warped creature in the grosch pits

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AuthorTopic: warped creature in the grosch pits
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I just started Geneforge 4 and I am really enjoying. However, I am stuck on the warped creature in the grosch pits. I have alreay killed the monarch but the warped creature is destroying me. Any suggestion would be great.
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Here's a suggestion:

Don't double post.

I hope that is great for you.

(There is plenty of strategy help available in Helpful Board Links and Lists (Accessible at the top of the Geneforege 4 topic list) and by searching for walkthroughs on google.)

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Maybe we could be more constructive in our advice if you told us more about your specific situation (what class you are playing, what pets you have, and what specifically is going wrong in the battle).

Having played through a few times, I don't recall that battle being anything unusual...

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I am currently at level 26 as a shock trooper with the following creations roamer, thahd, clawbug, fyora, vlish, battle alpha, artila. I have most of the upgrades for these as well.
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When you first attack it, focus as much power on it as humanely possible (The only decent resistance it has is against magic). Once it raises its shields, get out of its line of sight so that you don't get killed by the energy waves it let's loose. Once it does this three times, its shield will fade away, and you can continue pounding it into a paste. Make sure to also spread some of the carnage to the creations it shapes as well.

Keep repeating this process until it's dead.

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Precisely. I'd put the battle alpha on the newly created troublemakers, though. Those things have a little bit of muscle to them, hopefully enough in your case to take down another one of its kind.

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Use some speed spores. Between the summoned creations and the hassle of moving all your creations out of range of the enemy attack, you'll want to kill it as quickly as possible.

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