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Picky details in Blades of Avernum Editor
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What about get_stat(36)? Is this meant for pc or monsters or both? If you have problems with the get_stat(36) including the effects of adjustments from items, such items aren't all that common.
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What is the BIG group of rocks near the Magic Tower for? in Nethergate
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Spoiler: the encounter is actually with a Sprite found in another outdoor section, you have to be generous to him. He then tells you where to go and who you will meet, Shaynee a dryad.
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What is the BIG group of rocks near the Magic Tower for? in Nethergate
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Do you mean the south side of the Spire of Ages? Walk in cardinal directions from some of those rocks, but you must have a certain special encounter first.
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Geneforged Graphics in Blades of Avernum Editor
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One thing that I have noticed: if you edit your post, this won't show up in the list of posts and when they were last edited. Especially if yours is the last post in a given topic.
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Much Needed Update in Blades of Avernum
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I will have to send you v1.1 of the River and Leaf port, when I get around to finishing it. It features a few corrections to town and boat entrance problems. Above all else, it features an attempt to systematically use Geneforge graphics in a BoA scenario.
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New version of the Mac 3D Editor in Blades of Avernum Editor
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One possible shortcut is the source code for the Windows 3D Editor. If you could figure out how to get that to compile on a standard Windows compiler, others might be able to do the rest from there. This code already has the graphics hassles resolved.
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New version of the Mac 3D Editor in Blades of Avernum Editor
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I downloaded a "Dialog Editor Source", it has a vestigial 1Kb MacOSX fork. It is 38Kb, is that the one you are looking for? I can email it to you and let you check it.
Edit: the Mac version has a purely vestigial OSX fork too. Maybe it is not the Windows version.

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Geneforged Graphics in Blades of Avernum Editor
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As for the Geneforge graphics themselves, one thing that I could not help noticing: in the actual game the automap icons are derived from the editor icons. There are editor icons found in all the Geneforge games, look around G1600.bmp, but they are in many cases a bit crude for use in the automap. So I have had to design my own.
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Geneforged Graphics in Blades of Avernum Editor
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What we really need for things like the boulders is a graphics program that lets you see the same graphic at both 100% and 400%, at the same time. That way you can see immediately and exactly what the effect of deleting a particular pixel is.

While we are at it, if graphics are so tricky maybe we should compile a list of useful programs.
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Geneforged Graphics in Blades of Avernum Editor
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Yes, the snow is RGB = 255,255,253 or some such combination. The snow can be removed in one hit by the use of a transparency function set to a color similarity of 1%. However Bitmaps don’t support the transparency function.

One option is to convert the jpg to a png, then reduce the resulting png from 24-bit to 8-bit. Reading the help file for the Microsoft Photo Editor: “PNG saves images as 8-bit or 24-bit images. In 24-bit images, PNG saves transparency in an alpha channel. In 8-bit images, PNG substitutes a transparent color on the palette.” What we want here is the transparency option not the alpha channel. Thus the trick is to go into File > Properties and choose “Palette or 256 color (8 bit)” type. Then save the file and exit the editor. Next open the file in Paint and save as 24 – bit Bitmap

Another option is to deal with the pixels individually; the file is left as 24-bit. What is really needed is a replace – one - color - with - another function. If the transparency function has the “Color similarity: Exact” setting, if 255,255,255 is deleted, a lot of the snow will then show up clearly. In the Editor you can’t delete near – transparent colors, but the information will be a guide in the Paint program where you can delete. Pixel view is 400%, there it only takes a few minutes to clean up one icon. You can use varying sizes of erasers, and a pencil if needs be.

As for deleting backgrounds from boulders, like the graphics for terrain types 128 thru 136, sometimes I am not too sure whether a given pixel is wanted or not.
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Geneforged Graphics in Blades of Avernum Editor
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The Geneforge problem was actually simple to understand and solve. I went into Windows Explorer and looked at the directory where the original jpg images were stored. Perusing the Size and Dimensions columns showed that most of the jpgs had a size (in bytes) slightly larger than the area (width x height) of the image. Hence they were 1 byte or 8 – bit images, whereas the images giving me all the “snow” I had saved as 24 – bit. Problem solved.

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Geneforged Graphics in Blades of Avernum Editor
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The Geneforge graphics found on the Louvre site really look good. Unfortunately using the grass floor in a BoA scenario leads to white "snow" at the edge of the screen. This is only a problem with the Geneforge graphics, all other custom graphics work well. (When other custom graphics are at the edge of the screen the snow disappears.) I think this is due to the original Geneforge graphics being reduced in size. It was also a problem with other Geneforge graphics, like the hot pads on the floor. In the latter case I manually cleaned up the white border zone, that seemed to work. Has anyone else struck this problem?

While on the subject of graphics, how did Niemand do those boulders on his site? I tried the same thing with the grass and boulder graphics, turning one color transparent at a time. I used the Microsoft Photo Editor, the results were passable but not perfect.
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Porting between Mac and Windows in Blades of Avernum
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One solution to the graphics translation problem is to have Jeff do a quick patch on the Mac version of BoA. The program would look for cmg graphic sheets and if it could not find any, it would then accept Bitmaps. If Mac users want to have cmg graphics they can then convert the Bitmaps themselves.

