Geneforge 4 released

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AuthorTopic: Geneforge 4 released
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See this page for downloading info Geneforge 4
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This physically hurts. Well, patience is a virtue. Then again, whoever said that didn't have something this monumental to look forward to.

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And now's when the rest of us Windows users get to sit by and watch how much fun the Mac users are having.

For once :P
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I will now be leaving this board. No spoilers for me!

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Ah, -X- feels sorry for the Windows users. They should probably ignore this board for now, or risk being burned by their own frustration.

May the fires of Undeath burn in your soul, and consume it.
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Actually, Dikiyoba plans to stick around to see how long it takes before Dikiyoba can answer commonly asked questions without having played the game or read the walkthrough.
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Talking about staying away to avoid spoilers, please don't include spoilers in thread titles. (For example "What did you think about [important character]'s death?" could be a spoiler even to people who just look at the forum's main page.)

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Download Geneforge 4: Rebellion

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Early 2007 for windows.
will i SURVIVE until then?

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