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AuthorTopic: Strongest Weapon
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What is the strongest weapon?
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It depends on what your specific goals are in using the weapon. The best weapon for a well trained warrior/servile, is probably the Puresteel Soulblade, in terms of shear damage.

A lot of people prefer reaper batons, however.

There is a list of items available in the forum.
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Some of the elemental blades like Oozing blade and Frozen blade give attack bonuses and extra damage, It depends upon what part of the game and what you are attacking.
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The Viper's Touch isn't a bad endgame weapon for a melee character; damage equivalent to a Shaped Blade, plus a poison effect that does very significant damage after a few hits. And you can still enchant it with a Golden Crystal for even more damage.

Of course, the quest to get it is non-trivial.

For a lifecrafter or other character with many creations, the Guardian Claymore is good enough to use as an endgame weapon; fairly high damage (not that a lifecrafter should be attacking in melee), and a bonus to both your own Strength and that of your creations. The Charmed Falchion is a similar weapon that's also a decent choice, although you don't get it until later in the game. Keeping the Captain's Shiv around as a swap-in weapon for when you need to cast a high-level blessing spell isn't a bad idea either.

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Oozing Blade with runed amethyst-- extra acid effect is my favorite in the game. It doesn't do the most damage, but it is cool.

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I'm a fan of the Oozing Blade too. With high enough Quick Action, you're getting double hits pretty often, plus throwing acid on the enemy with each thrust. For me, that makes up for any difference in damage versus another, stronger blade.
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My guess is that it depends on class. :eek:

As a lifecrafter, definitely favor weapons that buff your creations.

As an infiltrator, I just finished the game, and I beat most of it with the Guardian Claymore with acid effect enchanted on it. Also, look below.

As a heavy melee class, either pure damage weapons or weapons that give you ancillary effects (Oozing Blade)

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