Another solution is to have a totally bowdlerized scenario data script that does not use custom graphics, it only uses the default graphics and anything found in the four official scenarios.

Converting save game files would presumably require a separate program. This can only come from Jeff, because only he has the source code for the save files.
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List of Bugs in Blades of Avernum Editor
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If we are discussing the icon_adjust calls, they work well enough. But you have to hit the tab key in the 3D Editor to see what they do, because the ed_icon_adjust calls do nothing.

I view the effect as being best when the base graphic is colorful unlike the floor type 0 icons.

If an icon has no red or blue it won't be affected by an adjustment that swaps red and blue.
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List of Bugs in Blades of Avernum Editor
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Certain page numbers are the best approximation that I can give. I was trying to find the most logical place in the help file to list the corrections. Page 41 is the best place to list corrections and clarifications for beam projectors. A subject like "boats" has no clear entry in the file, there are a few entries here and there.

Outdoor scripts, the init_state seems to fail to work more often than not.

It is actually Amnesia that had the problem with searchable walls, the Amnesia Readme.txt mentions the problem. If Dikiyoba or anyone else wants to publish a list then fine.
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List of Bugs in Blades of Avernum Editor
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I am just rehashing the contents of TSE and the Editor help docs. Most of the stuff written by other people I have not checked myself. If there is no explicit credit given in my post above, the comment was originally written by Kelandon.

Personally I don't know when containers break, or what break means, disappear?

If te_can_look_at is hard coded that might explain problems in one of the scenarios with custom walls, (was it Foul Hordes?). Here we can only make a list of which terrains are hard - coded for this call. Having the list, designers may be able to work around it.
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List of Bugs in Blades of Avernum Editor
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This is a draft list of certain bugs, listed according to the order found in the BoA Editor Help file, part 1.

All page numbers come from the PDF file BoA Editor Docs v12.pdf, this is done to provide a standardized page numbering system. The Word documents are hard to read so people may edit them, thus altering the numbering system.
TSE = the Windows Technical Support for the Editor.

Bugs in the Editor itself: I didn’t include these because some may have been corrected in the various Mac versions. Further they can be removed by re – compiling the editor.

Chapter 1.4: Using the Editor
Page 18, Ishad Nha: The commands in the Edit menu are not explained in the Editor Help menu. Lines 886… of the source file “Bl A Editor.c” suggest that the commands involve copying and pasting of creatures, items and terrain scripts.

Chapter 1.5: Editing Terrain
Page 22, Ishad Nha: It seems that a town entrance won’t work from the outdoors if the relevant square has a terrain type that is impassable to the party. Ditto, there may be problems if the town entrance rectangle is smaller than 3x3. A lot of the trouble in A Large Rebellion in the Alexandra area came from this. There may be problems, I don’t know exactly when they occur.

Boats generally.
Using A Large Rebellion as an example: the boat entering t3 from the east, from t10, always arrives at the east town entrance wherever that may be. It doesn’t have any connection to state 13 in t10.txt. If the move_to_new_town call doesn’t work when the party is in a boat, town entrances should be used for this case. Save the special encounters for when the party is walking along a footpath. Actually the encounter does something, it moves the party to a new town. Suddenly reversing a boat onto a special encounter can cause it to enter a town on the wrong side. The direction the boat is facing may cause this error. It seems that the boat is sent to the wrong town entrance, (and when it arrives inside a town it is always located on one of the four town entrance squares?)

Chapter 1.7: Editing Towns
Page 32: Set Town Boundaries - * Putting a town border right next to the edge of the town causes weird behavior: you can't exit the town, the town doesn't match the edge, etc.
Page 33, Ishad Nha: Totally Dark seems not to happen in actual practice if the “Town is on surface” box is checked.

Page 41:* Beam projectors malfunction wildly in close quarters, next to walls, in varying heights, etc. I have a small utility scenario to demonstrate a number of ways in which this can occur.
TSE: Beam terrains (projectors, power sources, etc.) are always drawn animated. This is because the game handles these terrain types differently. If you want to draw one of these terrains without animation, make a custom terrain graphic and copy the icon into it.

TSE: If a terrain type a beam can crumble and a mirror are in the same spot; the terrain will always crumble, even if the mirror would reflect it. As a workaround, use crumbling terrains that fill the whole space, or place crumbling walls so that the party can't push a mirror into their space until the wall is crumbled.

Chapter 2.2: Creating Custom Objects
Page 44: Corescendata and default graphic errors
* Floors 85 and 86 have fl_ed_which_icon reversed. Floor 85 should have icon 7, and floor 86 should have icon 6.

* The slith avatar, (creature 100), in order to match Avernum 1, should not have the graphic of a gorgon, which is what it has now. Two calls need to be added:
cr_which_sheet = 1532 and
cr_icon_adjust = 2, as Bahssikava does.

