My Gripe about Artifacts

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AuthorTopic: My Gripe about Artifacts
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Does anyone else think that you should be able to make more artifacts?

Frankly, I am a little disappointed that you can't create any breastplate artifacts (or weapons).

Further, it seems kind of weird that all of the items you can make are not the type that would be made on an anvil. Granted, it is an enchanted anvil, but still, it would make a lot more sense if I could say, forge a sword on the anvil or hammer out a breast plate.

For instance, wouldn't a cloak, (like the Cloak of the Shadows) require an enchanted electric sewing machine?

I miss being able to make the emerald chestguard and the essence aegis.

Finally, does anyone ever make the Sunstone Belt? It looks like a waste to me.

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Mt biggest problem with the artifacts is that you can't make them all. Sure, you can make two cloaks and two different leggings, but then you have to choose whether you want a belt or boots. I'm pretty obsessive compulsive about things like this. Plus, since I cheat, I have no sense of which ones are the best, so I have a difficult time deciding which ones to make. Then you'll have an artifact component left over... for nothing.

As for the cloaks, vahnatai cloaks come to mind. They apparently have to be pounded to make them properly. I figure in the case of the artifact cloaks you're pounding the ingredients into them.

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I once made the Sunstone Belt as a singleton servile, since the bonuses to creation skills/stats of the Girdle of Succor and Shapemaster Boots weren't really of any use to me.

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I don't really think that the Impervious Cloak is that great. The Cloak of Shadows, however, is extremely useful and I recommend making it as soon as possible. I also liked the Gloves of Savagery. Other than that, I didn't really care for the artifacts. I found steel spines the most useful anvil item of all.
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I agree on the spines. Load up your defensive armor with them and, combined with Spine Shield (or not,) watch your enemy damage himself mightily upon your thorny self.


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I didn't use steel spines at all - playing as a lifecrafter, you don't particularly want to plan for being hit directly.

The only item enhancements I did use were the ones that boosted elemental resistance, but even then I had loads to sell afterwards.

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