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AuthorTopic: Most powerful camp
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What do you think was the most powerful camp in g4

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Drosstro's cryodrayk thugs killed me many, many times in Khima-Uss, and Porphyra is beastly powerful but a fun fight.

I never completely destroyed Derenton Freehold, but I never really tried either.

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Pohyphra, its awesome, killing all the shaper officials with a slow-enchanted Puresteel-soulblade, the ironic thing is that you get the Viper sword, which is worse than a sword you can pillage from a general.

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None of the above. The Forsaken Lands Shaper camp south of Southforge Citadel is the most powerful with 4 spawner platforms that can't be stopped. You can clear the camp, but they just keep coming.
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Wow, forgot about that one. My servile had total game completion except for that area.

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The Western Morass is the hardest camp to loot everything worthwhile from, though. You can skip the first Shaper Camp entirely without missing out on any important treasure.

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Of the ones presented, it's a toss between Khima-Uss and Poryphra. In Poryphra, there was all sorts of wiggling around to thin the populace out before the final fight. But in Khima-Uss, you get swamped with Cryodrayks... that can be Strong Dazed and Dominated/Charmed (Whichever's higher, can't remember) to kill each other. After that, the only challenge is killing the Drakons.

Eventually, I chose Poryphra.

Derenton was actually pretty easy, if done properly. The Aziraph camps are easy to get swarmed in, so just take your time there. Then there's the Safehouse, clearable while in Chapter Three, and Dillame/Rivergate, which I clean up on my way to the Forsaken Camp. Southforge, by the time you can attack it, is by far the weakest of the camps. Which leaves the Forsaken Camp, the hardest of them all.

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Hmm. I realize I've never actually done Derenton Freehold or Khima-Uss. I guess I got bored after wiping out Dillame. The Western Morass was pretty difficult the first time through but tedious when nothing but the constant spawns were left. Therile Colony was surprisingly difficult, but I did wipe it out as early as I could.

The Forsaken Shaper Camp was easily the most difficult, which really kind of irked Dikiyoba. Why can a camp that brought all its people and supplies in on a few small boats produce seemingly endless rots while the Western Morass, with its access to the rest of the continent, can only manage to summon vlish?

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Southforge: I counted three people by the time you attack, all civvies. Easiest of the lot.
Forsaken Shaper Camp: Ugh. To many initial defenders, and the powerful spawns. Clearly Jeff didn't want us messing around in here, which is reflected by the lack of quests requiring going full on into the camp, as well as the lack of any good gear. Hardest.
Therile Colony: Surprisingly difficult. Most everyone in the colony are civvies, but there are three to four elite guards here that were very annoying. How such a dirt-poor colony could afford them, I'll never know.
Eastern Checkpoint: Drunken Shapers don't fight that well. ;)
Illya Safehouse: This is probably one of the most realistic so far, with a modest but still easily crushable defense. As a loyalist, I usually clear this out during or after Chapter Three.
Dillame: Definitely something to attempt in the later part of the game. A bunch of elite guards swarm upon initial attack, but mental magic is usually enough to scatter and destroy them. Ambush the creations fast, and pick off the seaside Reapers one by one. Perhaps start in a more secluded area, like the inn, where you have a bottle neck.
Rivergate: After the ordeals in Dillame, this is cake. Not a whole lot of movement on the map, or even swarming, so I could pick these guys off at my hearts content. Of course, where my Infiltrators burn this place to the ground with only a Drakon as aid, a Rebel army would probably sustain a lot of casualties here.
Turabi Gates: As this impenetrable stronghold was designed to be actually penetrable, I didn't have too much trouble here. Pick off the patrols before they can raise the alarm, then swarm. Mental magic doesn't work well enough here, so usually I just make some charged Wingbolts to escort me. Mages irritate me more than Shapers, so they usually go first, followed by the Shapers and foot soldiers respectively.
Western Rise: I always find myself drawn into a big battle here, and the terrain doesn't help me much. Mental magic helps scatter resistance, as does picking off the Reapers quick. Once the initial battle is done, the rest flows along pretty quickly.
Shaper Camp Gamma: The walls at the entrance from the north help a lot in stemming an initial onslaught. A bunch of baton fodder foot soldiers swarm, but they fall inevitably. Crowley, maybe due to illness, falls dead fast, but it's the Trainer to the east of him that I have to focus on more. Other than that, sinchey.
Aziraph Rebel Camp: Do I even have to say it? Kill the Spawners to prevent swarmage, and the rest of the place falls just like the Safehouse.
Derenton Freehold: Break the gates, kill the initial horde of soldiers. Pick off the Drakons at your leisure, and buff yourself up before confronting Litalia. She summons far too many quality creations, so I like to get her down as soon as possible.
Poryphra This is one of the tougher camps. Activate the alarm crystals one at a time, to deal with the garrisons. Then, go to either side of the docks, and activate those crystals to get the tralls out of the way. Then, get close to the docks and pick off the shock tralls and the Incantor. Then, buff yourself up and enter the docks. Tough fight that was.
Western Morass: Another of those easy impenetrable strongholds. I find that by killing the gate guards I get everyone to follow me to my battle place back in the swamps. Far from their spawns, they fall like dominoes here, en masse. Then, swoop in, have my Drakon handle the spawns while the PC cleans up the rest of the camp.
Quessa-Uss: By Chapter Five, there are no Drakons to fight! And in Chapter Four, if you try you get the auto-death. So, perhaps this is the easiest fight, with no guardians?
Quessa-Uss and Grayghost Gates: Just a bunch of Drakons, they die easily enough. Divide and conquer usually works.
Khima-Uss Enrage the Drakon, then mass madness. Kill Drakon quickly, and then trim back the cryodrayks. You'll be set after that.
Gesselin Freehold: Take this place room by room, and you'll be fine. They're just a bunch of Cryodrayks, after all.
Northforge Citadel: I've never actually tried this one without the Shapers at my back. But when you do, divide and conquer. PC fights the Gazer and co. up north with Miranda, and Sss-Thsss the Drakon handles Master Jared down south. PC and Miranda wrap up just in time to kill the last few foes.

EDIT: Forgot the Western Morass

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