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And there's the difference between Microsoft and Apple for you in a nutshell.

Microsoft is the uptight, know-it-all parent who imagines he knows better for you, and makes you do things his way whether you like it or not. Apple assumes you are an adult and can make up your own mind and determine your own tastes.


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Actually the difference is that Microsoft was run by a control freak that had to always be in charge. Apple had a more open structure.
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And apples have better software. Keynote is way better than Powerpoint.
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Originally written by Kelandon:

This is what I don't get about upon mars's mis-spellings: sometimes they're obvious typos, which is fine, and sometimes they're mis-spellings due to pronunciation (like "idear," I'm guessing), but sometimes they're not at all. No one pronounces "cling" like "kiln" that I'm aware of, nor could one be a typing mistake for the other, nor do they particularly look alike so as to be confused with one another.
Who knows? I can imagine how dyslexia might lead to, and then be compounded by, a general ignorance and apathy about spelling, enough to produce the observed effects. But most dyslexics must be able to overcome those effects, because I don't think I've seen anything quite like upon mars's writing before.

About Microsoft software:
I also find that a lot of Microsoft products seem to put the user on rails, which often don't lead where I want to go, but are then very hard to escape. This bugs the heck out of me, but I think it's a choice of target audience rather than a design flaw. Since choosing among many options is one of the hardest things about working with software, suppressing options that most people don't want makes it easier to do what most people do want. Making it easy to do the things most people want to do makes most people happy. Making it hard to break that easiness makes most people robustly happy.

Mac and Linux products are generally a lot less controlling of the user, which I like, but which many people may not. In iWork, Apple's idea of streamlining common tasks is to supply a bunch of templates. It's easy enough to just not use these. But if you do use them, your experience is apt to be even more rigid than with Word or PowerPoint. So I don't know if this approach will make anyone happy.

What is it about Keynote that makes you prefer it over PowerPoint, Kyrek? I've used both quite a lot, and found them both pretty good. I use Keynote now mainly because it's cheaper than PowerPoint, though I also really like the easy input of images from iPhoto. Aligning things is a little easier too, but I sort of miss the considerably more sophisticated PowerPoint drawing functions.

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Are you sure about that ? That dyslexia, mumbling and all the cases of isolation behave in the same way in every person ?
Are you ready to hear what hard thing i have to cry out?

Clearly i don't think that we know why we react and feel i know a bit but i am at the same level of understanding than you are .
My past has a link with my present condition.
Should i sing the same song of humanity in a different way?
Don't you think that people have enough of my condition?
WE can't control our lives that ends here.

You define my illness to better understand the world, to take the fear away from others when they see me and life.
And thank you all for that.

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I've used both to, and I liked Keynote better. I liked the interface better and it looked nicer, which is always important. I don't have many reasons for liking it better,but I do.
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I don't understand what are you saying ib have lost the point, you are talking about ?

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You can jump off a bridge, fire a gun in your mouth, drink poison,or going in to the tiger's pit but you will still end up dead it's a mater of time and how .
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They're talking about software.

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