Pants of Sorrow

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AuthorTopic: Pants of Sorrow
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In the year 2084, a supersonic passenger jet lands in the area known as Airstrip One. The flight from Sweatshop Three was quick and comfortable. As I make my way through the security checkpoint, I suddenly freeze. An all-too-familiar plastic cartoon mask stares at me from point blank range with expressionless eyes.

”Welcome, Silver Card Consumer Alex. I am your local Global Cartel Micki Mouse Smiling Happy Friendly Private Guard®.”

”Well met, epitome of private sector efficiency in the security business”, I reply with a broad smile.

“Unfortunately, our scanner has showed that your Lev-Eye jeans do not carry an original Airstrip One Region Code”, the giant Micki Mouse head says. “A bit like the DVD region codes in your youth, you see. Clearly, a $10 pair of jeans marketed in Sweatshop Three do not represent the same value as a $100 pair of jeans marketed in Airstrip One - you're not buying cloth, but a license for using the Lev-Eye brand. Didn't you read the EULA? This falls under the new Homeworld Protection Act, which became necessary due to terrorist attacks in Cyberspace, probably originating from Sirius.”

“Yes, now that Mankind has boldly entered...the solar system, inspired by the immortal words of The Great Prophet George W. Bushmeat, we obviously need terrorists from further away”, I mutter. “I understand that free trade is only something that ordinary people – and the remnants of Commie governments – have to put up with; Big Business – blessed be their suits – can impose as many trade restrictions as they like. The jeans are a gift for my grandson, whose steady job – a great luxury nowadays - was downsized during the worst of all of the recent recessions. Come to think of it, the Sweatshop Two factory uses just as much labour and raw materials as the one that was downsized here, it's just that Big Business gets a bigger slice of the cake, and the workers get less. I'd even be so blasphemous as to say that the resources used for demolition, re-building, transportation and higher health care costs due to lowered environmental and safety standards could have been used to increase production at the old site. And who cares that we get fewer solvent consumers?”

“Have you been taking your Happy Pills lately? Do you roam Cyberspace regularly? With MicroSoma JigShield installed, of course. Those nasty thin blackies aren't what you want to see. They could have chosen to have something to eat.”

“I admit that I have been lax in my duties, since my meagre savings are barely enough to pay for essential medication – when I was young, pharmaceutical companies spent twice as much on marketing as on R&D, and I doubt it's less now. I'm only upper middle class, you see, and we don't have those Commie pensions now, do we?”

“I just consulted the eGovernment low-cost court. Since this is your first act of terrorism against property, you get away with a $50000 fine and a downgrade to Bronze Card Consumer. You may not be welcome in some fancy restaurants, and don't expect to get any credit – politics is dangerous, right? If you get caught again, expect a Happy Brain Implant from Love, Inc. The third time, you'll be downsized. Have a nice day!”


Copyright 2004 by Alex. All rights reserved. This includes, but is not limited to, the right to sue your ass off and make love to your mother should you dare to copy even a single letter from this text. My lawyer is bigger than yours.
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Poor, poor Alex, no replies? Well; If the future will be that way, kill me.


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And boy, do I know the man for the job! :P

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Why is everyone always trying to make me the sagots' gigolo? I have a life too, you know.
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Can someone tell me what the bloody hell those guys are talking about?


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Gay sex, Bates.

In a word, gay.
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Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire!
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That's not very appropriate.

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Feer the n00b.



And since the stupid link won't work, I'll use this one:
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Apollyon, gay sex is always appropriate.

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On Spidweb General you mean. And there only since Misc was shut down. :rolleyes:

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It's always appropriate on a painfully high number of forums. >_<
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There are some things that spam can't solve. For everything else, there's gay sex. And yaoi. And melons. And communist propaganda. And statues.

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Aloreal, you forgot to lock the topic. :P

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Would this help?


If not, just say the word, and I'll get the yaoi.

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Ahh, this topic is going down the drain anyways:


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I didn't actually want to lock the topic before. I do now.

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