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AuthorTopic: What car
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Okay, so I'm almost that age. I've got a problem here. Well, I guess you can say that. I've been thinking either a hatchback solara or a tsunami celica. Right now I'm going more along the lines of the celica. And if you didnt know, theyre both toyotas. So what do you think I should get. =\ :cool:

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A 1979 Chevy Impala.

Try not to hurt anyone. The tank I referenced above will keep you safe, and after 5-7 years of experience you might try something a little sportier.

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'69 Ford Mustang Fastback, and paint it red-orange.

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The tank mentioned above is highly unlikely to keep you as safe as practically any modern car. Furthermore, being a tank, it will handle like a tank - not the most comfortable position to be in if (when) you get into trouble.

That said, the number of kids that wipe themselves out driving a car that is too much for them to handle is without number. And those kids all thought that they were hot stuff - the people who know they need more practice aren't the ones that get themselves in trouble.

At least the two cars you are looking at are both FWD.
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ADoS is on the right track, and if you're lucky, you might grow to a trike!

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I prefer two wheels, it's easier to keep a balance.

I'm old enough for driving lessons, but lack the resources to take them, to acquire a car, and especially to supply it with fuel at the current rate. Also, the former is better for the environment. :)

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2002 Impala. Comparable to Toyota or Honda in quality. Drives better, more spacious. Not stolen as much. Better crash rating. Nice discount right now. Not quite as reliable as Toyota or Honda, but warranty is solid. A thought, I crashed into a toyota RAV4, no one was injured, they had to write off the RAV4 as unfixable, my Impala went to the shop and was fixed in four days without problems.

Almost bought Honda CRV, but the dealer was a sleaze, did the standard I'll hold your deposit $500 for speaking to me. We don't have any in stock it is going fast. You'll have to wait a month... It is a very nice car if you want a four wheel drive vehicle.

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I'll back up the Impala - Given the mass of the vehicle, and provided you're seatbelted in, it will keep you pretty safe, because modern cars won't be able to stop it.

They don't make'em like they used to.

That aside, your best bet is to go with something a.) a little fuel efficient, and b.) expendable, like a classic teenager beater car - an old Honda Civic or Volvo 240. They're not expensive to replace if you get in an accident, and correspondingly not too expensive to insure with just liability coverage, which will still be pretty high no matter what for a teenage male.

Of course, your parents may be bankrolling you on this one, which though unfortunate for you and them IMO, can be fun. In that case, go ahead and celebrate your lack of responsibility with something fun and fast.

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Originally written by Jumpin' Salmon:

A 1979 Chevy Impala.

This was exactly my first car! (Well, Ok the body was a 77 but the engine was a 79.) I loved that boat. Terrible shame the transmission kept going out, the engine was just too big. The cloth seats were pretty ragged too by the time I gave it up. I could sit at a stop sign and pump my brakes and get the car to rock side to side without going anywhere, it was great!

Also the same car that I was rearended in as stated in the most embarassing thread and (the car) got out of without a scratch.

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okay. what you need is the famous TOYOTA PICKNICK !!!!! Its a really nice very small car and that the name contains food (well actually not, but it refers to food) is also something good.

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retro 1969 hippy tour bus!!!! :D :D :D IMAGE(http://www.artman-neuman.com/images/slidesgreen/193sg-vw-hippy-bus.gif)

What Flag?

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Originally written by The Ghost of Jewels:

Originally written by Jumpin' Salmon:

A 1979 Chevy Impala.
Also the same car that I was rearended in as stated in the most embarassing thread and (the car) got out of without a scratch.

Yes. This is why that car was great. I broke through 5 fence posts without hurting one. Much.

As far as the driving like a tank response, that is the whole point. Until you have years of experience, you need to drive consistently and reliably so that you can learn how other drivers react to moves you make. Being in a tank makes it very difficult to swerve in and out of traffic, therefore less likely to cause an accident.

If you feel the need to drive a crotch rocket, go with a friend to a race track and rent some time there. Most states have tracks where you can pay money to use the facility. One thing you accomplish is learning what movement a car can handle, and what it can't. People do get seriously injured and killed on these tracks, just like on the road, so be careful.

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