We know about Geneforge 3...but what's next?

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AuthorTopic: We know about Geneforge 3...but what's next?
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Actually I looked up dragonlore not that long ago and they had started programming Homeland 2 or something but I think they just stopped working on it that they haven't updated their pages in a long time.

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The long answer:
I'm disabled so I come at this from a different perspective than most. I have to choose games that work with limited mobility. Even using the touchpad, pausing often, fatigues so that breaks are required; sometimes I can just switch arms but generally I have to take a few hour rest after playing for an hour. Every click required is noticed. Pulldowns are marginally easier than needing to use the keyboard but having everything available through the mouse on one interface is a huge selling point to me.

While I have bought all of the spiderweb games Avernum is what I play because of the ergonomics. The BoE scenarios are only looked at wistfully hoping the authors are willing to convert the best. The praise many BoE scenarios earn makes it tempting to try some longer despite the inefficiencies but I would be in extra pain which is a strong disincentive.

The short answer:
I'd be happy with whatever is put on an Avernum style engine. Spidweb got me this far so I'll keep the faith.
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