Compiling BoE source code for Windows

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AuthorTopic: Compiling BoE source code for Windows
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Technicalites... wow...

I have confirmed this - the License.txt file is the Common Public License, not the GPL.

Someone should contact Ormus...
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Well, I recently downloaded Ormus' latest version and tried to compile it... I had some difficulties. I am currently using Dev-C++. I got it to work, so I thought I would post a bit of a "How-to" for Dev-C++. I am posting how I got it to work, though there may be other ways.

1. Create a new project ("Blades of") in the "source code\Blades of Exile" as a Windows application in C++.
2. Add to the project all the files in the folder "source code\Blades of Exile".
3. In the Project Options, Parameters tab, add libwinmm.a to the Linker section. For my computer, it looks like:
I do not know why this step is necessary as I thought Dev-C++ did it automatically, but apparently not.
4. Compile all the files (I use Ctr-F11).

You're done! Now you should have a file "Blades of Exile.exe" in the folder "source code\Blades of Exile". However, to run the program, you need all the images, etc. that is found in the "root" directory and subfolders. So, I just copy "Blades of Exile.exe" to the "root" folder and run it there.
Also, you need to have "boesounds.dll". I had no problems compiling this, but I give instructions here.

1. Create a new project ("") in the "source code\BoeSounds" as a DLL in C++.
2. Add to the project all the files in the folder "source code\BoeSounds".
3. Compile all the files (I use Ctr-F11).

Again, you are done. Now you should have a file "boesounds.dll" in the folder "source code\BoeSounds". Just copy this file to the same folder where you run "Blades of Exile.exe".

I haven't tried my hand on the Scenario Editor, so I hope that there aren't any problems there.

I am about to begin a few revisions (partially in formatting of the code), but I won't post until Ormus changes the license information that has been disputed...

Oh, and as for the Google Code project at
I think it is a great idea. When (and if) we get it rolling, I think it would be nice for someone to instruct how to post a new "version". (This should probably be found at the project site. Perhaps it already is...)
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So, it's officially "blades-of-exile" rather than "oboe" now for the Google code site?
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I think we decided that "Blades of Exile" would refer to the original, unmodified code and ports of it to other OSes that don't change the way scenarios or parties behave or are encoded, while "OBoE" (Open Blades of Exile) refers to the project that involves changing the way nodes behave, etc. There's no behavior or encoding changes for Windows yet (Ormus just ported it to XP, along with a couple minor aesthetic changes), but nodes have been modified for the Mac version.

At least that's how I think we were going to do it. It's what I remember, anyway.

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I was just referring to the fact that of the two Google Code projects for blades that have been made, only "blade-of-exile" has anything on it while "oboe" is empty. It would make more sense to me to keep both the ports and the improvements on the same project, but I suppose it's also reasonable to use "blades-of-exile" for the simple ports and "oboe" for the improvements.

Also, we should get Jeff to post a link on the blades site, but first we need to know which link. Feedback please? Link to "blades-of-exile" project, "oboe" project, or perhaps both?

Edit: By the way, could someone upload the OSX version to the site in Boffo's post? At the moment, only the Win32 version is available there.

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Experimental versions of BoE, "OBoE"
As for compatibility of save games when the party goes from a scenario in official BoE to a scenario in an experimental version.

The party will exit the official scenario via the main screen of the official version of BoE. It will enter a scenario in an experimental version via its main screen. While at the main screen, the party records will really consist of only their statistics, their items and their gold/food. The 72Kb will consist of other things like boat records and so forth, but they won’t be relevant in the new scenario.

A porting program might be a good idea, something that will convert an official save game to a format compatible with the relevant experimental version. Currently it seems that any experimental version of BoE will be more alike than not. A porting program could also convert an experimental save game to a standard format. This might be necessary if there were a whole lot of experimental versions, all incompatible with each other. So translation would go:
format of version 1 to
standard format to
format of version 2.
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Something in the version Ormus posted (found here that would be really, really, *really* nice if someone could fix because, for a completionist like myself, it's a bug that pretty much destroys my desire to play the game:

Map data is randomly lost for both town and outdoor sections. This happens very frequently and always seems to happen upon reloading a save file (it never happens in the middle of a session, or at least I've never noticed it doing so). I've never played with the "Don't Save Maps" setting on so I don't know exactly how that functions, but it's possible that that's getting toggled on without the user telling it to do so. However, I've never lost my map data for ALL towns or sections - usually most is preserved.

When town map data is lost, the town that was affected also has the locations of all its items scrambled and show up in random places.

Sadly, I know nothing about coding so I can't really help pinpoint the line where this problem shows up, but it seems like a pretty major bug so it would be great if someone could fix it.
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Someone should really contact Ormus (via PM or email) to resolve the licensing issue on his Win32 port.
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Nice one Ingro :) your code works fine, no compile errors at all. I did have a working copy with visual studio 2005(Express), but i recently upgraded to the professional edition and like a complete jonah, i forgot to move all my projects before uninstalling the express edition - duh! Of course i didn't realize what I'd done until the first time i fired up my new pro edition and tried to open one of my projects and it didn't work.
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