* In corescendata, Augmented Giant (creature 135) ought to have the line "cr_which_sheet_upper = 1618;"
* The efreet (creature 174) has cr_natural_armor defined twice, the first time as 15 and the second time as 50.
* As far as I can tell, aranea (and elder aranea), (creatures 71 and 83), default to carrying pots. I'm assuming that item 373 was aranea fangs, once upon a time.

* In corescendata2.txt Terrains #172 and #173 (fences) have an incorrect name. The line te_name = "Fence"; needs to be added to them.
As far as I can tell, terrains 172 and 173 (in addition to being mis-named) default to not showing up on the automap. I tried to add the line
te_draw_on_automap = 1;
but this did not seem to help. Their graphics are properly set.
* In corescendata2.txt Terrain #331 and #332 (underground hillside cave entrances) import the incorrect terrain. This causes problems with the automatic hills functionality of the editor. It will also cause the party to be drawn incorrectly when upon these terrains.
* In corescendata2.txt Terrain #367 (ruined statue) is missing the upper half. The lines te_second_icon = 1; and te_second_icon_offset_y = -55; need to be added to correct this.

Art graphics:
* Graphic 1654 in Blades of Avernum Art (the swarthy gal with a green shirt and brown armor) has no sword-with-shield-and-armor graphic. The graphic of her armored with sword-and-shield is missing the shield.

Character Graphics:
* The default rakshasa image (1607) needs realignment -- it has a black line on it.
* The default Asp graphic (1551) has its icons in the wrong order. North and west are reversed.
* The default Eyebeast graphic (1552) has its icons in the wrong order. This means that the creature will appear to be facing south when it's actually facing north in the editor, east when west, west when south, and north when east.

Terrain Graphics, these problems may have since been fixed
* Graphics sheet 680, icon 52, is incorrectly drawn. It needs to be flipped horizontally to be correct.
* Graphics sheet 768, icon 8, has 3 off-white pixels.

Chapter 2.5: Creating Custom Terrain Types
Page 53: te_can_look_at (Defaults to 0) - * Sometimes searchable terrain breaks. For certain terrain with the searchable and container attribute, they are only searchable if there is something inside the container. This means that the call te_can_look_at doesn't do a lot. Additionally, sometimes terrain becomes searchable for reasons that are obscure to me (custom hills, for instance). I can provide a scenario demonstrating this if needed.

Nicholas Bellerophon: I have found an issue. When importing any of the wallset terrains into a later spot, the walls no longer draw correctly on the automap in the game under certain circumstances. For example: I imported the four doors from the first wallset into spots 404, 405, 406 & 407 in order to remove their default scripts.

Chapter 2.6: Creating Custom Creature Types
Page 60, TSE: cr_start_item, cr_start_item_chance.
It is possible to get an error on Macintosh systems or a crash on Windows systems when you set a creature type to be able to start with multiple varieties of missile weapon (e.g. bows, thrown missiles, etc.). For example, if a creature can start with a bow or with razordisks, you can get a problem. To work around this, have any given creature type only carry one variety of missile weapon. The creature can potentially have different versions of that weapon (for example, a nephil archer can potentially have a yew or cavewood bow), but don't have a single creature type that can have a bow or a crossbow, or a bow or javelins.
TSE: Do not give a creature both a bow and a crossbow. Do not give a creature both a two-handed weapon and a shield. This can cause a crash. This crash should be fixed in future versions. However, since this can still cause crashes in older versions, it should be avoided completely.

Chapter 2.7 - Creating Custom Item Types
Page 58, Ishad Nha: “The spells Divine Retribution and (Ravage Life?) only affect creatures of species 0-6.” Was the spell Ravage Life not included in the final version of BoA?

Page 58, TSE: Characters with species "Special" are affected by Assassination and Lethal Blow. This is an error in the documentation, not a bug. However, special creatures are affected by stoning, which is a bug. This is fixed in the versions more recent than 10/8/04.

Page 62: it_bonus (Defaults to 0) –
* The call it_bonus may be described inaccurately. It does not provide any
protection for rings, necklaces, and bracelets, and instead of preventing the
given amount of damage, it prevents a random amount of damage up to the
given amount. (I have not verified this.)

Page 63: it_cursed (Defaults to 0) –
* If cursed items are placed on ground/in a container in the editor, they lose
their cursed ability.

Page 63, Ishad Nha: Apparently items can be used even if they are equippable, like armor and weapons. In BoA Editor Help parlance they can have active abilities. They just can’t be used while they are equipped. Weapons with such abilities can only be used in combat. Of course, when they can be used, this can only happen when they are in a PC’s backpack. If an item has both active and passive abilities: one of the two sets of abilities will be suppressed.

Page 64: Ishad Nha, item ability 65:
From what I can see, item ability 65: Affect Rune Reading skill, does nothing
in actual practice. Ditto when it is rephrased as item ability 43: “Affects the
statistic equal to this value, minus one”. (Rune Reading is statistic number
42.) You can increase Arcane Lore via an item ability, but this increase does
not affect Rune Reading, unlike increases to Arcane Lore coming from skill
points. I think Rune Reading is redundant, there is no need for both it and
Arcane Lore.
Page 64, TSE: Item special ability 89 does cold damage, not acid damage.

