Are there any plans for multiplayer games?

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AuthorTopic: Are there any plans for multiplayer games?
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Some sort of simple little multiplayer rpg would be great, even if it was only networkable and not massively multiplayer.
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SW sticks with what sells. A multiplayer online game would be a big risk, requiring a large investment in servers and so forth, with no guarantee of reward.

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at least the fifth topic like this, i posted something similar once

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Four out of five MMORPGs fail. Spiderweb is a one man company with limited ability to compete with the likes of WoW and EQ and even more limited ability to recover from losing vast amounts of time and money.

—Alorael, who doesn't see much MMORPG potential in any of Jeff's games anyway. What makes you think Spiderweb would make such a wonderful one?
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Contrary to common (apparently) thought, turn-based combat isn't too thrilling in multiplayer.

If Jeff were to make a new license and have real-time combat, then multiplayer could possibly work. But he won't, therefore Exile will never see parties controlled by multiple people.

The critics agree!

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Hmm, I don't think most of you read my post too carefully, lol. Like I said, I wouldn't care if it was a MMORPG, simply having it networkable would suffice. Nor do I care if it's "wonderful." Sometimes I enjoy playing simple rpgs that are networkable in which the graphics are poor, but there's a lot of room for character development and the story is somewhat interesting. The game wouldn't have to be party-based, either. It could be similar to Geneforge in how you just have one character per player.

It definitely would have to be real-time though. As someone previously mentioned, turn-based games become quite taxing on the nerves, mainly due to the sheer amount of time you spend waiting on the other player. Age of Wonders II is a perfect example of a great game that simply isn't worth playing after awhile because you have to sit there and watch your enemies fight their battles, or wait for them to finish their turn.

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Viseroth, the reason that people didn't bother to look closely at your post is that there have been numerous others asking virtually identical questions every few months going back to the beginning of these boards.

And you have discovered what virtually everyone else does: it certainly could be done.

However, Jeff has stated that he's not going to do it. So the answer to your question is an emphatic NO.

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Yet still, there are those of us who hope...

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spiderweb soft make an mmorpg!
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The General Board is a multiplayer online game already, non?

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Somehow, I read "four out of five MMORPG players are fat" when I reread this topic. o_O
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Originally written by spy.there:

The General Board is a multiplayer online game already, non?
That's a new way of looking at it... you're right. And what a splendid game it is too! :D

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Originally written by Viseroth:

Some sort of simple little multiplayer rpg would be great, even if it was only networkable and not massively multiplayer.
Will not happen from Spiderweb.

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While I won't try to contradict the fact that mutliplayer computer games are extraordinarily popular, I for one despise them and stick to games that I can play by myself. Which is one reason why I love Spiderweb Software so much, and am glad to know that they have no plans to branch out into that style of gameplay. :)

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4 out of five hardcore MMORPG players wear the same cloths everyday. :P

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If you REALLY want to do multiplayer, you could get friends to come and let them control different party members in the regular Spiderweb games.

"Oh, dude, it's Ssss-Nosss's turn! Hey, Jim get over here and play your turn!"

But that would be kind of lame, and your friends will probably think you're really weird.

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I suppose a model that could be adopted by Avernum would be the original AOL Neverwinter Nights. That game was built on the old SSI Goldbox AD&D series engine. You would join up with other characters, and one would be the leader who would move the party around. In combat, you had something like 5 or 10 seconds to conduct your action, and then it would move to the next person. It was actually a lot of fun and rather clever!

I think the main difficulty is that multiplayer is a feature that would take an enormous amount of effort to implement and debug, and it isn't clear that it would be a compelling selling point. Other similar RPGs include a multiplayer component, such as Baldur's Gate, but it seems most people prefer to play it in single player mode. Other games, such as the new Neverwinter Nights, rely on the multiplayer aspect to sell the entire game - so they sacrifice story and single player experience in exchange for multiplayer. Others, like Diablo, are pretty much built to be multiplayer, with the single player being just an offline version of the game.

Just some random musings about the nature of the RPG industry.

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