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AuthorTopic: Two hints needed
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Hi again. I haven't played in a long time, and I don't remember Exile as well as I should. The walkthrough isn't helping because it's not specific enough. Can anyone help with these two questions?

1. In Fort Duvno, Capt. Johnson tells you about a mission to free some prisoners. My dad says he sees the prisoner Daniel in the fort, but can't seem to free him. Every time he goes back there, Daniel is still there. Is there a trigger word needed to free Daniel?

2. My dad freed the spider from Aranea City. Then he found the talking spiders and asked for "mission". He got the mission to free the spider, which he'd already done. How does he trigger the opening of the webs to the north? Does he have to free the spider again? Or does he have to say the right trigger word to the talking spiders? He says he accidentally shot some of them before he realized they were friendly, but he left and came back again so they should be okay now (right?)

Thanks very much. Also, if anyone knows of a very specific, thorough walkthrough, please point me there.
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Correction--I'm not sure that Captain Johnson gives that mission. I think it might be another mission... it's the one with a prisoner named Daniel, my dad says.
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I had the problem with the spider mission before. The is one specific spider, the chief spider, that gives the mission. I think I was able to get past the web plug after doing the Aranea City part without talking to the chief spider.

Fort Dunvo has the mission to take out the bandits to the west. I know Cotra has a prisoner mission in a Nephil fort to its north. I can't remember if there is a second prisoner mission to north of Fort Dunvo in the smaller Nephil fort.
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Where is the Avernum 1 walkthrough? I see it for the second and third, but not the first game.
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Try the Avernum Annotated Maps.

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I've found some good walkthroughs here, but I rarely use any unless I really need to.

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