Page 65: * Unlike the traditional Orb of Thralni, items with it_ability_1 = 213 can give the party extra rounds of flight while the party is still in the air.

Chapter 2.8: Programming with Avernumscript
Page 67, TSE: Mathematical expressions without spaces between terms may cause errors. Instead of writing "x = 3+(2*i-1)", write "x = 3 + (2 * i - 1)".
Also, the precedence of the % operator is peculiar. 2 + 4 % 5 is 6, not 1. Use parenthesis for stuff you use the % operator on (for example, (2 + 4) %5).
Precedence isn't quite right with subtraction and addition. Subtraction
and addition have the same precendence and are done from right to left, so
24 - 21 + 1 will be 2 instead of 4. To get subtraction to work right, you
may want to put it in parenthesis (i.e. "(24 - 21) + 1").

Page 67: Dintiradan: it's been a while since I discovered this, but the maximum string limit is 254 characters, not 255 characters (at least with string literals; don't know about the buffer).

Excalibur: When creating dialogue you're supposed to use underscores for quotation marks, since using quotations marks will end the text. However, if you put underscores in the script for a shop description, they show up as underscores instead of quotation marks.
Ephesos: As for the quotation marks, you can just use an apostrophe... another workaround. Yay.

Page 68: TM, Another constant to watch out for is "shop". I don't know if this has a value or not, but if you use it as a variable, your script will crash.
TSE: Be careful not to use reserved or already used terms for variable names. For example, don't have a variable called "shop". The word shop is reserved for an action type in dialog nodes.

Page 69: * The constants BASE_TRAP_XP (which is 50) and NUM_CHARS (which is 120) are not documented. In fact, it'd be nice to have a list of constants somewhere like the one that Khoth posted. Also, the other reserved variable names (like the Spidweb-bug-page-listed "shop") should be listed somewhere.

Chapter 2.9: Creating Scenario Scripts
Ishad Nha: Currently my observation is that a scenario script cannot exceed 4,257 lines in length.
Page 79, Ishad Nha: you can actually use around 255 states, this I know from porting Exile scenarios.

Chapter 2.11: Creating Outdoor Scripts
Page 83, Ishad Nha: Init_state is activated well before the boundary is reached, not only that, it also appears to be erratic. It may or may not work.

Chapter 2.12: Creating Creature Scripts

* Custom scripts for joined NPCs don't do much. Everything except the DEAD_STATE is ignored. (Is this still true? Do any other states work?)
Lazarus: New bug: This one drove me nuts for two days when I was working on FB (Frostbite). It is known that joined NPC's don't run their default scripts properly, and that only their dead state is ever called. What isn't known (or at least what I didn't know) is that they don't run ANY script until they exit and reenter town. This means that if you add an NPC in town 0 with a unique dead state, he better not die while still in town 0 or nothing will happen. Suggestion: accompany any joined NPCs with a move_to_new_town() call, even if it's just re-entering the same town you're already in. Otherwise you might get burned.

Chapter 3.1: Porting Scenarios, the Basics
Page 101, Ishad Nha: Timers
In reality this is nowhere near as simple as Jeff describes it. I have never finally figured out what you can and cannot do but I do know that there are limitations on this. You can get timers to work alright, but sometimes they will just freeze.

Page 101, Ishad Nha: Custom Terrain, Items, Creatures. The method for porting is based upon a default Exile scenario that has no custom items, terrain or monsters. Create a special porting scenario if you can’t recompile the editor. For example, walls are types 5-35 and 122-169. If you have custom terrain in the second interval, terrain that is not a wall, you can go into town maps and replace it with something else, then do your porting. For example, type 137 in Shadow of the Stranger is just a blocked cave floor, unless you do something it will be ported as a part of a wall.

Page 101, Ishad Nha: Special Nodes Called When Creatures Die
You can just alter basicnpc.txt with this addition to the Dead_State:
if (get_memory_cell(4) >= 10)

Chapter 4.1: Basics of Custom Graphics
TSE: Page 103: The documentation says that a custom graphic can have a resolution of 8 bits (with a custom palette) or 16 bits. It should say that custom graphics can have 8 bit or 24 bit color. Macintosh custom graphics can, in addition, have 16 bit color.

BoA Manual
Page 10: * When a statistic gets very large (perhaps over 100 or 200), the game will eventually give a message saying, "Error: File corruption caused too-high skill. Skill being reset to 0. Can correct it manually with editor." This is a problem for very high-level parties, which should naturally have Health at these levels.
Page 16: * When a regular PC is next to a spot and you look at that spot, you search the spot. If only a joined NPC (and not a regular NPC) is next to a spot, however, you don't search the spot. (It just seemed odd to me. Not sure it's a "bug" bug, though.)
Page 17, TSE: When getting items, Blades of Avernum is intentionally very liberal about what items can be taken by the party. Beams and damaging terrain (like lava) don't block getting. If you want an item to be unreachable by the party, place it inside a container.
Page 17: * Enter-combat-end-combat bug: you can get placed in totally nonsensical locations when ending combat. If you enter and then end combat immediately, you get placed one space forward. This allows you to skip special rectangles extremely easily unless specifically prevented from doing so by a designer.

