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AuthorTopic: Fashion
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This photo made me think of it:

Do you have any particular clothing style you strive to adhere to? Why? Which is it?

My opinion is that it's shallow conformism. :)
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Oh my those shoes are totally wacked.

Im not totally fashion obsessed. Though I am very shallow when it comes to things like that. Usually I go with jeans or maybe track pants. Ill wear jerseys sometimes too, or any fly t-shirt usually a bright colour yellow,red etc. Never sweaters or vests or anything really besides a jacket. Shoes either runners or a hiking running shoe cross. Right now Im into more hip-hop style bling bling, don't get me wrong. Im just saying for the most part if I try to pull of any style its Urban hip-hop or maybe slob :)

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Most days I wear a white T-shirt, black jeans, and a black leather jacket, with black boot-like shoes, a silver watch, and a silver ring. Sometimes I switch it up with a black T-shirt.

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I love new rock boots!

Usually I wear blue jeans, a black jumper with a blue t-shirt over the top (sometimes with the Radiohead Bear on it) and my shiny black cowboy boots.

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Anything very comfortable.

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It's usually office schlub attire for me, because that's what I do. If I have a choice in the matter, it's usually jeans, a tee-shirt or polo shirt of some sort, and if it's chilly out, either my navy blue wool sweater, my grey hoody, or my black fleece vest.

Unless there's snow on the ground or extreme pressure from my fiancee, my footwear of choice is my old Birks - there is some truth to the whole myth that Kentuckians don't wear shoes.

Oh, and definitely boxers over briefs.

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What's the point of wearing two pairs of underwear?

What I wear depends on the weather. I almost always wear blue jeans, unless it's really hot, in which case I'll wear blue jean shorts. In colder weather I usually wear a hoodie or a long-sleeved shirt (no buttons or anything)(dark blue or grey-green are the ones I do this with, although I suppose it would work with certain other colors too) with a t-shirt over it. Lately the t-shirts I've been wearing bear the image of John Lennon or the Rolling Stones' lip-and-tongue symbol. In cool weather I wear a long-sleeved shirt and no t-shirt. In warm and hot weather I wear a t-shirt. I always wear sneakers, usually white.

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Originally written by The Almighty Doer of Stuff:

What's the point of wearing two pairs of underwear?
"Boxers over briefs," meaning "I prefer to wear boxers as opposed to briefs." Just a preference for me, though I choose the latter when I exercise.
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Mm. The one on the right is even more incentive to move to Japan.

(And teach English. At the middle school level. ^___^)

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Usually a t-shirt with some picture on it, most of them are black, a few white, gray or blue. Jeans. at night, when it isn't warm, I wear an unbottoned shirt over the tee. A couple of rings (GL and Miskatonic U.) and, er, a copy of the One Ring hanguing over my neck. These days I've been wearing a Red Sox cap a lot :)


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i usually wear black but sometimes i wear spandex.

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I wear whatever I've "inherited" from my relatives (mainly my aunt's family). I also like to wear comfortable clothes.
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I'm kinda a slip cause most of my family is ghetto and i wear a little bit of punk style clothes so I am ghetto/punk/just there type style

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I don't buy many clothes for myself but what I like to wear is conservative/casual. Mostly sweaters w. slacks, flowing dresses and print shirts w. jeans. I can appreciate a more risque outfit (short-shorts, mini-skirts, deep clevage or showing belly-button) but would probably not wear one out of the house.

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