Does anybody use the berzerk skill?

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AuthorTopic: Does anybody use the berzerk skill?
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It says that the skill makes you 5% more likely to hit your enemies, but your enemies are also 5% more likely to hit you. So wouldn't that mean if your berzerk skill was 20 or more the enemies would almost never miss? And why would it also be a character trait (considered a bad one at that)?
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I commonly use both the skill and the trait, it adds a lot of feeling to the game.
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I've only recently started playing Nethergate (finished one game as the Celts, halfway through my first game as the Romans).

As the Celts I didn't find the damage too excessive - I gave both my fighters the berzerk trait and lots of points in the skill. My reason for choosing the option was that with a pair of druids backing up as healers why worry about the damage taken while you're dealing more damage.

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By the way, buying about one point of Defense for every point of Berserk reduces the enemy to hit bonus. I usually do so and I´m yet to discard that tactic as worthless.
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I try to steer clear of all that nasty woad myself. So unattractive!
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I give all of my players the berzerk trait. It doesn't seem to hurt much, and it has some nice benefits. This is especially true if I'm going to be investing in the berzerk skill.

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Yeah, I can't understand why Jeff put the Berserker trait on the disadvantage list. It's more of an advantage, particularly when combined with Toughness or Regeneration. I use the trait more than the skill.

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The trait is fairly neutral in effect, but it increases the experience you gain. I stick it on all my characters and use some of the extra skill points for a bit more defense and hardiness.

The skill is also more or less neutral, but instead of increasing the skill points you get it takes skill points. I steer clear of it for the most part, although a few points at the lowest skill point cost are an effective way to raise your damage at the very beginning of the game.

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By the way, could it be that the skill was meant to be a celtic version of Roman Training? They do share some common traits, even though Roman Training is the better (figures, as they´re supposed to be the best fighters)
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I tend to use the Berzerk trait on Roman fihgters too. It's not historically true, but nor is four Roman soldiers fighting alone without formation, or elves and magic and the bulk of the game.
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I use it on my playing romans, but never when playing as celts.. Weird, perhaps, but hey, I'm a demo player! :P

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I never saw the point of beserk skill, the skill points you use for it could be better used in making you stronger or more skilled in weaponry, without the downside of being easier to hit.

As for the trait, it does bestow some advantages in having it so it's an ok trade-off. Meh.
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The only time I ever would have wanted to go berserk was when I was playing the romans, and then I couldn't (My hireling was a druid, so I found it stupid to use woad on her).

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Hello darkwind. Join me in my avernum vs. exile series. I always get a huge amount of berzerk skill so I can kill my enemies before they can hit. But better yet, kill from afar.

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The aggravating part about nethergate is that slings and even javelins never seems to do much damage no matter how much skill I pump into them. Killing from afar sounds easier than it is. Also, some of the distance spells cost quite a bit, and sometimes you end up drained from blasting goblins when you meet a tougher enemy.

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