What does THAT make me?!

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AuthorTopic: What does THAT make me?!
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Hello to you all,

some of you may have noticed I haven't writtend in a while... others might never have noticed me, but still...

I know you guys (and gals) love to argue, ponder and discuss above all else, so, today I bring you a topic to do just that...

I have recently begun the application for the RCMP (aka Royal Canadian Mounted Police, aka Mounties) you have probably seen them on one show at some time, its a Government-base national police force, which is Canadian like equivalent of the FBI and CIA mixed together and with some state policing thrown in.

Not to bore you all with details, lets just say the application process takes frome 6 months to one year and is very challenging (0.7% to 1.4% make it to the final interview and half of those are rejected)

Now that I've gone through briefing you about what it is, the questions.

What's your opinion on Government agencies such as these?

Does that make me a bad person?

What do you think of undercover-funding based on recuperation and reutilisation of seized property and material?

What of police corruption?

Please give it a good go people.
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Originally written by Marooner:

"What's your opinion on Government agencies such as these? (RCMP)

Does that make me a bad person?

What do you think of undercover-funding based on recuperation and reutilisation of seized property and material?

What of police corruption?"

Protecting citizens from crime and maintaining order is a legitimate function of government.

Serving your government does not make you a bad person.

Paying expenses by selling confiscated property instead of raising taxes seems a reasonable action, so long as some effort was made to return the property and it is sold only when impossible to trace the original owner, or when the original owner was the criminal.

Obviously any government dishonesty or corruption is bad. Maybe that's why the RCMP selection process is so rigorous; to weed out candidates likely to abuse their authority.

Look at your own motives for joining the RCMP, and if they are idealistic you don't have anything to apologize for. I admire you for wanting to serve.

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I think all the stuff about corrupt police forces and stuff is seriously overrated.
I mean, I have seen much serious abuse of police authority in Europe and America and stuff, but the places its a REALLY serious problem, is down in African states and similar poor poor places.

(Sorry if my writing is kinda poor, but im really tired, so i cant think very "English" right now)


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Government corruption is an awful thing, but if you're going into the RCMP for idealistic reasons, you're probably not going to be a victim of it.
Generally, there are two sorts of people who go into government service:
1. People with a genuine calling for maintaining order, serving the government, &c. These sort of people are generally the most agreeable, as they tend to go after crime more and people less.
2. People who want to feel big. A lot of these people end up not making the grade and become overinflated security guards; those who pass into service work are miserable to run into, having an awful attitude and a superiority complex. They're where a lot of the corruption and violence tend to come from.

I wouldn't worry about doing anything wrong by doing this; if you're worried about doing it, you're almost definitely not the sort of person who would. It's the sort of person who basically gets pumped because they get to boss people around that turn to that sort of thing.

Then again, power does corrupt. If you do get into the service, keep a straight head on you and you should do just fine. Even though I've occasionally had an issue with the things the police and FBI and CIA and such do, I don't tend to blame the individuals -- for the most part, they're just doing their job.

(Cue knee-jerk-progressive rigmarole from TM.)

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I'm not sure where you got the idea that I was against law enforcement, but claiming that I support murder and anarchy isn't the most contrived thing that has been made up about me.

Worrying about generating corruption is like worrying about going to hell. If you are genuinely inerested in helping people, you'll either not be competent and thus not be accepted, or you'll be accepted and do a good job. If you are genuinely interested in going to heaven and are not homosexual, Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, atheist, agnostic, liberal, non-supportive of Old Testament death penalties, or anything but a sincere follower of the exact views stated by Jack T. Chick our personal lord and savior, then you're probably going to heaven. Or hell, depending on God's mood.

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Nothing wrong with serving your government and your people, Marooner. It doesn't make you a bad person; on the contrary, it's commendable. Using seized property to pay for protection for the people is far better than increasing taxes to do the same; if the former owner is a criminal, what else should be done with it?

Any corruption is bad, of course. Unfortunately, corruption is everywhere; it's just more noticable in the police force. Stick to your job, and don't just turn away from the corruption of others, and you should be fine.

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The problem with seizing property is that often the government gets a little trigger happy. For example, I am a minor. If I have some marijuana in my dad's truck and get pulled over, his truck could (and probably would) be seized, even if it was the only vehicle we owned. All because I had some pot in his truck. Taking property in this manner is a fairly common occurance where I live. If someone gets busted for drugs, you can just about guarantee that whatever can legally be seized, will be seized. I think more discretion when seizing property is certainly warranted, especially since the earlier example actually happened to someone in my community, and it was the family's sole source of transportation. They were struggling financially, and the son with a few doobies in the dad's truck cost them pretty sorely.

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I expect he didn't get along too well with his parents after that...

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To be honest, he didn't much beforehand.

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Crap! Unintentional double-post. My bad.

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This is my theory of Police agencies and such. I think that alot corrupted cops are corrupted because they where harassed when they went to Highschool. They feel Society was mistreating them there entire lives. And now that they have the power they will get back or even with society. That's my theory with the lowranking departments such as City or state. Now for the high ranking departments such as The FBI or CIA. The corruption in those agencies are caused by people trying to find other people. And so a let's say a FBI agent will make a deal with a group to find info about another group. You do not have to look any further than Boston, MA than to find out info on that. In the world of the FBI, CIA mounties Info is like money and has a very high value. In some cases lives may depend on Info. And when Info not money gets involved corruption follows.

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Hi Marooner,

>>What's your opinion on Government agencies such as these?<<

Gov't agencies such as the RCMP are pretty good and pretty rare, in my opinion. I'm American, but worked in Canada from 1985 to 1994, and lived there - Nova Scotia - for the last 4 years. I knew some RCMP officers, and dealt with the agency pursuant to becoming a Landed Immigrant, rather the same as getting one's "green card," in the US. In my opinion, the RCMP has a low rate of corruption, and lots of good people involved.

>>Does that make me a bad person?<<

Heck no. More power to you. And, should you make it, Congratulations -- those are some tough odds to survive.

>>What do you think of undercover-funding based on recuperation and reutilisation of seized property and material?<<

There have been good comments about returning property to the rightful owners, should it be possible. Failing that, I say seize, seize, seize, and use, use, use.

>>What of police corruption?<<

Well, nobody is perfect, and neither is any agency. That said, the RCMP is pretty cool. Very cool. Go for it.

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WOW, that sounds like the entire opposite of the Boston branch of the FBI. As corrupt as the FBI and CIA is in the US I think The Secrete Service is even more corrupt. This is due to to it's name number one, and number two The Secrete Service slyly pounders around the White House. How can anyone trust a group that begins with the word Secret and is never seen in the Oval Office meetings.As for what The FBI is like in Boston. Well I don't think I need to tell you that. Just watch the News.

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