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change shaper graphics? in Geneforge Series
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Well, first of all I have done this before so it is possible.
2nd go to gf3itemschars.txt
And replace the old shaper thing with this
begindefinecreature 0;
cr_name = "Shaper";
cr_graphic_template = 85; //110
cr_max_health = 20;
cr_max_energy = 20;
cr_max_essence = 10;
cr_regen_rate = 2;
cr_energy_regen_rate = 2;
cr_walk_speed = 24; //base_speed;
cr_base_level = 1;
cr_sound_when_slain = 127;
Now to the right of the 85 is 110 which is the shaper graphics so when you don't wont drakon graphics you can just swap 85 with 110.
3rd It will change the size to make it right.
4th Good luck.
5th My first post!!!! And I already need to edit.
6th (what I missed)Adding a sword or a baton will change the graphics from a drakon. (I forgot what it changed to.)

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