what is YOUR fav band or type of music

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AuthorTopic: what is YOUR fav band or type of music
Shock Trooper
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I don't listen to music often, and I don't prefer one type of music over all others, but at the time the memory card in my PDA has mostly Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith in it's music folder.

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Shock Trooper
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I like lots of stuff, it's listed here for your viewing pleasure.

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Blink-182 is my favorite band. Then Rage Against the Machine. Quite a difference, I know...

And as most of you know, my favorite genres are as follows: punk(and variations), emo(and variations), and post-modern rock.

By the way... anyone notice my absense the last couple days? Hmm, hmm?

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SyStEm oF a DoWn!!

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polaris c'mon you know you want to
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Originally written by Grape slime:

EDIT: blank dident mean to post here i clicked on rong threed
Um, by any chance did you mean to say:
"didn't mean to post here I clicked on the wrong thread"?? Thought so
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Originally written by Imban:

I like listening to emo music and crying in the corner. Where it's dark. ._.
You, my friend, need electrickery and prozac. That or a rifle. Emo music deserves to be consigned to the eternal void along with old shoes, powdered milk and Courtney Love.

{And yes, electrickery is a word.)

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Thus endeth this post.
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No, electrickery is not a word, although it has been used as one. It is a relevant death metal band, apparently. Just the thing to get you off emo.

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I'd say mine are -
Led Zep
Powerman 5000
The Beatles

And of course, Six Gun Lover , the recent winner of the New Zealand Battle of the Bands

A video of Wither (which is essentially 6 Gun Lover with a different bassist) can be found Here

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