Apparently Drakons can use tools

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AuthorTopic: Apparently Drakons can use tools
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I was lurking the old topics, and it seemed a little contentious as to whether the Drakons had the hand-eye coordination to use tools.

I found this while playing GF4, at Derenton Freehold:


"In Derenton Freehold, the canisters are made by a drakon. He is very old. His scales are dull and cracked, and his teeth and claws have dulled with age. But his eyesight is still sharp, and he can handle the tools with great dexterity."

So apparently the Drakons can use tools. They probably just use serviles for the menial chores, like tightening the nuts and bolts on the Shaping vats :) .

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Hmmm. You don't see any Serviles in the Unbound creation vats so it's possible. But I doubt the almighty-all-is-holy-all-is-beautiful-we-are-the-greatest-Drakons would lower themselfs to twisting together the machinery needed for the project.

Then again, it is the greatest project they have ever set out for. So they might lower themselfs to the task.

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Well the trakovite ending clearly stated that they needed serviles for their mechanicals skills. Also arrogant life crafters generally consider mechanics beneath them. The first guy you can buy spells from at south forge commented that it is useful to have underlings who were skilled in that area. Since arrogant life crafters think that way it wouldn't be to far of a stretch to think Drakons think the same way. This doesn't mean drakons don't have the hand to eye coordination to do such things it just mean most consider any activity unrelated shaping or fighting is beneath them. Pride goes before a fall.

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Where does the ending say that they needed the humans/serviles for their mechanical skills?
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In the Ending where you create the Unbound with over powerful abilities and blow up all the machines.

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I'm not sure if it specifically refers to 'mechanical skills'.
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