Page 19, TSE: Floor shimmering and similar special effects will not be drawn when, in Preferences, special effects are turned off or the game speed is set to Fast.
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List of bugs affecting BoA Calls in Blades of Avernum Editor
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Here is a list of bug reports listed in the order in which they appear in the Wiki BoA Script Reference. All calls have been listed, even though most appear to be alright, this is in case bugs are found in the future.

I hope to follow up with companion files for bugs relating to functions found in the manual or in the BoA Editor Help file. This is a plain text condensation of a Rich Text Format original.

Miscellaneous Special Calls: in my own version I have distributed these calls among the other headings, but here I will use the standard format.

In the comments below, “I” will be the person who wrote the original post.
TSE = the Windows version of Technical Support for the Editor.
Comments with no attribution come from Kel.

Script and IO Calls 1
Campaign and Scenario Calls 2
Basic Character Calls 2
Item, Special Item and Gold Calls 4
Location and Distance Calls 4
Statistic and Damage Functions 5
Animation and SFX Functions 5
Scenario Initialization Calls 6
Boats and Horses 6
Event Calls 6
Town Calls 6
Outdoor Calls 7
The Passage of Time 7
Miscellaneous Special Calls 7
Terrain Checking and Modification 8
Dialog Calls 8
Basic Dialog Box Calls 9
Advanced Dialog Box Calls 9
Terrain Script and Creature Script Calls 9
Terrain Script Calls 10
Movement, AI Functions 10
Combat and Targeting Calls 10
Grouping Calls 11
Messaging Calls 11
Advanced Item Management Calls 11
NPCs Joining Party Calls 11
Splitting Up the Party Calls 11
Custom Item Ability Calls 11
Custom Character Ability Calls 11
Cutscene Calls 12
String Manipulation Calls 12
Debugging Procedures 12

Script and IO Calls
1 print_big_str
2 print_big_str_num
TSE: print_big_str_color ignored the color field. The text was always
black. This is fixed in the versions more recent than 10/8/04, (it is?).

3 void block_entry
4 void end
5 short get_ran
6 short get_selected_char
7 short is_combat
8 short is_outdoor
9 short is_town
10 void play_sound
11 void print_str
12 void print_str_color
13 void run_scenario_script
14 void run_town_script
15 void set_incidental_sound
16 void set_state
17 void set_state_continue

Campaign and Scenario Calls
18 void clear_quest
19 void end_scenario
20 short get_flag
21 short get_sdf
22 void inc_flag
23 void set_flag
24 void toggle_quest

Basic Character Calls
25 void alert_char
26 void award_char_xp
27 void award_party_xp
28 short can_see_char
29 void change_char_xp
30 void change_pc_skill_pts
31 void change_spell_level
TSE: change_spell_level currently gives an unfortunate text message
when used for a non-party creature. This is fixed in the versions more
recent than 10/8/04. (It is?)

32 short char_attitude_to_char
33 short char_has_trait
34 short char_ok
35 short char_on_spot
TSE: The descriptions of the calls char_on_loc and char_on_spot are
unclear (and the call names are unhelpful). char_on_spot only checks
for NPCs, so it will return -1 if one of the player's characters is on that
spot. char_on_loc checks for all characters (as does char_on_me).

36 short char_status
37 short creature_type

38 void deduct_ap
TSE: calls end_combat_turn and deduct_ap were originally designed to
only be called in creature scripts. This is highly unfortunate, because these
calls are very valuable for custom abilities, and because there is no way to
reliably get them to work on PCs. If called in a scenario script, these calls
affect PC 0 only. In later versions of Blades of Avernum (v1.0.1 Windows),
when these calls are used in a non-creature script, they will affect the
currently selected character (when not in combat) or the currently active
character (in combat).

39 void end_combat_turn
40 short enemies_nearby
41 void erase_char
42 short friends_nearby
43 short get_attitude
* As far as I can tell, the attitude of the party is 0, which should be
mentioned under the get_attitude description.

44 short get_char_skill_pts
45 short get_energy
The Immortal: Either there is no get_max_energy(); call, or there is no
such call in the docs. Either way, this should be fixed.
Ishad Nha: Maximum Spell Energy is statistic 36, so “get_stat(
which_char,36);” should work here.

46 short get_health
47 short get_level
TSE: the ME paramater doesn't work with relocate_character or
get_level If you want to use these calls inside a creature script, use
the my_number call.

