Helpppppp, Corrupted Unbound One!!!

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AuthorTopic: Helpppppp, Corrupted Unbound One!!!
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i cant beat it, i am currently playing in the Torment Setting and i am a rebel. This unbound keep on dodging my attacks then after that, it fires beams killing all my creation and dishing out 75% of my Health. even though i already have all the blessing and protections on all creations and my character it still kill me...
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you need to have two burning kyshakks. or three wingbolts all your ceations must be at least level 55. what worked for me was three ur drakons with 1500 health each and blessing magic and healing. ut a shaper is the guy to use
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You can either train more, or try different stratagies. I would suggest training more, then coming back to it.

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I'd suggest dropping your difficulty. The name Torment pretty much says it all in this case.

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Corner it so that it's forced to fight you in melee. It's a lot less threatening when it can't use its breath attack.

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All you need is one really powerful creation to close with the unbound one while you stay back and heal the creation. I did this on torment after trying to go one on one with a single character.

You can use the shaping items to raise your abilities, make a drakon or ur-drakon, then go at it. Eyebeast works as well.
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Like Thuryl, I have found most bosses to be significantly easier in melee, such as Matala and the Titan, as well as the Corrupted Unbound of course. I would suggest cornering it with rotghroths if you're a shaper, although I haven't tried that myself (I played a servile when I beat it). Then you're just dealing with bites, instead of Uber Death Breath.

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Or, if you aren't or don't have a good melee tank, it's worth noting that even bosses can be slowed, if you cast two or three Essense Shackles on them.

And is the corrupted unbound the one in the breeding pits? If so, there's a machine to the south that can help you, if you can lead the thing down there.

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I found it much easier now, i manage to kill it in a couple of swings, bites, and touches, thanks for the tip everyone
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