Am I one of the oldest?

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AuthorTopic: Am I one of the oldest?
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I am 16 and I joined last night so I wouldnt have anything to say on this besides yes you have been here longer then

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Hiya! =D I'm still somewhat new here and all, but I guess I'm gettin' the ropes. Man, I feel young like a kid around these forums now that I know how old some of the other members are (No offense!). I'm only 16, and joined this year... although I have played Exile ever since it came out, (c) on around 93'-95'? Well, I can't remember. Welcome back, Chaldrath.

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Some early numbers are still around...

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If you mean, less than one-thousand... There are still a few of us around. For better or worse.

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He meant under 187, Logo.

And Ironweed and others, we're all saying hi because we're low numbers. Don't get any ideas.

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Wow, these boards sure have...expanded.

I've been busy at college, so my time for message boards has been restricted to, alas, college message boards. I generally stopped posting after the switch.

Checking in!!!

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You like David Eddings too? IMAGE(Spiderweb Software Boards Am I one of the oldest (2)_files/wink.gif)

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Originally written by Schrodinger:

Some early numbers are still around...
165 rocked you. IMAGE(Spiderweb Software Boards Am I one of the oldest (2)_files/tongue.gif)

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Bah, 547 is good enough. I started playing when Exile 1 was the only game out. I'm 18.

Interesting to see all the old faces popping back.

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*waves vaguely*
Members 66 and 67 are also still extant.

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I like to disappear for a few months, then come back for awhile, then disappear again. It depends on which games I am playing. Oh and I'm member #27, woot.

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I'm extant? And nobody told me?

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I resent being extant. I also resent being mentioned in the same sentence with #67...

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I'm not here.
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Aaaargh! I'm not getting any ideas!

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Seems like the elitistic minority of these boards has once again lowered their gazes at us newbies, with predictable results. Oh, please, wise ones, accept us in your midst and do not loath us for our ignorance!

Really, does it matter so much? I think this board is in need of some kind of revolution! Newbies, let us gather and rise to the barricades! Sadly, all mods seem to belong to the so-called nobility...

EDIT: And of course, I wouldn't be writing this is I were #4 or so.

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Oh, can it.

(Said in as nice a way as possible, of course.)

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A revolutionist needs no weapons, just witty insults!
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I'm 1098, and that's fine enough for me. So to hell all you with lower numbers and lesser post counts.

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See, I still think of myself as a newbie, wheras people like TGM are most definitely oldbies, despite my having been here longer than him. Member number is probably the least meaningful thing you can know about anyone (no disrespect to Saunders' list, though...)


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Should I take that as a compliment, an insult, or just a neutral comment? IMAGE(Spiderweb Software Boards Am I one of the oldest (2)_files/tongue.gif)

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I agree with Omelette here. I'm number 737 but I am most certainly a newbie.

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Hmmm... I remember rushing home from school so I could play the FANTASOFT game called Exile on my mum's LC575. My brother found it on a demo CD one of his friends gave to him for his birthday called On The Rom or something like that (it's 600kms from me at the moment, I'll check later).

I remember the day we registered it. Dane (my elder brother by 2.5 years) came running down the back to tell me. I was climbing a tree.

I probably spent more time watching Dane play it than actually playing it myself in those days.

Now I'm 18 (since april), and doing uni (well, attempting it), and I've got just about every one of Spidweb's games installed on my 800 iBook - running Panther.

I still climb trees.


PS: I was probably one of the first people who weren't actually in on the new UBB board to get a spot (spidweb's boards used to be infopop or something), I just made a lucky guess and found the signup page before it was public knowledge. How handy!
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Look at me! I'm member number 5 yet not a mod! How can this be? Because TM fokked up Mod Survivor with his gay ways! YAY
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TM is member #3 and not a mod, MM. And this is a warning for dredging up this old fight.
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