What school group do you go to?

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AuthorTopic: What school group do you go to?
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Second year of college also!

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What is this 'real world' people keep mentioning?
I've heard someone mention this 'real world' place before too, but I don't think I've ever visited the place. From what I hear, it's this place where you have to get a job, and be independent and stuff. Or maybe it's a night club.

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Originally written by Benny Boy:

is was fun or scary.
I guess you eventually found out it [high school] was both. Rather like Spiderweb in fact, but with less free time. And marginally more sanity, though not much...

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Originally written by Student of Trinity:

I guess I have to say that I am approaching my 21st straight year of college. What is this 'real world' people keep mentioning?
SoT, are you in Germany now? It's good to see you posting again.
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Senior year of high school, still got a week before school starts here.

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Freshman in high school. My first day today. It stunk... Though, my English teacher is a compleate riot.

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Third year o' college. First day of school today. This is going to be one heck of a year.

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Wherever you go, it's going to be hectic. Although I shouldn't talk because I have until the 12th.

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Originally written by Arancaytar:

Originally written by Benny Boy:

is was fun or scary.
I guess you eventually found out it [high school] was both. Rather like Spiderweb in fact, but with less free time. And marginally more sanity, though not much...

Well, I have yet to experience much of the scary part, and have had mostly the fun part which is good. It's better the less sanity, though, especially when the teacher isn't much more sane than the kids.

Anyway, the homework is quite easy and I've never had more fun. So.


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I'm in Canada right now visiting family. I won't be in country until next week. My brother in law has a convenient wireless network, so I'm checking out the Airport feature on my wife's new iBook. We'll probably have to go wireless. Pathetic, really, how you can have technology that Charlemagne would have considered miraculous, and then suddenly it's intolerably primitive to clutter your desktop with cables.

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3rd year of college. I'll probably go to graduate school after that...

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In England things are a bit different. We have Primary School from 5 - 11, then Secondary School from 11 - 16. After that you can go to either College (for 2 or 3 years) or Sixth Form (usually 2 years). After that, it's University. Only Primary and Secondary schools are compulsary.

I'm in my second year of Sixth Form, studying for my A Levels.

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I'm starting Y10 on Tuesday.

Only a few more years to go!

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I've decided studying at home a few months ago, and begun studying a month ago - when I received my first course - for the last grade of the secondary school.

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