Dungeons and Dragons?

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AuthorTopic: Dungeons and Dragons?
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Roleplaying or lack thereof is more a matter of the players and GM than the system. Heck, Spiderweb is proof that there are powergamers and would-be minmaxers even in freeform RP's.

?Alorael, who still thinks AIM PnP games have problems. Namely the background chatter if you have a large group and the utter lack of ways to transmit anything but written information. Pen and paper gaming without maps is very hard.

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PnP is not obsolete. It offers both unlimited flexibility and face-to-face social interaction, neither of which CRPGs offer.

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To answer the question of 'can it be played in AIM?' I must say yes.

However, a far better way to play on line is to join a message board community. There are two very good ones that i know of.

I currently play on RPOL.net It is free to join and offers you the oppertunity to play nearly every system out there. It also supports the use of maps and graphics. HTML works to some extent as well and you will find private messages and private groups, as well as countless different features that will make it worth your while.

Another place is PlayByWeb.com. I used to play here, but then I moved when one of my games travsphered to rpol and havn't been back too much. It is a very good site that offers much the same features of RPOL but is different enough.

D&D is a great system to play with, I even enjoy thrid edition to some extent, when I am with a group that doesn't try to maximize their characters but actually builds them according to a reasinable background.

However, if it is simply fun gaming that you are after and you don't want people pushing the limits all the time I must reccomend Steve Jackson's GURPS system. The Riddle of Steel is also an interesting system to use, but I have yet to see it used sucessfully in an on'line format.

I find that my favorite game world is split between Dark Sun and Ravenloft. I usually play in a world of my own creation however, and once I learn how to use either the Exile or Avernum editor with efficency you will all get to have a glance into my own gaming world.

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Originally written by Beebop:

Would it be possible to play a game of D&D over AIM? I've always wanted to give it a go, but I have maybe 2 friends who would play as well.
My friends and I were planning to do something like that... five people in all. Too bad our dear GM is too frickin' lazy to make it. IMAGE(tongue00.gif)
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If people think GURPS and D&D are too rules-heavy, there's always Whitewolf or even Amber Diceless.

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I play it, despite my young age. We have a club at dinnertime which I play a Paladin. And the DM aint that bad... honest!

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I dunno... I played it with my friend and it wasn't all that it was cracked up to be...

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I'd play D&D if I had the opportunity. The only times I've played and enjoyed it are few, due to a lack of decent DMs / players.

But recently I have no friends who participate in such. Is there any way to play D&D and yet not leave my comfy chair? If there is, let me know, and if there isn't, well, then, that stinks.

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D&D is a fun game. I've played it a few times, and my dad had the old AD&D games on his PC. It's especially fun in smaller groups, larger groups tend to get unruly.

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