Hello there everyone....what game are you playing now?

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AuthorTopic: Hello there everyone....what game are you playing now?
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Sorry. It's not normal for me to botch up a preview like that. According to my Video Movie Guide 2001 by Mick Martin and Marsha Porter, the movie I am referring to was made in 1974 and was called, "Murder On the Orient Express". It is an adaptation of an Agatha Christie book.

As for who played Hercule Poirot, many many people have played this character. In this movie, he was played by Albert Finney. If there was another Murder On the Orient Express movie that was made recently, then I don't know anything about it. My movie guide shows only one movie with that title. Though, a movie with the same title good have been made after my movie guide was published.

I haven't watched very many movies made after the year 2000. Most of the ones made these days are rather dull to me. Very few of them interest me anymore.

Well, excuse me. Sorry if I spelled that word incorrectly. You are the first person to ever point that out to me. I have always spelled it that way, and no one has ever said anything about it before. So I changed the sentence.


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MSW: Perhaps if you read more, you would know that "pique" is spelled "pique."

OLotU: I saw the new Orient Express. It was a TV movie, if I recall correctly; it was a travesty.

The only man in this entire universe suited to play everyone's favorite Belgian detective is David Suchet, who played Poirot on PBS's Mystery series. (They still play them on A&E, if you've cable.)
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How did the topic change from, "what book are you reading now", to, "what game are you playing now".

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Suchet was the one I was thinking of. (for Poirot)
and the TV Orient Express was the one I had seen.
The Poirot series did a good thing with that music.

M8: that still didn't cut it for me.

and in response to the new title: I am playing Moria: an ASCII rogue-like dungeon crawl. (just to be trebly (triply, but more gramatically correct, but less correct spellingly)

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