48 short get_max_health
49 short get_species
50 short get_spell_level
51 short get_summon_level
52 void give_recipe
53 short has_recipe
54 void kill_char
55 short my_ap
56 short my_number
57 short party_can_see_loc
58 short party_has_trait
59 short party_size
60 void print_named_str
61 short random_party_member
62 void revive_party
63 void set_attitude
64 void set_char_alert
65 short set_char_script_mode
66 void set_char_trait
67 void set_creature_memory_cell
68 void set_level
69 void set_mobility
70 void set_name
71 void set_special_ability
72 void set_summon_level
73 short species_in_party

Item, Special Item and Gold Calls

74 void change_coins
75 void change_spec_item
76 void char_give_item
* Items don't stack when given via this call_give_item (so if you give three
potions of the same kind, the character ends up with three different
potions). This doesn't happen with reward_give or other item management
calls as far as I know.

77 short char_has_item
78 short char_has_item_of_class_equip
79 void char_take_item
TSE: Don't use the call char_take_item. It won't work. Use the call
take_item instead. Note that this means that you can't take items from
NPCs once they have been given.

80 short coins_amount
81 short has_item
82 short has_item_of_class
83 short has_num_of_item
84 short has_special_item
85 short item_of_class_on_spot
86 void move_item_on_spot
87 short pay_coins
88 void put_item_on_spot
89 short reward_give
90 short take_all_of_item
91 short take_all_of_item_class
92 void take_item

93 short take_item_of_class_on_spot
94 void take_num_of_item
95 void take_special_item

Location and Distance Calls
96 short char_loc_x
97 short char_loc_y
98 short char_dist_to_loc
99 short char_on_loc
TSE: The descriptions of the calls char_on_loc and char_on_spot are
unclear (and the call names are unhelpful). char_on_spot only checks
for NPCs, so it will return -1 if one of the player's characters is on that
spot. Char_on_loc checks for all characters (as does char_on_me).

100 short dist_to_waypoint
101 short group_dist_to_loc
102 short my_dist_from_start

Statistic and Damage Functions
103 void alter_stat
TSE: alter_stat can't drop the main stats Strength, Dexterity,
Intelligence, or Endurance below the default starting level for those
stats. Which is probably a good thing.

104 void change_char_energy
105 void change_char_health
106 short char_with_highest_skill
107 void damage_char
108 void damage_near_loc
109 short get_char_status
110 short get_highest_skill
111 short get_skill_total
112 short get_stat
113 short get_stat_levels_bought
114 void heal_char
115 short party_has_status
116 short party_member_has_skill
117 void restore_energy_char
118 void restore_pc
119 void set_char_status
TSE: When using set_char_status with is_forced set to 0, curse/bless
and shield/weaken are flipped. So
will give character 5 10 levels of bless instead of shield (because the
1, which should be shield, is being read as bless instead).

120 void set_party_status
121 void status_near_loc
122 void waypoint_damage_party

Animation and SFX Functions
123 void put_boom_on_char
124 void put_boom_on_space
125 void put_effect_on_char
126 void put_effect_on_space
127 void put_jagged_zap
128 void put_sparkles_on_char
129 void put_sparkles_on_space
130 void put_straight_zap
131 void run_animation
132 void run_animation_sound

Scenario Initialization Calls
133 void add_item_to_shop
134 void create_boat
135 void create_horse
136 void init_quest
137 void init_special_item
138 void set_creature_type_level

Boats and Horses
139 short in_boat
140 short in_horse
141 void set_boat_property
142 short set_boat_range_property
143 void set_horse_property
144 short set_horse_range_property

Event Calls
145 short day_event_happened
146 void set_event_happened

Town Calls
147 void activate_hidden_group
148 void change_crime_level
149 void change_outdoor_location
150 void clear_town
* Something odd and undocumented is going on with the clear_town call.
The description of the problem is here.

151 short current_town
152 short current_town_size
153 void enable_add_chars
154 short get_crime_level
155 void make_town_hostile
156 void move_to_new_town
* The call move_to_new_town can't be called from an INIT_STATE, a
START_STATE, a creature script, or a terrain script, even if you distance
the call from the state with set_state_continue, run_town_script, or
run_scenario_script. (I put this under documentation because apparently
this would be hard to change.)

157 short num_killed_in_town
* The call num_killed_in_town always returns 0. (I have not verified this.)
158 void place_monster
159 void set_crime_tolerance
160 void set_items_not_property

161 void set_town_status
TSE: Problems With town_status Calls. The call town_status only works
when passed the value -1 (for the current town). So town_status(-1) will
return the status of the current town, but town_status(any other
number) won't work correctly.

162 void set_town_visibility
163 short spawn_creature
164 short teleport_party
Ishad Nha: Mode 2 does not work, fortunately modes 0,1 do work.
165 short town_status
166 void turn_off_training

Outdoor Calls
167 void create_out_spec_enc
168 short current_out_section
169 void eliminate_outdoor_enc
170 void out_move_party
171 short outdoor_enc_exists
172 void outdoor_enc_result
173 void place_out_spec_enc
174 void set_out_fight_town_loaded

The Passage of Time
175 void force_start_day
176 short get_current_tick
177 void set_ticks_forward
178 short tick_difference
179 short what_day_of_scenario
* Arguably not a documentation problem, using force_start_day(-1) makes
what_day_of_year always return 0, but what_day_of_scenario still works
fine. This should at least be mentioned somewhere. Also,
what_day_of_scenario starts at 0, despite the fact that the games in-game
calendar starts at 1, which should at least be mentioned.

