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I haven't seen the third one, but it seems a distinct possibility that none of them ever actually "escaped" from the matrix. The "real world" could simply be an extension of the matrix, a "second layer" there to provide even more control. That would explain Neo's powers outside the matrix as well as why Smith was able to leave the matrix. It might not even be machines trying to harvest human body heat, but something even more complex. I don't know, does the last movie destroy my theory?

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From [Note to small children and kittens: page may contain slightly unsafe image]:
I caught a matinee of Matrix Revolutions the other day. Personally, I think it's a cinematic landmark, as this film is the first time someone has managed to construct a narrative entirely out of plot holes.
I agree with this. I think a lot of the cunning plot explanations circulating on the internet try to hard to explain everything, even the mistakes.

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And there are a lot of plotholes and inconsistancies. There is no Matrix within a Matrix. Neo's mind is just somehow unrealisticly connected to both the Matrix and the Machine World. And if that wasn't lame enough, Neo went blind as a result of fighting with Smith(as a human). But Neo could see all of the machine and Smith. Having the main hero, aka the saviour of the humans from the evil things, go blind but still be able to see using some mystic force was all fine and good... in Dune, which as I recall had a guy who could do amazing things and was sort of worshipped like a god, much in the way Neo was. But what pisses me off the most is that overly lame way they destroyed Smith(the second most annoying thing had to be the rain fight scene just before they destroyed Smith).
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You might not wanna read this until you've seen all of the films.... Spoilers!

The Oracle goes some way to explaining why Neo could use his powers outside the Matrix. It's all connected with choice. The same thing goes for Neo letting Smith copy over him (This made me think of a giant walking, talking floppy disk!). Neo had already made the choice, he knew he was going to end the war, but didn't understand until afterwards when he was fighting Smith.

Actually, in my opinion, the rain in the fight scene was spectacular. Me and my friends loved every bit of it. The Zion fight was, in my opinion lame, as there was no need for it. The bit that got me though, was Trinity's death. It was pointless. I could have handled it if she sacrificed herself for Neo, but she doesn't serve a purpose in the second or third films.

And to finish, I thought the Mirovingian (sp?), who someone called the "French Guy" was a very good character in Reloaded. He didn't play a big part, but was lots of fun to watch!

My Favourite characters are Smith and Morpheus. What are everyone elses?

Thus endeth this post.

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Originally written by Aarrow Swift:

I haven't seen the third one, but it seems a distinct possibility that none of them ever actually "escaped" from the matrix. The "real world" could simply be an extension of the matrix, a "second layer" there to provide even more control.
The brothers actually said at the time of writing, they hadn't really decided where they were going to go with the second movie - The "outer layer" business was one choice. It got changed to the now "choices" version. Although they re-worked a lot of the script for the second movie, they decided to leave some "cool scenes" in which otherwise wouldn't've been there.

The entire story and script of the Matrix movies comes from other sources. When they began, the brothers admitted to just wanting to put a whole stack of stuff they'd read and watched as kids into a movie and make it look cool. I'm suprised they didn't include a bibliography.

The movie has no real purpose other than to make money. We can also be assured that this is not the last effort from the Wachowski Brothers.

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See my initial post about why Trinity had to die. She was a tiresome and insipid character anyway, IMHO. The Merigovingians were Franks, founders of the first ruling dynasty in France, hence someone's reference to "the French Guy".
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What does Zizek say about this third episode? IMAGE(Spiderweb Software Boards The Matrix2_files/wink.gif) When he reviewed "Reloaded," (in In These Times, June 24 issue -- online at he warned that "there is something inherently naive about taking the 'philosophical' underpinning of The Matrix series seriously and discussing its implications," but ended by saying:

"If the forthcoming part three, The Matrix Revolutions, is to succeed with anything like a happy ending, it will have to produce nothing less than the appropriate answer to the dilemmas of revolutionary politics today, a blueprint for the political act the left is desperately looking for." IMAGE(Spiderweb Software Boards The Matrix2_files/eek.gif)

All the more depressing, considering that the message would probably be: You can never beat the Machine, although you might be able to get "peaceful coexistence" with it. Plus the Machine has ways of assimilating, incorporating, co-opting, and downright harnessing dissent for its own purposes. Pomo indeed, with a new literal twist to Foucault's concept of "biopower." IMAGE(Spiderweb Software Boards The Matrix2_files/confused.gif)
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I'm not for big long philosophical dscussions myself, so I'll just say this: I didn't think Revolutions was actually in the Matrix enough. It was too much outside of it in Zion or something (oh yeah, am I the only one to think that Zion should be spelt with an x and/or y, like Xyon?).
The only thing I thought was badly done in the first movie was the déjà vu thing (y'know, with the cat). It seemed far too extreme to be déjà vu.
Although on the subject of the Matrix's philosophy, has anyone read Pratchett's Bromeliad trilogy (it's about nomes, who are six inches tall and who live under the floors of a department store, which is their world. It's quite funny to see it from their point of view. Read it if you ever come across it, unless Pratchett really isn't your thing, in which case don't.)? At one point it describes Amazonian frogs who are born, live and die in flowers called bromeliads high in the rainforest canopy and who never know that there is a big wide world out there.


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