where can i get good animated pics

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AuthorTopic: where can i get good animated pics
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im new and i just registered today so im not really sure where i can get animated pics besides faces or stupid little things like that
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There not stupid!I like the smiles...As for your question i don't know but someone else mighr.

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Well it depends what you're looking for... specify what type of animation you're trying to find. I can make some small ones if you can't find what you're looking for but don't expect a lot...

E-master has some good smileys, not like the usual ones, here.

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im looking for maybe anime or something like that
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if ur reading this just to see if you should post or not please post i need mre sites
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There's a button on the top of your posts that says "Edit." Please use that button and edit your posts instead of triple posting.

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I have some antimated smileys. look in my signature for e-master's graemlins.

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Originally written by sodfactor:

im looking for maybe anime or something like that
Hmmm? Anime? Why not...Argh...must resist....*claws himself*....rrrrnggghhhh.....
Oh yes, be more specific with the names of your topics,please.

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If you're searching for something in particular, use some kind of filesharing client. If you're not looking for anything in particular, use some kind of filesharing client.
You typically find anime in mpg or avi format, being as how gif understandably lacks any sort of sound :P
Oh, and for legal purposes, disclaimer: I'm assuming anything which he's searching for or finds is in the public domain.

Does that help?

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Knock yourself out, kid.

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