180 short what_day_of_year
Lancer: It is worth noting that what_day_of_year() always returns a value of 0 if used with force_start_day(). In other words, the value for
what_day_of_year fails to increment with each passing day. The way
around it is by using the what_day_of_scenario() call which works correctly
in conjunction with force_start_day().
Thralni: the call what_day_of_scenario() appears to always return the
number of days - 1. This appears to be normal...So, if its day 3,
what_day_of_scenario will return 2.

Miscellaneous Special Calls
181 void create_text_bubble
* The call create_text_bubble cannot be called from a terrain script, even
though the docs say that it can. (I have not verified this.)

182 void drop_item
183 short get_char_who_stepped_on
184 void make_wandering_monst
185 void put_object_on_waypoint
186 short run_bash_door
187 short run_pick_lock
188 short set_ter_script_mode
189 void set_terrain_memory_cell
190 void text_bubble_on_char

Terrain Checking and Modification
191 void change_blocked
192 short get_floor
193 short get_height
194 short get_terrain
195 void flip_terrain
196 short is_blocked
197 short is_field_on_space
198 short is_object_on_space
199 short is_stain_on_space
200 void put_field_on_space
201 void put_object_on_space
202 void put_stain_on_space
* The call put_stain_on_space sometimes does nothing when attempting
to remove a stain. This is a bit unpredictable, but most of the time that I've
tried it, it does nothing. It also works fine putting a stain down, just not removing it.

203 void set_floor
* The calls set_terrain, set_floor, and set_height only inconsistently work
outdoors. They most often do nothing.

204 void set_height
205 void set_terrain
206 void swap_floor
207 void swap_terrain

Dialog Calls
208 void add_string
209 void begin_shop_mode
210 void begin_talk_mode
211 short character_talking_to
212 void clear_strings
213 short current_personality
214 void remove_string
215 void set_char_dialogue_pic

Basic Dialog Box Calls
216 reset_dialog
217 void add_dialog_choice
* As described here, in a dialog box, choosing the second dialog choice
always returns the number 2, even if the dialog choice was added as the
third option.

218 reset_dialog_preset_options
219 void add_dialog_str
220 void message_dialog
221 short run_dialog

Advanced Dialog Box Calls
222 void check_text_response_match
223 short get_selected_pc
224 void get_text_response
225 short got_text_match
226 void large_draw_pic_dialog
227 short run_select_a_pc
228 void small_draw_pic_dialog

Terrain Script and Creature Script Calls
229 short can_see_loc
230 void damage_nearby
231 short dist_to_char
232 short dist_to_loc
233 short dist_to_party
234 short floor_in_this_spot
235 void force_status_nearby
236 short get_memory_cell
237 short get_nearest_char
TSE: If you use this call in a creature script, it will return the number of the creature whose script is running, not the nearest other creature. This
makes the call useless for creatures (it was originally intended for use in
terrain scripts). Alignment-based calls (like get_nearest_evil_char) work
fine as long as you're looking for creatures of a different alignment.

238 short get_nearest_evil_char
239 short get_nearest_good_char
240 void heal_nearby
241 short my_loc_x
242 short my_loc_y
243 void restore_energy_nearby
244 void set_memory_cell
245 short set_script_mode
246 void status_nearby
247 short terrain_in_this_spot

Terrain Script Calls
248 short char_on_me
249 short char_who_activated_script
250 short get_mechanism_difficulty
251 short get_physical_strength

* The call get_unlock_spell_strength is undocumented.

252 void set_mechanism_difficulty
253 void set_physical_strength

Movement, AI Functions
254 short am_i_doing_action
255 short approach_char
256 void approach_ter_script
257 short approach_waypoint
258 void fidget
259 short flee_char
260 short maintain_dist_to_char
261 short move_to_loc_x_y
262 short return_to_start
* When a creature can't get to a location that it's trying to get to, the game
slows to a crawl. For example, when a creature gets lured out of a building
hrough an open door, the door gets closed, and then the creature tries to
return_to_start, the game slows. (This has been reported on Windows, and
I have not verified it personally.)

263 void stop_moving

Combat and Targeting Calls
264 void do_attack
265 void do_attack_tactic
266 short get_aggression
267 short get_courage
TSE: The description of the call get_courage in the documentation is
wrong. It should read: “short get_courage(short which_char,short
dummy_value) - Returns the current courage of which_char.
Dummy_value is ignored.”

