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Underage drug abuse is not an american phenomenon. There is a lot of that in european schools as well. There may be places here and there that are relatively untouched by what's going on. Maybe your school is such an one.

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Well well, let's see now..

I have driven without a license (I always forgot my wallet, but hey, no one ever check us scooterists in my hometown!)

I have done some minor vandalism.

I have stolen some stuff (for example, my neighbour still hasn't find his Dodge Viper..)

I have committed sexual crimes. Daily. I have abused myself violently with a pitchfork! Sue me!
Ragh! I were both underaged!

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Seaweed - At my old school, petty crime and drug use were extremely common- I'd say about fifty percent of the people I knew had commited one or the other. Please let me apologize for my assumption that everyone's life is identical to mine.
I must say, however, I live in Canada, not the U.S., and a friend of mine went to New Zealand and France for a couple years of high school and he certainly confirmed that there was as much illicit activity going on there as there is here, so it really isn't an American thing (although american teenagers tend to be portrayed stereotypically as the elite in cocaine-addled joyriders).
A note: I certainly don't think it's good to commit the sort of illegalities mentioned in this topic, but I definitely do think there are circumstances where it would be far wiser and even more ethical to break the law than to abide by it.

Anyway, speaking for myself, I've done nothing more illegal than smoked a couple of joints and participated in a few rallies, but for the others, historically, the police and the government have done many things worse than the minor trespasses listed here. Speaking from experience, it really isn't worth seeing red over the minor thefts of a couple teenagers you've never met face to face.

Aces off.
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Originally written by Crying in an Airplane:

Ragh! I were both underaged!
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Hey, be careful, NZ is pretty good compared to most countries, our media overstate drug problems and the rest of it.

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Heh, one of MY friends went to the U.S. for a year. Please don´t turn her into a...umm...cocaine-addled joyrider.
And I live in Finland by the way. Draw your own conclusions.

And what do you mean by "circumstances where it would be far wiser and even more ethical to brake the law than to abide it"? I personally have (what I can remind) never come across such an situation where this urge to break the law would have overwhelmed me (though I´m sure there are such situations...the law is not always right after all). Perhaps an example could lighten up the situation?

And I don´t object you breaking the law. I object stupidity.

*sigh* It seems I can´t stop insulting people. That being the case, I probably should leave this topic alone before I really piss someone off and get myself a bad reputation (if that hasn´t happened already that is). There must be some other topics in need for my expertise...
Till then.
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You know, when most of these people admit to using drugs, it's just marijuana. Which, by most reasonable standards, is less dangerous than alcohol.

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Yeah - where do all these stereotypical American teenagers get their coke from anyway? Ollie North was out of that business (and from what I last saw of him, seriously going the Elvis / cheeseburger route) years ago.

As too much is being made of toking the odd harmless joint, too much is being made of the 'sex crime' thing here too. In UK, average age of first sexual intercourse is 15 (which means many well under that) while the law sets 16 as the age of consent, or 18 without parental permission. As long as it's within the teen's own peer group (i.e. similar ages involved) and is safe, policing this strikes me as likely more damaging than turning a blind eye to such massive disregard for statute.
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Felony Speeding, but I've never been caught.
maybe not felony, but fast enough to get arrested for. 50-60 mph over the speed limit. The country roads here are 30 mph, so if you go 90, that is 60 mph over, but you can't really go 90 on those roads. so maybe 40mph over. anything over 26 over will get you arrested (if the cop feels like it)

)this post brought to you by a 1995 5-cyl Volvo 850. damn freud.

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