E3: fighting giants tactics

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AuthorTopic: E3: fighting giants tactics
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do any of you guys have any good tactics for fighting giants?
actually, tactics for fighting any other tough monster in exile 3 will be good....
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Well, basic tactics are to haste and bless your party before every major fight, and use spells like Slow Group to weaken your enemies if necessary. If you bless your party enough times, the giant fighters won't be able to do you much harm, so concentrate on attacking the shamans first. If you can't reach the shamans with your fighters, have your priests cast Wound on them.

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what happens to me most of the time is that i use a lot of fireballs and firestorms and my spell points end up pretty fast (every spell cater of mine has 60 spell points).
where can i get curse all, slow group and major haste?
my spell casters have very little dexterity and so the giants hit them alot with boulders even when they are blessed.
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To help with that, rush your fighters up so that they're next to the giants so that they'll hit them with their clubs as opposed to throwing rocks.

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Curse all and slow group are for sale in Shayder. Major haste is for sale in Sharimik.

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a useful tactic thats saved my butt many a time is carrying strong invulneribility potions wherever i go, for every party member

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I tend to place my priest member at the end of the party so my crew hacks apart the giants and then at the end of my turn my priest casts "Mass Sanctuary" so only spells can hurt 'em. But you need to carry loads of Energy Potions for it to be effective if your playing against a horde of 'em. I tend to use this strategy against the Lorelei guards around the city.

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Oh, and Smite (the hammer) really helps. Try to get it and give it the PC who is the most proficient in bashing weapons.

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I found that simulacrum and summoning were the most effective. I would just simulacrum a few Vahnatai Warriors to hurt the "GINTS", while blasting the Giants with Divine Thud/Firestom.

If there were too many Giants for this I would use summoning spells, and THEN the above.

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For taking on the Giant Caves, themselves, I prefer going in, around the side enterance and using the dark, to my advantage. Sneak up on the giants, ganging up on them, without alerting the rest and you can take them on, one or two at a time, without having to face their whole group, at once.
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NEVER take them on with missile weapons.

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