268 short get_strategy
269 short get_target
270 short select_target
271 void set_aggression
272 void set_courage
273 void set_strategy
274 void set_target
275 short target_ok
276 short who_hit_me

Grouping Calls
277 void add_char_to_group
278 void add_range_to_group
279 short char_in_group
280 void clear_all_groups
281 short first_group_member
282 short num_chars_in_group
283 short random_group_member
284 void remove_char_from_group
285 short what_group_in

Messaging Calls
286 void broadcast_char_message
287 void broadcast_message_from_x_y
288 void broadcast_terrain_message
289 void give_char_message
290 void give_ter_script_message
291 short my_current_message

Advanced Item Management Calls
TSE: Do not use the ME value for which_char for these calls. Use the
creature's actual number. Inside a creature script, you can get this
with the my_number call.

292 void destroy_char_item
293 short get_item_variety
294 short item_type_in_slot
295 void take_item_char_item

NPCs Joining Party Calls
296 short add_char_to_party
297 short character_in_party
298 short remove_char_from_party
299 short this_char_is_in_party

Splitting Up the Party Calls
300 void reunite_party
301 void split_off_one_char
302 short try_to_split_party

Custom Item Ability Calls
303 short who_is_custom_item_target
304 short who_used_custom_item

Custom Character Ability Calls
305 void change_custom_abil_uses
306 short get_custom_abil_uses
307 void init_special_abil
308 short who_used_custom_abil

Cutscene Calls
309 void erase_text_bubbles
310 void force_instant_terrain_redraw
311 void force_view_center
312 void march_party
313 void pause
314 void relocate_character
TSE: the ME paramater doesn't work with relocate_character or
get_level If you want to use these calls inside a creature script, use
the my_number call.

315 void set_character_facing
316 void set_character_pose
317 void set_total_visibility

String Manipulation Calls
318 void append_char_name
319 void append_number
320 void append_string
321 void clear_buffer
322 void get_buffer_text

Debugging Procedures
323 void print_num
TSE: The call print_num won't properly print negative numbers. If you need negative numbers, use print_nums.

324 void print_nums
325 turn_on_debug_mode
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BoA BUGS v6.0 in Blades of Avernum Editor
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Time: Manual correction
I drew up this table of time versus day/night cycles in BoA by using the following two calls:
s = get_current_tick() % 5000;
print_big_str("The time is now ",s," minutes.");

3,750 = start of dusk
4,000 = it gets darker
4,250 = darker still
4,500 = (midnight)
4,750 = brighter
5,000 = brighter still
(A new calendar day starts now.)
250 = daylight

Yes, I wanted the party to be teleported not surrounded by pretty lights, that is why I chose “teleport party” not an SFX call. Fortunately the modes 0 and 1 both work.

While I am at it, we really need a bugs page that lists the bugs in some definite order. For instance, bugs affecting calls could be listed in the order in which the calls are described in the Wiki guide.
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BoA BUGS v6.0 in Blades of Avernum Editor
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short teleport_party(short new_loc_x,short new_loc_y,short fade_type)
mode -
0 full teleport flash
1 no teleport flash
2 only fade flash // this does not work in practice.

The first two modes work, while the third does not, it only produces a flash.
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Blades of Avernum Improvements in Blades of Avernum
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As for boats, I have no idea what is in the save game files because BoA is not yet open source. Does anybody know?

As for the automatic floor terrain: there are subtleties here that I don’t get. (Source file Edfcns.cpp line 2,414 onwards may yield some answers here.) I have had a lot of problems with this in the past. BoA has way too many quirks and subtleties, scenario timers are an example of this. I have successfully done it since in the 57 thru 70 slots.

[ Saturday, October 13, 2007 22:57: Message edited by: Ishad Nha ]
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Blades of Avernum Improvements in Blades of Avernum
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As for the boats, and the horses too, check line 822 of Global.h:"boat_record_type scen_boats[30];"
this is a holdover from the BoE version of the Global.h source file. Starting at line 757 you find another holdover:

class boat_record_type {
void clear_boat_record_type();

location boat_loc,boat_loc_in_sec,boat_sector;
short which_town;
Boolean exists,property;
} ;
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Blades of Avernum Improvements in Blades of Avernum
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I am using Bloodshed Dev-C++. The 3D Editor works perfectly, there is no problem there.
Apparently the program was developed on a Linux platform using K-Develop, a Linux compiler. Thus there may be language problems.
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Compiling BoE source code for Windows in Blades of Exile
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Experimental versions of BoE, "OBoE"
As for compatibility of save games when the party goes from a scenario in official BoE to a scenario in an experimental version.

The party will exit the official scenario via the main screen of the official version of BoE. It will enter a scenario in an experimental version via its main screen. While at the main screen, the party records will really consist of only their statistics, their items and their gold/food. The 72Kb will consist of other things like boat records and so forth, but they won’t be relevant in the new scenario.

A porting program might be a good idea, something that will convert an official save game to a format compatible with the relevant experimental version. Currently it seems that any experimental version of BoE will be more alike than not. A porting program could also convert an experimental save game to a standard format. This might be necessary if there were a whole lot of experimental versions, all incompatible with each other. So translation would go:
format of version 1 to
standard format to
format of version 2.
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OBoE Suggestion List in Blades of Exile
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Yes, the extra boats I was able to generate with hex - editing. Extra sdf won't be allowed by the scenario Editor.
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