not know.

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Pirates are just awesome and cool like that. Seriously.

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Perhaps they just talk loudly.


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CarrSoft has some shareware. I was originally just going to recommend Treasure Island, but they seem to have other pirate-related games as well.'s_Plunder[/url] is some kind of game where you move around on a blue grid trying to find treasure while avoiding sea monsters. Having a VRT screen (with a glass cover you can make non-permanent marks on) helps, as does having a good memory.

There is another one called "Ar(r*)gh! The Pirate Game", (the Ar(r*)gh is a regular expression implying any number of r's). However, I haven't yet found it again. Mainly because of the Arrgh thing.


I had all these perhaps 8-9 years ago on my computer, when I briefly had a "pirate game" phase. They're all quite simple, but they're entertaining in a way.

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Monkey Island! I think you already knew that, though. The era of the point and click adventure was truly a golden age of piracy.

The Escape Velocity series has pirates, but they have fewer peg-legs and more Thunderheads and EMP torpedoes.

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Pirates > Ninjas

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You > Go burn.

Ninja power!

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Pirates are the ultimate. Pirates could take down ninjas anyday. At this stage I'd like to point out that both me and my girlfriend are pirates, and proudly so. For those of you who are unsure as to what sides cooler there is an actual site about the question
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There are more pirates out there in the world than ninjas.

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yes when i first saw the title of this topic i thought it would be about that ,thankfully it wasnt

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I have dreadlocks and a kilt. I look a bit like Jack Sparrow.

Kilt Wearing Scottish Ninjas. Watch the trailer.

However, many pirates were misplaced Scots trying to make their way in the world.

I could be either. Or both.

I do know one thing. I am called the "Ninja of the Nasty." A little known dirty secret. You can trap a fart in the many pleats and folds of 27 feet of fabric wrapped around your middle. You can carefully edge your way in to a crowd and fluff your pleats, and instantly poison everybody.

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A pirate game? What would you do? Terrorize other ships for treasure that's used as currency to upgrade your ship to the ultimate terror of the seas?

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Originally written by ben ben:

A pirate game? What would you do? Terrorize other ships for treasure that's used as currency to upgrade your ship to the ultimate terror of the seas?
Um... yes.

There's a new MMO coming out sometime, Pirates of the Burning Seas, if that's your sort of thing. Being a pirate fan, myself, I'd like to try it out. All sorts of scurvy afoot!

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You could also get a sega Mega Drive (or Genesis as it's called in the US) emulator and play Pirates Gold. Thats a pretty fun game.
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Well, I typically use Acquisition- a Mac OSX client for the Gnutella network- or BitTorrent. Of course, to pirate Spidweb products...
Oh, right. Nevermind.


Originally written by demonslaeyr:

All sorts of scurvy afoot!
Likely so, but I'm not sure why you would want any.

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I had a sudden urge to point out a nice little fact about ninjas: they have never really assasinated anyone, and the two attempts of doing so failed spectacularly. Stories about silent killers of the night are nothing more than myths. Their real task was to sabotage enemy encampments and cause disturbance during night time. And they didn't really wear fancy black suits either; those were invented much later, and were actually used in theatres. And not by ninjas. I would explain more, but my english vocabulary isn't sufficient for the task.

This information was taken from an article about japanese history I read a while ago. I don't remember exactly where that article was, but most propably it was in a relatively recent Tiede-magazine (Science).

Pirates, on the other hand, have really existed (and continue to exist, in some form or another) and they have really had peglegs and eyepads. So, judging by historical facts, pirates win.

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Have you played Monkey Island 2? I think it's even better than the first.

Apparently still annoying.
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Shock Trooper
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I've played Monkey Island I & II. Great pair of games those. I would play III and whatever else came out since I last checked, but I'm sort of cash strapped at the moment.

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Mongolian Barbeque
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I think a blunderbuss — filled with bent nails, dead men's teeth, and suchlike — would take care of any ninja within blast range. Heck, the pirate could even shoot the shuriken back at the ninja!
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Shock Trooper
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Or you could just fill the blunderbuss with lead shot. Really, the only appeal of shooting somebody with bent nails and dead men's teeth is the likelyhood of giving them an infection.

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The main strength of the blunderbuss as I understand it — based on what I heard on the History Channel show Conquest with Peter Woodward — is that it could fire just about any object you could put in it. Since pirates often had to make do with what they had, just about the only ammunition they had at any given time was just about any object you could put in it. Most pirates were dirt poor, and constantly on the verge of starvation, and getting supplies legitimately was difficult, so they depended on random theft to gain supplies, and they'd end up with random supplies. Imagine their dismay when they successfully kill the crew of a ship, and find nothing in the cargo hold but row on row of books.
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