Kung Fu and Fantasy Challenge

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I have the steel leg of doom and know the eighteen power kicks, I have passed the tunnel of testing, the 36 trials of Shao Lin, beaten the jumping kung fu vampire, knocked down the wooden men, taken the 36 blows with iron shod staff, faced the devil ninja lich, walked the iron demons mountain pass, passed through the river of death, beaten the white haired snake witch. Face me if you can.

What kung fu/fantasy challenges have you faced? Beat me if you can.

Wasting your time and mine looking for a good laugh.

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You fool! Your kung fu is no match for the fact that I have a life. :P


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I've conquered the second biggest city of the world, commanded an army of 10 000 orcs, saved the day (and the princess) and transformed my own body to a gigantic teleporter leading to the moon. I've also had my ass kicked by an army of 20 000 elite elf warriors, been eaten by an emerald slime and been kidnapped by an ugly black knight.

I'm also a creator and supreme god of several different worlds, but that's completely irrelevant.

Go on.

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I stubbed my toe today, and fighting through the tears, successfully managed to take the rubbish out.

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Thus endeth this post.
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I mastered the Infinite Armies of the Indestructable Elmo +5's

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I had the pittyfull chicken of doom for dinner, conquered the complete egg planet and ate its citizens and went back to earth with my feathercraft.

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I've traveled the infinite multiverses to many wondrous places: dream land, the Mountains of Madness, Tinky Winky Land, Hyperboria, The River Styx, Candy Land, Utopia, Gondwanaland, Mars, The Hidden Library of Confucius, Earthsea, the Nine Hells, The Hollow Earth, and The House of Infinite Doors. I have seen the Crystal Skull, Read the Emerald Tablets, Visited Skull Keep, Seen Stonehenge, been to the library where the last copy of every forgotten book resides, climbed Mount Olympos on Mars, and walked through the magical gates to the star road. I am far traveled.

Wasting your time and mine looking for a good laugh.

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Would defeating a legion of kung fu cows and defeating the King Moo Moo in a life or death battle be considered a kung fu fantasy challenge?

Sorry, I was watching Kung Pow: Enter The Fist...

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I dated your mom.
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I care about this topic.

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I killed this topic.
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