I love Spiderwebgames because ...

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AuthorTopic: I love Spiderwebgames because ...
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Please continue the sentence above ^

My reasons to favour SW-games:
... because they run on Mac and don't need too much storage.
... they are easy to play by mouse.
... they are democratic shareware.
... they make sense.
... they are far away from mainstream.
And of course I adore the possibilities of the BoA editor tool though I have not used it yet.

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Nostalgia. There are few places I can find that in this world anymore.

The critics agree!

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... you are able to kill massive amounts of people without others caring.

And everybody say....Yatta!
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Democratic shareware? :P

...because Spiderweb games are awesome.
...because Exile citizens will forget any murder in a matter of days.
...because there's so much to do in just one game.


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...because you can steal things.

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...they're more fun for me to play than most other games I've seen. :P

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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

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....they are extreamly addictive
....they go good with the clothes I'm wearing
....they are very, very, very, fun
....they bring meaning to my boring, lonely life

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Originally written by ben III:

Democratic shareware? :P
:) They are available to everyone with internet connection for a very fair price, thus I call them democratic.

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So you weren't referring to the general liberal qualities here on the message boards. Good for you. ;)


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...they have deep stories and are generally pretty large
...of replay value
...there is some genuine humor, which is not something often found in games these days.
...of the incredible graphics and gripping sounds.

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It's all about the skribbane...

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...they are primarily programmed for Mac, and it's rare to find a game developer that gives a damn about the platform.

...they are fairly cheap, and certainly provide many more hours of gameplay than many more expensive games.

...they aren't in true-3D. I really like isometric perspective in games, but I just can't deal with a true-3D interface.


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i wouldnt have 'Averman' as an alias

finally, a superhero we can trust...
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... they're really, really fun.

... the fun never stops.

... it just keeps on going.

... some might say it's overflowing.

... Vahnatai are really cool.

... so are GIFTS.

... the stories get you involved.

... the graphics aren't new.

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...I need somethign do do when i'm not fishing :)

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... they have posting games on their forum, which the gent, two posts up might've wanted to lock.
... because I can't get bored knocking pointlessly difficult monsters, senseless.
... they don't need it to be a particular time of day, when my brain is working, to play.
... the Celts so oent the Romans. >.>
... they shut my brother up, for five minutes.
... the never-ending uses for gold.

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...because they are, unlike almost any other game, intellectually stimulating.

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... the chick in the green dress in Avernum is hot. You know, your PC.
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Because they're fun
And have deep plot
They all are games
I like a lot,
Burma Shave. :P

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... they don't overheat my computer like some of my other games do when its really really hot. Oh, and they're great games!

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